What are the Best Valentine’s Day Flowers for A Lovely Girl?

Flowers are the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day, along with chocolates, jewelry, and other romantic gifts. While Roses are the most common Valentine’s flowers, the florists have a wide array of flowers to offer.  If you are planning to send or give romantic flowers to a very lovely girl on Valentine’s Day, have a look at this list and see which type of flowers will match your messages:

·        Orchids

Orchids are an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day flowers. They are elegantly beautiful and unique flowers, and they are commonly used in bouquets and floral arrangements to express romantic messages and sentiments on Valentine’s Day. Moth Orchids are the most common choice for the bouquets and they come in various colors. The long-enduring blooms of this type of Orchid are symbolic of a long-lasting relationship. Sending a bouquet of these delicate Orchid flowers is ideal on the day of love because it conveys love in a beautiful way.

·        Tulips

Tulips are flowers that express passionate love and respectful admiration. The elegant structure of its blooms and the pretty shape of its bulb represent love and adoration. For a lovely girl on Valentine’s Day, you can send a bouquet of red Tulips to express your love or pink Tulips to show how much you appreciate her sweetness.  If you want to be extravagant on this special day, why not send a stunning Tulips and Stargazer bouquet.

·        Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer Lilies are one pleasing floral celebrity. The unique structure of this flower and its bold fragrance make it a lovely Valentine flower. Its blooms feature a striking pattern and shape, offering a beautiful statement of love. A stargazer bouquet, whether in pink color or in the shades of red, provides a fabulous gift that is just perfect for the most special person on this special day. If you want to give her a surprise Valentine’s Day gift, you have options for ‘stargazer flowers near me’. You can even have same-day stargazer lily delivery from a local florist n Valentine’s Day.

·        Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily is a nice pick for a Valentine’s Day bouquet. The bold colors of the flowers create such a statement that any girl can ever resist. Although the flower is most commonly associated with friendship, the red and pink blooms symbolize romance and emotion. When you send this to a lovely girl, you also convey your caring and thoughtful message on Valentine’s Day.

·        Dahlias

Dahlias are a popular choice for Valentine’s Day flowers for a lovely girl. It signifies commitment and a lasting relationship. A bouquet of white Dahlias symbolizes faith, hope, and purity while pink and red blooms are meant for romance and sweet gestures. There are blue and green Dahlias, as well, and they represent a new beginning. For a unique Valentine’s Day bouquet, you will love this flower whether as a focal flower or as a flower to pair with Roses and Tulips.

·        Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies are a great type of flower for a lovely Valentine bouquet. The vibrant blooms are sure to bring delight and happiness to a lovely girl on this special day of hearts. Although Gerberas come in different colors, the flower shop girl can give you a fabulous bouquet of pink Gerberas on Valentine’s Day for the woman you love. However, you have to make sure that you place your orders a month or two before Valentine’s Day.

·        Peonies

Peonies are a seasonal flower that blooms during the winter months. It provides a wonderful option for your Valentine bouquet because it is widely available in time for Valentine’s Day. The delicate flowers represent goof fortune, honor, and wealth, but the pink blooms symbolize romance. However, it is not good to send white Peonies to a lovely girl because it conveys shame.

·        Carnations

Carnations are the beautiful ruffles that every lovely girl loves to hold. If you are looking for the best flower type for the Valentine bouquet, don’t miss the beauty of Carnations. They are available in a wide range of colors that are suitable for this romantic occasion. Pink Carnations symbolize sweet fascination and red Carnations mean love and admiration. But for a lovely girl, yellow Carnations signify friendship or rejection.

·        Freesias

Freesias are citrus-smelling flowers and they have delicate fresh petals that your girl will appreciate on Valentine’s Day. The flowers come in a variety of colors, and each color has different meanings.  The pink Freesias, for example, represent maternal love while white Freesias symbolize innocence. Freesias also look captivating in a rainbow of colors, but they mean friendship. If you want to express your love and emotions to the most beautiful and lovely girl on Valentine’s Day, the red Freesias are a great pick because they express love and romance.

·        Roses

Roses are always the first pick when it comes to flowers for Valentine’s Day. They are available all year round but they sell like hotcakes on Valentine season. Fortunately, Roses are available in different colors, sizes, and variations, giving you exemplary choices for an extravagant bouquet on the celebration of love. Red Roses, specifically, are the most picked flower, because they express love and emotion. Meanwhile, pink Roses are also used to convey sweet messages and maroon Roses show deep passion and intimate love. If you are looking for the best Valentine’s Day flower to give or send to a lovely girl, you will never fail with these colors of Roses.