$30 Bouquet to Surprise Your Girlfriend in Singapore

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Whether it is her birthday, graduation day, promotion day, or first day in the office, or it is your anniversary celebration, we have $30 flower bouquets to surprise your girlfriend in Singapore. At Little Flower Hut, we offer a wide range of options for $30 flower delivery. We understand that sending nice flowers may not be enough. That is why our florists are passionate to craft beautiful $30 bouquet flowers suitable for surprises. Surprise your girlfriend with a flower delivery below $30. Here are the most recommended $30 flowers:

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More $30 Bouquet Varieties:

·        Mini Bouquets of Peonies

So many ladies love the pretty blooms of Peony. If you want to surprise your girlfriend with a sweet Peony flower bouquet, we are happy to inform you that we have this type of flower available in different colors. A mini bouquet of Peonies is perfect for your meaningful but cheap flower delivery below $30. You can send the bouquet through our florists and partner rider for same-day delivery.


·        Luxurious Orchid Arrangement

Orchids here at our flower shop are guaranteed affordable because Singapore is the place for magnificent, all-year-available Orchid blooms. If you know that your girlfriend loves the elegant flowers of Orchids, send her a surprise flower arrangement in single color or in a variety of colors. Ask our florists for $30 flowers that you can pair with Orchids, if you want the arrangement to look bright and colorful.


·        Fresh and Vibrant Daisy Bouquet

Any occasion is a perfect day to send 30 dollar bouquet of Daisies through Little Flower Hut. If you are planning to surprise your girlfriend, you will never regret choosing the vibrant flowers of Daisy. Our online florist can give you a surprise bouquet for her that is made from the colorful Gerbera Daisy blooms or one that has cheery yellow and white Daisies. No matter how you want to express your feelings, the flowers of Daisy are an ideal choice, and the best thing about our bouquets is that we offer cheap Singapore flowers below SGD $30.


·        Elegant Calla Lilies

A bouquet of Calla Lilies for your girlfriend on her special day is just fabulous. Calla Lily is a flower that captivates everyone’s heart. It is probably because of its sleek petal in a seamless rolled shape or perhaps because of its rare mixture of colors. No matter what the celebration is, send her a bouquet today with us. We guarantee that your $30 flower delivery will bring a priceless smile to her face.


·        Sunflower Bouquet for Summer Surprise

Sunflowers are the flowers reminiscent of the sunny summer season. If you know that your girlfriend is excited about summer, tell her that you are excited too by sending her a Sunflower bouquet. Choose from our collections of Sunflower bouquets and customized flowers. Our florists can help you arrange the surprise delivery to your girlfriend’s residence or office.


·        Gorgeous Carnation Bouquet

At Little Flower Hut, you can have gorgeous Carnation bouquets delivered as a birthday gift for girlfriend on her birthday. If it is not her birthday yet, these flowers below $30 are also a wonderful option for surprise flowers for girlfriend. We want to help you pick the lovely bouquet for her that meets your preferred design and your budget. With our $30 florist, your gift of flowers does not have to spend a fortune for your daily pick flowers.


·        Pretty Pink Spray Roses

Don’t look any further because the prettiest flowers are here at our flower shop. Little Flower Hut has the most affordable deals when it comes to surprise bouquet delivery to Singapore. Our selections of spray Roses bouquets in the shade of pink are wide. We are here to help you pick the perfect design to suit your girlfriend’s taste and style. For an affordable price, make every day a day of sweet surprises by sending her a pretty spray Roses bouquet.


·        Multicolored Bouquet of Spring Breeze

Your girlfriend surely loves the graceful blooms of Tulips in a multicolored bouquet. Surprise her with this $30 flower bouquet and celebrate the spring breeze in such a lovely way. Call us if you want this bouquet delivered within the same day. Your same-day flower delivery is free of delivery charge if the order is placed on or before the cut-off time.


·        Garden Party Floral Bouquet

Whether in a stylish glass vase, wooden basket, or flower wrapper, a bouquet of garden flowers for your girlfriend on an ordinary day is such a big surprise. Spoil her with beautiful gifts like these every day and she will definitely have the best time always. We are here to help you make your flower gifts memorable and affordable. With our cheap flowers, we create charming garden party flower bouquets. Send us a message now and place your order today for flowers below $30.


·        Potted Gardenia Plant

If she loves flowering plants in pots or containers, why not send her a pot of blooming Gardenia plant as your surprise gift? For a price below $30, this gift is sure to bring delight to and make her day brighter. Leave your girlfriend amazed with the lush green foliage of the Gardenia plant and its gorgeous white blooms. On your anniversary, birthday celebration, or special day, we have these potted plants in different sizes and quality conditions. Our florists and delivery team assure you that your gifts of flowers and plants will arrive right on time. Place your order now for our same day flower delivery. The delivery charge is on us.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_cta h2=”Ready to Shop for $30 Bouquet?” h4=”Same Day Flower Delivery Available” txt_align=”center” color=”orange”]Call us for What’s Bouquet available today?

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