15 Things Your Florist Won’t Tell You

Flowers have their own way of blossoming and staying fresh and beautiful. We normally come across various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, religious festivals or even funerals when we need flowers and at that time our go-to place is the floral shop.

The florists at these floral shops are quite practical and experienced and with the help of their artistic skills, they create floral designs that are certainly amazing.

Have you ever wondered how the flowers at the floral shop look so fresh and beautiful and do you know that these florists have many secrets that they will not tell you. So if you want to know about those secrets then you are at the right place.

Below are the 15 secrets that your florists will never ever tell you!!

  1. Don’t use scissors

While cutting the flowers don’t use scissors because they can crush the stems. Instead of scissors try to use a sharp and clean knife or cutter to cut the bottom of the stems at a proper angle.

Also make sure to cut leaves that are present just beneath the water line because these leaves will breed bacteria.

  1. Trick to make the flowers last longer

Normally flowers at the florists shop last longer but the moment when you will bring them home you will notice that their freshness has faded away the very next morning.

So here the secret is, at the floral shop the florists change the water every other day and they use flower preservatives that help to increase the shelf life of the flowers.

  1. Wash the vase every other day

This is also very important thing that a florist will never tell you. While changing the water make sure to wash and clean the vase with the help of soap.

Although it looks clean but there are bacteria clinging to the sides of the vase which will definitely contaminate and damage the flowers.

  1. Don’t put flowers near fruits

Ok so this is quite a new thing and probably not even the florists have any knowledge about it. Never put the flowers near fruits because these fruits emit ethylene gas which damages the fruits instantly.

Even if you put the fruits in a bowl and keep them a few inches away even then it will not help so try to place your vase in a separate room so that your flowers will last longer.

  1. Examine the flowers

If you are shopping for your flowers in person not online then you can examine the flowers to find out whether or not they are fresh.

All you have to do is just give a little squeeze to the part where the flower petals meet the top part of the stem. If that particular part is firm then that means the flowers are fresh and if it is squishy and soft then you must not buy them.

  1. Mondays are flowers day

Are you the one who messed up Valentine’s Day or a birthday? If the answer is yes then don’t worry you can make up for the mistake on a Monday.

Monday is the day most of the floral shops will restock so you can get your hands on the most beautiful and fresh flowers.

  1. Buy local flowers

If you want to have more flowers for your money then you must shop from a local floral shop. By doing so you will not only find flowers at lower rates but also you will be able to find fresh flowers without any physical damage.

  1. Good lighting is not always good for flowers

It is true that flowers look good in the window and they send out a fresh and soothing effect but having said that the heat or light from the direct sunlight will eventually harm them and if the issue persist the flowers will be killed as well.

  1. Discounts

Believe it or not florists offer discount on every suitable occasions to attract customers and even if they don’t have discounts on the floral designs ad bouquets then they must offer discounts on their delivery services.

So just ask them or friendly remind them if they have any such offers they will certainly help you out.

  1. Misting is a must

Have you ever noticed while passing through a floral shop the florists holding a spray bottle in their hands? Well that is basically the secret behind their fresh flowers.

Most of these florists spray a fine water mist on the blooms because this helps them in keeping the flowers radiant, fresh and alive.

  1. Morning time for fresh flowers

Ok this is another way to buy fresh flowers. Most of the flowers arrive at the floral shops at morning time which means that this is the time when you can buy freshly picked flowers directly from the farm.

  1. Try to mix flowers in order to jazz them up

Yes this is right. If you choose just a monochrome theme then it will look boring. So in order to be a little extra just play with the colors and floral arrangements, this will make your flowers stand out and prominent.

  1. Online floral shops are also available

Yes that’s correct. You are not supposed to plan and go to a physical shop. Now there are many online floral shops from which you can choose your flowers and they will deliver the flowers on your doorstep.

  1. Don’t give flowers cold bath

This is very important in order to maintain the freshness of the flowers. Never give them cold bath this will cause them to dry out soon.

  1. Use hair spray

If you want to increase the duration of your flowers and you don’t have preservatives at home. Then don’t worry you can use hair spray which is a good way to keep the texture and keep the flowers fresh for long.