10 tips for decorating cramped office space with flowers and plants

Flowers are very helpful for various purposes throughout our life. Most people love to use fresh flowers when adding color to their home or workplace because flowers are always a focal point of fascination in various areas. The fresh blossoms are the best option when decorating your home for a big event. But, the blooms picked for the workplace design is totally different. You need an indoor plant that is used to low light and has low maintenance and water requirements. Do note that your plants might be affected by some factors such as drafts from the door, fluorescent lights, air conditioning, weekend watering, office theme, etc. Research has shown that office plants have numerous benefits such as: increased productivity, increased engagement, reduced absenteeism, increased creativity

Here are the best tips to design your office with various flowers.

  1. Location is everything

Check the office first to find areas with the best lighting. A few plants, for example, succulents will draw in gnats or flies when placed in a dim area, which is the exact opposite thing you need. Orchids are the least demanding flowering plants to keep in dim areas and can last as long as 3 months. Simply water mildly every week and protect it from direct daylight. For well-lit regions, pick tropical flowers. Others, for example, Bells of Ireland will die under hot office lighting. Healthy blooms like wildflowers cut dendrobium orchids, and sunflowers last long and are economical.

  • Increase in height

Utilizing shelves, wall baskets, and the hanging grower can add a smart component to your office stylistic layout, regardless of whether it is typical woven baskets or irregular geometric shapes. It additionally helps if you have a small space – you can plant upwards, instead of out.

  • A pretty vase is all you need

Pick the vase first. Individuals regularly ask what to pick first: the vase or the flowers, and most florists or flower delivery companies will state that it depends. While decorating, pick a vase that appeals to you and afterward selects your favorite flowers. You can also use things like coffee cups, kettles, beautiful measuring cups, or soup jars for vases. You can utilize ones with vintage names or strip off the label and paint it a new color. Old wine bottles will work beautifully for individual stems. This allows you to make different flower arrangements according to the recycled containers, instead of making the same old hand bouquets.

  • DIY

With your DIY abilities and a touch of imagination, you can upcycle your current pots and vases to give your blossoms that additional oomph. Consider weaving a cover for your flower pots to improve the look of your plants.

  • Go monochrome

All whites are usually the safe bet for something exquisite. Pick distinctive kinds of blossoms in a single color. For instance, pink dahlias, pink tulips, and pink roses look incredible together. You can also do the opposite and pick one kind of flower in two shades, for example, purple and pink tulips. No filler or greens required.

  • Use long-lasting flowers

The reception is the most watchable region in the workplace. Different customers and guests sit there first. The reception room ought to be tidy and clean with stunning decor. It is basically designed to welcome visitors and make them feel comfortable. The flower choices for the reception should have a long life. Create a large flower bouquet with carnations, red roses, orchids, lilies, and so on. It can likewise be decorated with various green fillers for the ideal decoration. You can put it on the middle table at the reception. The orchids put some additional elegance in the rose bouquet. The delightful flower arrangement looks incredible in a glass vessel meant for a table. It can give an extraordinary welcome to the guests in the workplace.

  • Pressed or dried flowers

Not every person has free time to maintain an extensive flowers collection. So, pressed or dried blossoms can be used to add brilliant detail to your office. It could be pressed flower napkins, coasters or a dried arrangement that can be customized on numerous occasions.

  • Use bright-colored flowers

The blossoms for an office should be elegant and bright since your office is where you do important tasks in the company. The brilliant blooms are vital to keeping you productive the whole day. You can likewise utilize the most fragrant blooms in your workspace. The beautiful plants in little containers will look great on your desk without taking up much space. Improving your workspace in a one of a kind and extraordinary way will make your day upbeat.

  • Use unique Flowers for office desk decoration

The office desk is the work environment where pens and scratch pads are utilized the most by workers. This area is for the completion of essential tasks in the workplace. The blossoms are the best decision to make this area special. You can just add plants and flowers such as Gerber daisy, cactus, African violet and so on in a tall vase for a different stoic look. The freshness of blossoms can give positive vibes to people that come into your office especially clients. As everyone knows that flowers look extraordinary all the time and it will help in making your work area intriguing and exceptional,

  1. Put succulents on your desks

Add color pop to your desk with a terrarium which does not require watering. You should also consider Venus fly trap grown in a glass bottle to add visual interest. You just need to water succulents once in 2 weeks or when the soil feels dry. Add a lamp to your desk in order to ensure that your plant still receives light when the office lights at switched off after work. The hard part about keeping succulents is keeping your coworkers away from watering it when not necessary. Overwatering can kill the plants.


Ensure your flowers are not highly fragrant especially if you share an office with coworkers since you don’t generally realize who is sensitive to what. Keep in mind that flowers and plants for offices need to be pretty but need low maintenance.