When Is the Best Time to Send Flowers?

Flowers are one of the most precious and affordable gifts that you can give to someone you love. These pretty and fresh blooms have the ability to spread a smile on the receiver’s face and they will instantly appreciate this gesture of love and kindness.

If you are planning to give flowers to a woman whether it’s your mother, girlfriend, wife or your best friend or if you are a girl and you want to give flowers to your husband, boyfriend or your father then know that there is no special occasion to give flowers to your loved ones.

You can actually give your loved ones flowers any day and anytime there is no such bound. Every flower is unique just like relationships therefore each person will react to these fresh blooms differently.

But having said that if you want to add more meaning to your flowers and if you want that your loved ones remember your gift for years to come then below are some of the best times/occasions which are perfect to send flowers and make a long lasting impression.

So just keep reading and find out your answer!!


  1. Anniversaries

If you are married and want to make your better half feel extra special then you must go for a beautiful and fresh bouquet of red roses.

Just imagine on the way back from office if you just buy a bouquet of red roses and surprise him/her then how amazing she/he will feel and will never forget this gesture.

If you want to tell your girl that how important she is for you or vice versa then just send her a bouquet of flowers with a hand-written note telling her that how much you love and appreciate her presence in your life on your relationship anniversary.

If you are not a flower guy then anniversary is the perfect opportunity to do that because a girl especially never forgets such important dates when they are in a relationship or married.


  1. On valentine’s day

This is the day when the floral industry gets the most orders because Valentine’s Day is the day of expressing love and what better way to show love than sending a bouquet of flowers to your romantic partner.

Around the globe, this day is celebrated and couples like to spend the whole day with each other after they are done with exchanging gifts like flowers, chocolates and cards.

If you want to make this day memorable for your romantic partner then along with flowers send chocolates, stuffed toys and handwritten card in order to make his/her feel extra special.

Red roses are high in demand on this day because these beautiful flowers symbolize true love and appreciation. But you can also send lotus, blue roses and even the 99 roses which stand for long lasting relationship.


  1. Birthday celebration

Sending flowers on my birthday is a great idea whether it’s the birthday of your romantic partner, best friend or any family member.

Sending flowers to any of your female friends is very appropriate on birthdays because they will not misinterpret the flowers with any other emotion. Your female friend will understand that you are giving those flowers to make her special day even more special and nothing else.

On birthday flowers are always the most liked gifts because without saying anything these beautiful blooms will send out the message that you want to be part of the celebrations.

If you want to celebrate the birthday of your romantic partner give her a traditional bouquet of beautiful red roses because these red roses are a symbol of true and pure love.

For family friends or any other friend’s birthday celebration just give him/her a gift basket that will be much appreciated by your dear ones.


  1. Mother’s day

Mother’s day is also another most important occasion to make your mother feel loved and appreciated and to tell her how much she means to you.

Most families don’t have this trend or habit of giving flowers on such important occasions so you can be the trendsetter and surprise your mother with a beautiful and fresh bouquet of flowers.

Although it is almost impossible to repay for all the unconditional love she has for her family but the least you can do is just to tell her that she is valued and important for you.

On mother’s day, you can give carnations because they symbolize love and purity but you can give any other flower with a cute handwritten note.

If your wife is having a child in a few days then giving her a bouquet of beautiful carnations is a way of telling her that you value her not as a romantic partner but also as a mother of your baby.


  1. Any other important occasion

Although the above four occasions are important and the best times to send flowers but look for other occasions that are important. If your friend is a doctor or a teacher then send her flowers on National Doctor’s day or Teacher’s Day.

There are various such dates just Google them and you will have a long list and choose the one that suits you.

Flowers are one of the most honest and truest ways of telling someone how much you value them in your life. By sending a simple bouquet of flowers you are also sending a strong message that the other person is important to you and you really appreciate her presence in your life.

If the other person is pursuing his/her dream and passionate about his/her career then by sending flowers to them you are actually telling them that you truly value and respect them as an individual.