Type of Flowers to Choose for A Specific Occasion

No matter what occasion is here to wish someone, flowers fit everyone of them. However, you should know that flowers have different types and they all fit on different occasions. Its like when red rose is given for expressing love. And when it comes to a funeral, you cannot take those red roses, it will be an awkward thing. So, you should know which type of flowers are specified for a specific occasion.

Here is a small guideline for you where you can learn what kind of flowers you should take on a specific event.

1.      Flower for Valentine’s Day

When we talk about sending a flower gift, all at once the event that pops up in our mind is a romantic relationship. Valentine’s day is the day to express your love and say someone that you are in love with them. For this, flowers can work best. On this day, you definitely go with roses but keep in mind that they are not yellow, as they are for friendship. It might make the wrong impression. If you do not like roses, then going with tulips is also fine.


2.      Flower for Dates

On your first date, try to be traditional. Sometimes, flowers other than roses like orchids or tulips are not intimidating. So, sticking to red roses will always work on your first date. Then on next dates, you can choose from many different romantic flowers. There are different flowers that equally symbolize love and passion like daisies, tulips, carnations, lavenders, or daffodils.


3.      Flower for Anniversaries

Anniversary means marking another year in your beautiful relationship. The best idea for choosing flowers for anniversaries is to go with seasonal flowers. You can also choose roses or lilies as per your and your partner’s favorites. You can combine the flowers with a fruit basket for making an impact. Also, try to get the flowers that can fit the personalities of you both.


4.      Flower for Birthdays

Your friend’s birthday is here and this time you have thought to surprise them with beautiful flowers then it is a perfect idea. But if you are now confused that what kind of flowers will be perfect for this event, then here is the idea. Get the favorite flowers of your friend is the best thing. Also, there are different flowers for different months so you can choose from them according to the birth month. Snowdrop or carnation are best for January, for February you can get primrose, daffodils for the month of March, sweet pea flower for the month of April, lily for May, roses for June, water lily flower is for July, flower of poppy for August, aster for September, marigold is best for October, peony is for November born, and for December birthdays narcissus are perfect.


5.      Flower for Mother’s Day

No flowers can go wrong on Mother’s Day, but you can select from carnation, lily, daisies, and can combine them with tulips and roses. Every flower of them represent love and joy towards your mom. Any beautiful and bright colors flowers bouquet can make your mother happy.


6.      Flower for Women’s Day

Women’s day is celebrated on 8th March every year and when you get into its history, you will find out that exchanging flowers is a tradition. It is to let every woman know that they are important, and their efforts are acknowledged. You can go for any elegant and soft flowers like yellow mimosa or pink rose for wishing a woman happy women’s day.


7.      Flower for Wedding Day

Wedding is the most important day in anyone’s life. It is the day when a couple is tying their knot and vowing to be there for each other in any situation. For this day, you can go with the seasonal flowers that are rich in color and mesmerizing in fragrances. For choosing the colors, you can go with the theme of the wedding. Ask them that what color scheme they are adopting for their wedding day. Mostly colors that are used are pink, red, or purple.


8.      Flower for Get Well Soon

For sending someone a wish to get well soon as they are suffering in a hospital room and waiting to be out in no time. For this, some dark colors of flowers like red or bright yellow can work the best. Keep in mind to not send the sharp fragrant flowers to the hospital. Tulips or irises are best if you are getting some vibrant flowers. Try to avoid yellow daylilies as they represent funerals.


9.      Flower for To Say Thank you

For saying out thank you, you can choose from white, yellow, or pink flowers of the choice of your friend or family member. Daisies, orchids, and lilies are the best choice.


10. Flower for To Say Congratulations

For saying congratulations, you need to pick up right flowers according to the event. Like if it is someone’s graduation day and you want them to be happy, send sunflowers or daisies. Lilies are great for congratulating on expecting a baby.


11. Flower for Cheer Up

To cheer up, daisies and lilies like bright flowers are sent to someone. They can make anyone feel cheered up and refreshing. Blue and purple colors symbolize hope.


12. Flower for Funerals

Funerals are sad events and it is time to console someone for their loss. It is hard to be in a good mood when someone lose their close ones. You can choose between lilies or chrysanthemum. You can get blue, white, or green flowers but need to avoid sharp colors.


Final Words

Flowers are the best gift to exchange on different occasions. They are perfect for congratulating someone on their big achievement or showing sympathy to someone who is grieving. No matter that all flowers are beautiful, you have to keep in mind that not every flower is for every event. Some flowers you give on valentine’s day, cannot be given on funerals. So, choose wisely.