10 Awesome Flowers for Kids

When children are still growing, they tend to be curious with their surroundings. Seeing things for the first time, there is a higher chance that when you expose them to different activities and different ventures, they would likely grow an interest in it. That is why at a very young age, most parents would enroll their children to different sports clinics, ballet classes, or musical schools. Other parents would also expose their children to different fields such as solving puzzles or building simple basic machines for them to grow up to be more logical and critical. For a nature-loving parent, it is a dream come true for their children to take an interest in gardening. Because the world today has been highly technological, few children are already interested in going out to play or even going out to tend the garden. So, if you want your child to take an interest in nature, here are some of the flowers that you can grow with them so that they may take a liking in gardening.

The Favorites


  • To start off, Sunflowers are the most highly recommended flowers for kids. Expert Florist suggests that it is good for children because not only are the seeds large, but they are also easier to maintain than other flowers. Surely, when the sunflower starts to blossom, the kids will have a fantastic time watching its transformation into a bright yellow beauty.
  • Second to the sunflower is the Marigold. This autumn beauty is a favorite among florists because of its gold and amber hues. This is great for kids because they are also easy to take care of. Like sunflowers, they also need to be exposed to sunlight. You only need to water them if the weather has been very dry for more than two weeks already, otherwise, they are good to go.
  • Gerbera Daisies are also a favorite amongst children. They are very colorful and are also easy to grow. They only need to be watered small amounts daily and they bloom fast as well that is why it is no problem when the children start picking them.
  • Fourth is the Snapdragons. This pink beauty looks delicate, but it can actually withstand harsh weather conditions during spring and fall. This flower is also best grown when it has sunlight exposure and it also attracts butterflies.
  • Daffodils are also a favorite among beginner gardeners such as kids. This yellow gem can tolerate full sunlight exposure and requires regular watering during spring and fall.

More Colorful Beauties


  • Sixth on the list is the Daylilies. This amber colored beauty can tolerate heat and blooms when placed in a sunny area. It is also good for children because they flower over a long period of time thus kids can enjoy the beauty of their hard work.
  •  Another plant is Lavender. This plant not only attracts butterflies, but it also requires minimal care once they are well-established. Like the other flowers, this plant only requires full sun exposure and they can even tolerate drought. No wonder the scent of lavender is abundant in perfume stores.
  •  Coneflowers are also a good flower to plant with your children. This flower attracts butterflies because they often feed with their nectars. It can withstand extreme sunlight exposure and drought and still bloom for months on end.
  • Second to the last is the Chrysanthemums. This flower is favorite among florists because of its show-stopping beauty. There are hundreds of different varieties of chrysanthemums, but this gem only requires that it be exposed to full early sun for five to six hours daily and that they are placed in an area where there is a lesser chance of the flower being boxed in. Chrysanthemums are self-surviving flowers and are very tough because they can usually thrive on their own.
  • Last, but definitely not the least are Carnations. Dubbed as the “Flower for the Gods”, this popular flower is one of the top picks of florists when recommending flowers for children. They require that they are planted in an area where there is sunlight exposure for at least five to six hours a day. This beauty also requires minimal care because they only need to be watered at least once a week. The only downside is that Carnations usually don’t bloom fast, so it is best to let your kids know and cut off any expectations. However, when they do start to bloom, the breathtaking rainbow of colors that the Carnations gives off will surely be worth the wait.

Teaching your kids to love nature and take an interest in gardening is a tasking activity. Gardening is pretty much a very messy activity and it can get dirty very quickly. It is however very beneficial to your children because it teaches them different life lessons. When gardening, a kid can learn to be patient. Flowers don’t bloom overnight, they require time and care for them to be at their full bloom. That is why gardening can teach children that being patient can lead to a beautiful outcome. In addition, flowers are very delicate objects, they can be picked in a second and destroyed easily. Kids can then learn how to handle delicate stuff and take care of things that easily get broken such as flowers. Most importantly, gardening can lead you and your children to share beautiful memories. Gardening isn’t a one-day activity. It takes weeks and months for you to see an outcome. That is why you and your children can spend a long time together and treasure these memories. Hopefully, the flowers will make your child have an interest in nature and learn the beauty of being outdoors.