12 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Florist

Flowers are adorable and loved by everyone. They enhance the beauty of a place and bring a different kind of charm and loveliness. Flowers are also an essential part of a bride’s look and the important thing for decorations. In the hustle-bustle of wedding planning, you should not skip the plan of flowers. For the setting of flowers, you need a florist, and then the other work would be of them. But it is your job to choose the right florist for your wedding day.

It is essential because if you do not spend some time getting the right florist, all the hard work for the wedding day planning can be a waste. You will get panic, and all your focus will be on the florist who is still not on the venue and also not picking up the phone calls.

Here are some tips for you to decide the right florist for your wedding day.


1.      Do Some Homework and Start Searching!

Before going to any florist, you need to do some homework. It is not as simple that you will choose flowers and colors and the florist, but you need to figure out what kind of flowers you like and how they will be placed. It also does not mean that you have to be an expert, but pure research can help you to do simple homework so that you can guide the florist easily.

After your homework, you need to start searching. Most of the famous and professional florists have their booking for a whole year in advance. So, along with your makeover appointment, you also need to choose the florists right in time so that you do not get any trouble. Do the brainstorming, plan, and search as early as possible so that you could get as many florists as you want to choose from.


2.      Get Some Inspiration

For getting to know the idea, you can search different social websites like Pinterest or Tumblr for getting inspiration. You can go to various flower boards and save whatever flower you like. It can be the color, shape, or texture of the flower that can attract you. Do not miss out. There is a considerable chance that you will get one that could make your wedding day beautiful.


3.      Look for Different Florists Online

For keeping on your research, the next thing you should do is to look for the different websites of florists that are open to provide services. Also, go for those florists that offer wedding flowers and specialize in decorations and other stuff. Go to the product sections, look at their products, check their previous work pictures, and read reviews of the customers.

Reviews will help you to shortlist the florists that can be worth trying. Assess their quality, how versatile they are, and also check the rates. Create a list for further steps.


4.      Consider Your Wedding Venue

A venue affects your choice of flowers. It also helps you make a decision about how many flowers do you need. Sometimes that venue is a garden which already has flowers and greenery then you might only need a few flowers, or if it is in a hall, then you might need to decorate the whole building with flowers.

So, the venue must be kept in mind when getting done with your homework. The site is also necessary to tell the florist to decide either they are comfortable there or not.


5.      Decide Your Wedding Color Theme

Keep in mind about the color theme of your wedding. Do you want it to be hot red or any other shade of red? Or if you’re going to go with pink, purple, or white flowers. Your theme helps you in picking up the flowers you need to get for your wedding day. Not every flower fits your theme.


6.      Go for Some Recommendations

Before going for a florist, you should ask for recommendations from different sources. You can visit review sites, bridal magazines, and other brides. They can better recommend you someone for consideration.

If you are planning your wedding with a wedding planner, then you can ask them too because they are experts and they can guide you well. Also, they collaborate with different florists, and this can be a lot more helpful.


7.      Set Your Budget

When breaking your budget in different things for the wedding, you definitely are going to make room for flowers. Although it can be a bit difficult to estimate the budget for flowers, but a proper range can be set. After that, you can shortlist florists that can be right according to your budget.


8.      Ask for Proposals

Ask every florist to write a thorough proposal for you detailing what their vision is and how they can work in a given budget. Also, ask them to let you know their deals and packages. Also, their arrival time should be written in the proposal.


9.      Interview the Florists

After getting proposals, you can shortlist some florists for interviews. Through the interview, you can quickly screen out the ones you want to proceed with.


10. Compare Notes and Decide

Now the notes you have made during each interview should be analyzed and compared for the final decision. According to all your key points, there must be a florist that you will finalize.


11. Sign a Contract and Pay the Deposit

Now you can call them and decide the day and time that you could visit them and sign a contract and also pay the advanced payment.


12. Meet the Florist before Wedding Day

Keep in touch with your florists before the wedding day to discuss any changes, and for meeting the team, they will be sent for setting up the venue decorations.


Last Words

Flowers are the most essential part of a wedding, and you should never compromise on this. Choosing the right florist can be challenging, but with these tips, it will become more comfortable and straightforward.