8 Most Popular Wedding Day Flowers [Updated]

There are a lot of flowers of different types and different colors and all of them are unique and beautiful. But for your wedding day, you need something very special and something that is not only attractive, beautiful and smells nice but also something that is according to the theme of your wedding. You cannot randomly pick different colored flowers for your wedding arrangements and destroy the overall look of your wedding theme. You need to discuss this with your loved ones and know what is the best one and what they like. You should choose the best option that not only is according to your wedding theme but also is beautiful and affordable at the same time.


Most of the couples choose roses or tulips as their wedding day flowers but there are some other more beautiful choices as well. Below are the details about the 8 most picked or most popular wedding flowers that are trending these days. You can also take a look at these flowers and choose which one you should use for your wedding. These 8 are the standard and are nowadays being hailed as a popular trend. Below is the list of these 8 flowers and why they are the best and most popular choice.


  1. Roses:

The unique, beautiful, soft, and smooth petals of the roses make them one of the most known flowers on the planet earth. They are found everywhere in the world, be it Singapore or a thousand miles away in the United States. They are available in almost all of colors, including baby pink, white, and off-white to cream color. You can choose the color of the roses according to your theme of the wedding. They not only look beautiful but they also smell really unique and refreshing. So, they will add beauty to your wedding day.


  1. Tulips:

Tulips are known for their beautiful and smooth touch and pleasant smell. They are one of the most beautiful flowers that come in almost all colors. They can fit any type of wedding day theme and can be used in any setting. They are one of the most popular trends in Europe and the United States but now they are also being used in Singapore as well. You can enjoy multiple colors and also enjoy the beautiful smell of these flowers that will make your special day a more beautiful and more special day as well.


  1. Calla Lilies:

The trend of Calla Lilies is not that old as the roses or tulips, but they are now everywhere and due to their beautiful appearance they are loved by the millions and people want them in their wedding day arrangements all around the world including Singapore. You can get these Calla Lilies from your local florist that provides you weekly floral arrangements for your office and they will get these for your wedding days. They come in multiple colors and appear beautiful in the hands of brides.


  1. Lily of the Valley:

The Lily of the valley flowers look very beautiful in bouquets and also in other arrangements of the wedding days. Unlike all other flower types, they are very small in size as compared to the roses and Calla Lilies. They are known for their white appearance and their pleasant scent that attracts everyone. Also, the bouquets of these flowers are very attractive and beautiful as well. If you want something that is not very common but still trendy and popular and different from most of the other large-sized flowers, you should pick this one for your wedding day flowers.


  1. Hydrangeas:

These beautiful flowers are not only exotic, beautiful in appearance but they literally look out of this world. They are so beautiful that every bride wants them on her wedding day theme. They fit all types of situations and themes that are used for the wedding. They can also be used to make bridal bouquets and also to decorate the surrounding of the wedding place. Apart from being beautiful, they also produce a very pleasant scent and lighten up the environment.


  1. Gardenia:

Gardenia flowers have a similar appearance to the roses, but they are softer as compared to the roses and look more beautiful. They have been often used in the men’s wedding coats and bride’s bouquets. Apart from this, they are also used in the decoration of wedding places for parties and after-parties. They come in almost all of the beautiful colors that you can think of. They have a beautiful and pleasant scent that can make every fall in love with these flowers.


  1. Peony:

There are a lot of varieties of peonies and all of them have distinct colors and a distinct scent. Using peony flowers in the bridal bouquets and groom’s coats is one of the most popular trends nowadays. These are very beautiful, and exotics flowers that are similar in appearance to the roses but have distinct scents. They are also used in the decoration of wedding places as well. If you want to impress with your taste in flowers, you should choose these flowers. They are beautiful, uniquely characterized, and widely used for their beautiful features.


  1. Stephanotis:

Stephanotis flowers have a dainty white colored appearance and they have a very pleasant scent that is liked by everyone around. These flowers arranged in a floral bouquet give a beautiful appearance. They are one of the most used wedding flowers that are used worldwide including in Singapore. They are imported and exotic and a little expensive as well. But this cost is nothing in front of their beautiful appearance and pleasant scent. These are widely popular and liked by millions of couples all over the world.

In the article above, I have given a piece of brief information about each of these 8 different flowers that are most popular as a wedding day flower. Each of these flowers has its beautiful features and you can choose the one that you like the most or that your loved ones want for your wedding day to make it special.