Why Flowers Are Important And Essential On Mother’s Day?

Flowers are synonymous with Mother’s Day, and this is actually a long time tradition. When you think of Mother’s Day, no gift can ever make the day more memorable and special than the gift of flowers. Undoubtedly, fresh flowers are essential on this annual holiday or celebration of motherhood. They make the celebration more special. The tradition of giving moms flowers on Mother’s Day grow even more throughout the centuries. If you are wondering why, here are some of the significant reasons why flowers are important and essential on Mother’s Day:

·        Because of Tradition

According to history, flowers were used to honor moms whether they are still alive or already departed. When Ann Jarvis founded Mother’s Day, and when it was made an official holiday, she offered Carnation flowers at the grave of her mother. She also brought 500 Carnations to her mother’s church, where each mother received one. Since then, Carnation became one essential flower and a part of the tradition.

Which flowers traditionally symbolizes Mother’s Day? Depending on the country or region, time of the year, and season, there are different flowers that represent mothers day. In the USA, Japan, Korea, China, and other countries, Carnations are the traditional flower for this occasion. Meanwhile, in  Europe, Tulips and Roses are the most preferred type of flower for Mother’s Day. In Australia, people give their moms the flowers of Chrysanthemum to show respect and honor, while in Germany, they make cakes for mothers.


·        Because of Purpose

Carnations are flowers essential on Mother’s Day. Aside from their traditional significance, they also have a purpose. People give their moms beautiful and meaningful flower bouquets on this very special day because it expresses their sentiments and emotions. A bouquet of white or pink Carnations, for example, expresses the love, honor, gratitude, and admiration of a child to his or her mother. On the other hand, a floral arrangement of red flowers conveys love from the husband to his wife and the mother of his children.

Is flower delivery essential on Mother’s Day? Definitely yes, because there are some people who can’t be there to personally greet their moms. Sending a flower delivery is the perfect way to show love and respect even if they are distant apart.


·        Because of Symbolism

Flowers are symbolic and meaningful. There are types and colors of flowers that are symbolic of appreciation, admiration, and gratitude that suit the occasion. Also, there are beautiful heart flowers that symbolize love. No matter what emotions you want to express or convey today to the most wonderful mother, you can find the best flower gift at the flower shop. If you are planning to send your mom a gift of flower that conveys your sentiments, it is an advantage if you know what the mothers day flowers meaning.

If you ask, are floral shops essential on this annual holiday for mothers? The answer is yes, especially with the florists who are knowledgeable and expert when it comes to the symbols and meanings of flowers. If you need the help of an expert, do not hesitate to ask the florists. They have the expertise and they know what flower symbolizes mother’s day.


The Symbolism of Mother’s Day Flowers:

Carnations – Carnations are symbolic of beauty, faith, love, purity, and charity. Pink Carnations signify appreciation, honor, respect, and gratitude, thus they are the greatest significance of Mother’s Day. White Carnations are preferred to honor a deceased mother.

Roses – Roses are essential flowers for Mother’s Day. They are symbolic of love and romance, but Roses from a child to a mother, it is a symbol of care and admiration. Pink, white, and yellow Roses are among the most common colors of Roses for Mother’s Day bouquets.

Tulips – Tulips on Mother’s Day are a great choice. They represent a mother’s graceful beauty and glowing charm. Yellow Tulips are symbolic of cheerfulness, while red tulips speak of love. Pink conveys affection and care, and white tulips symbolize purity, innocence, and eternity. Sending your mom a bouquet of Tulips on Mother’s Day is like sending her a package of love, care, and appreciation.

Lilies – Lilies have been associated with mothers, perhaps because they are the flowers loved by many mothers. The best thing about Lily is that it comes in different varieties and types. There are varieties that feature bright and vibrant colors, and other types of Lilies come with unique patterns and shapes. Symbolically, Lilies represent motherhood in China.

Daisies – Daisies are a classic flower for Mother’s Day. With several varieties to choose from, whether in red, pink, white, or yellow Daisies, they symbolize the love of a mother and the love for a mother. Gerbera Daisies, for example, are the most popular option. They are meant to express gratitude and admiration. Sending your mom the flowers of Daisies on Mother’s Day is a thoughtful gesture that she will treasure forever.

Chrysanthemums – Chrysanthemums are a traditional Mother’s Day flower in Australia. They are called Mums, which picture mothers, not only because they are beautiful flowers but also because they are associated with family and motherhood. Luckily, this type of flower is widely and abundantly available in the country all throughout the month of May, just in time for the Mother’s Day celebration.

Send your mom the gift of flowers on Mother’s Day. Flowers are one of the most important and essential gifts that you can give her to convey your love and appreciation.