12 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

Marriage is an important day of anyone’s life, and it is meant to be the perfect one. Every moment needs to be cherished and eventful. For this big day, you need to plan everything. Your wedding dress, venue, hair and makeup artist, photoshoot, and décor. On such a big scale, when people plan things, it is a huge possibility that things can go messy. You can make some mistakes that you realize later and regret them. Everything needs to be on time and according to the planned strategies. This way, you can enjoy the wedding to the fullest and also will be away from any panic and hustling situations.

Flowers are an essential part of the décor on your wedding and choosing them can be a challenging task. You need to do some homework, find a florist, and go for other things. But sometimes, there are many flower mistakes people commit while planning and processing.

Here are enlisted a few mistakes that you need to avoid if you are planning your wedding day;


1.      Not Being Prepared

Most of the people start to plan their wedding in imagination from the day they get engaged. So, in the case of flowers, if you have something specific in your mind that you want to be on the day, then place that on a piece of paper and make an album. Also, you can get ideas from Pinterest and make a board for the flowers you like. In this way, you will be able to show your florist those ideas. It can give them a good idea about what you really want. There are very few chances that you will find a picture of the exact flowers you have in your mind, so you can collect multiple pictures in order to track down the one flower you really need to get.

By showing all pictures, you can elaborate on your requirements, like the shape of one flower in the color of the other one. Also, you can ask them to make the arrangements according to your choice. After gathering the images, you can go searching for florists you want to serve at your wedding. You can browse their websites for getting ideas as well.


2.      Not Setting Your Budget

It is a probable situation that if you visit a flower shop, the florist will show you some gorgeous and lovely flowers that can melt your heart in seconds. But going to the florist without any budget setting, you can mess thins up for you. So, before you go to the florist, set a budget. During the budget distribution for all wedding parts, never forget to keep one for the florals. You need to be realistic about the costs, and if you want to get an estimate, then almost 10 percent of your budget goes to flowers.


3.      Not trusting your florist

Another big mistake people make is not trusting their florist. You can communicate and let them know about your likes, dislikes, and other things, but you also need to be comfortable with them. They all want to do some good work for your wedding. Put your trust in them and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.


4.      Not going for new Ideas

It is much more important that you keep in mind that flowers are unique. If you think that you will get the same flowers you see on Instagram or Pinterest, then it is a bit impractical approach. So, be open-minded and discuss your requirements with the florist and get ready to accept some new ideas. They can really do wonders on your big day. So, an innovative approach can be a plus for you.


5.      Not seeing the big picture

If you are planning a reception day, then you might forget to décor the flowers for the whole room. Many couples make this mistake and only focus on their table, but it is not a very thoughtful approach.


6.      Not Being Flexible

Sometimes, florists offer us their own designs to look at them. They might have some ideas that you did not even find on the internet. So, if you will be rigid and refuse to accept, then you can end up in getting not a perfect décor. So, being flexible is important.


7.      Not Reusing Flowers for Reception

On the day of the wedding, you spend a lot of money on buying and setting the flowers. So, the next day at your reception, you can reuse them for decorating the reception hall. There is no shame in doing this as the flowers will be fresh at that time. So, you can reuse them for other decors as well.


8.      Not Thinking about your dress

You may not think about it, but your dress can be of great importance to choosing the flowers. Your wedding gown is something that should not be ignored when you will be holding the bridal bouquet. It is because the long flowers can hide them. So, choose wisely.


9.      Not Choosing Big Blooms

Some of the brides avoid choosing big blooms as they can be expensive and difficult to set. But the bigger are the flowers, the less you will need to fill up the vase.


10. Not Adding Foliage

It is normal that people forget foliage. But it is a fact that greenery adds aesthetics to the flowers and the place, and they can make a place like lush.


11. Not Using Multiple Colors

Some people tend to go with one color and forget that contrasting is life. A blend of multiple colors can make a place look stunning.


12. Not Considering Flower Season

Although many flowers are found all around the year, there is a possibility that the flower you imagined in your mind is not available for the season. So, do not leave out the idea of remembering the season.

Last Words

Flowers can make your wedding day beautiful and full of colors. Avoid some mistakes to ruin the day for you.