Why Give Flowers on Teacher’s Day?

It has been a quite long time since the flowers are being used as gifts to convey your love and regards to a special someone very near and dear to you. The act of giving flowers as gifts is common in every culture throughout the world. The best thing about giving flowers is that flowers can be gifted on any occasion. The reason is that flowers will always boost up the happiness of any person who receives them. The occasion of Teacher’s Day is also an occasion in which giving flowers to teachers is the most prior choice for a lot of people. Flowers can be a perfect Teacher’s Day gift and there is no doubt about that. Many reasons satisfy the phrase of “why give flowers” on Teacher’s Day. Some major reasons are listed below:

1.     Showing Appreciation

One of the best ways to show your appreciation towards your teachers, mentors, or trainers is by giving them flowers as a gift. All the teachers in the world deserve a special kind of gift to appreciate their efforts and dedication in this noble deed of educating the next generation. Being students, all of us can never return the favor that our teachers gave us by giving us the knowledge we need and guiding us to a path of success and growth. But what we can do is make them happier on the occasion of Teacher’s Day by this small gesture. This gesture might look small or mild to you, but for your teachers, it can be so delightful. It is natural for anyone to feel happy and proud when they are admired and appreciated for their efforts towards the person appreciating them.

2.     Flowers Communicate Emotions

The relationship of a teacher and student is mostly based on emotions. Emotions are part of every relationship between people. Emotions are the feelings of one person towards others. There is something touchy about getting flowers from someone on a special occasion. The emotions of students towards the teachers are of love, respect, and appreciation. These feelings can be conveyed to your teacher through a Teacher’s Day flower gift. This is one of the many reasons flowers can be given as a gift on Teacher’s Day. When your teachers get those flowers as a gift, they will feel that they have been given attention by the students and will feel so much happy as well as proud of their students.

3.     Instant Delight

Flowers are always a source of instant and immediate happiness and delight. You will never see a person who has been given flowers as gifts and that does not make him/her happy. The best part is that you feel a wave of immediate happiness irrespective of whether you are receiving the flowers or giving them. Teachers work hard for us to guide us to a path of success and achievements. They deserve to be appreciated and admired. Even your little effort will make them so much happy because teachers always have a big heart. You can show your respect and love by giving flowers that can be a source of instant delight for them. The best thing about instant happiness is that it is unforgettable.

4.     Visual Happiness

Flowers give a very aesthetic and inspiring vibe wherever they are placed. They would make you feel happy and refreshing whenever you see them. If you choose to gift flowers to people who are near and dear to you and those flowers are long-lasting and eye-catching, the receivers of those flowers will always remember you whenever they see those flowers and they will keep remembering you for a long time. Moreover, those flowers will keep the person fresher and more energetic. This is also another reason for the question mentioned in the title of this article. If you choose a bunch of flowers or a bouquet that are long-lasting and aesthetic in their way, that will surely make your teacher remember you for a long time. It would also give you happiness whenever you visit your teacher’s office and find your flower gift on the desk of your teacher.

5.     Flowers are a Meaningful Gift

The best and most important thing about flowers is that they give meaning to your gift. Flowers symbolize love, respect, honor, and appreciation. There is no doubt that our teachers played a big if not the biggest role in giving meaning to our lives. You can just gift your teachers a meaningful gift that is comprised of flowers that symbolize respect and appreciation just like your teacher gave meaning to the meaningless life you were having once. Flowers received as a gift from the students will make the day better for your teachers and they will cherish it for sure. As simple as it might seem for a gift, flowers can surely be a pleasant and cherishing gift for anyone and boost up the happiness of the receiver in many ways.


Teachers are those members of society that play the biggest role in the development and progress of society. There is no doubt that the students can do nothing to pay the favors made by the teachers towards them. The teachers are the ones who made our life meaningful. We did not know anything about the world and the teachers educated us and gave us enough knowledge to make us lean onto the path of knowledge and success. We cannot return these favors in any way. But what we can do is to make our teachers feel special on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. We can do it by gifting our teachers with meaningful flowers that symbolize respect, love, honor, and appreciation. Giving flowers might seem a bit old-fashioned or simple to the person who is giving them, but the person receiving them feels the exact opposite, especially when the receiver is your beloved teacher. Flowers can be a perfect way to appreciate the favors done by your teachers towards yourself.