What is the All-Time Favourite Flowers for Special Occasions?

Birthday parties, Valentine’s day, anniversaries, baby showers, New Year, prom nights, Mother’s day, and, no matter what the occasion be, salary wages earning of Singapore Floristflowers always come to rescue whether you want to gift them or use them add a charismatic look into your ambiance. In fact, most of us wonder what is the all-time favourite flowers for occasions? All of these are so beautiful, that each one of them puts you in a dilemma. Let’s go through the list of all-time favorite flowers for special occasions.


Ø The Radiating Roses

Be it red, pink, white, yellow, or any other scientifically created artificial rose, it always complements the artistry of the place they are decorated with. These can be used to decorate ceilings, used as prom corsages or tiaras, bouquet to gift or perform a wedding ceremony and, countless other things. Do you know

? Every color of the rose represents some emotion like red roses passion; white roses chaste love; yellow roses friendship; coral rose desire; pink roses admiration and, much more. These emotion full beauties will never fail to satisfy your decoration or gifting needs.


Ø The bloom bulk Carnations

These fluffy petal flowers are the first choice of wedding planners to decorate the wedding place. Their endless color varieties add an illumination effect on the tables as wells as the entrances at the weddings or any party. Not to forget, these are best friends with the majority of women as they serve the purpose of best natural ornaments one could ever own. Also, these are friendly to your pockets and hearts, hence buy these in bulk and let them bloom in the entire hall. Also, these are associated with some religious legend i.e. carnations grew from the Virgin Mary’s tears as she saw Jesus carry the cross. That is why they behold a strong symbol of motherly love.


Ø The lovely lilies

Belonging to the family of Liliaceae, lilies are the savior for all the cocktail parties. The naughty looking yet gracefully blooming flowers can serve the purpose with one stem. Be it pink, purple, yellow, or the hearty white, these dutch flower bulbs can never fail to impress the people around them. The best thing about these bulbs is that most of these can last long after being cut. They have a life of 7-14 days approximately. All the varieties of lilies comes under one of nine hybrid divisions, including Asiatic, American, Oriental, and many more.


Ø The Outstanding Orchids

As the heading suggests “outstanding” absolutely these delicate petaled flowers are the symbol of love and lust. Planning on having a romantic date? go with these. Set up the place with combinations of red and purple orchids and, your date will never say no to go out with you again. Did you know? According to Gaffney, these rare blossoms send the message of exotic seduction. “If any of your dear ones gifts you a bouquet of  orchids, it is a sign that they’re a little wilder or good at making exotic love than the person who offers you a dozen roses.”


Ø The Trendy Table Tulips

Did you know? The Netherlands being the largest exporter of these beauties uses them for cooking as a replacement for onions. Though these flowers offer a pricey bloom they will always turn up to your expectations. These serve the best purpose at business meetings and corporate anniversaries. These compliments all the formal parties where the money needs to be flashed enormously. Since these have more of a buddy structure than a flowery one hence these can be used as prom corsages, tiaras, and other natural ornaments for women. Also, In the Autumn, one can replace summer annuals with tulip bulbs. Greigii tulips and double early tulips are significantly good for containers. These bulbs will sleep through the winter months and deliver a burst of spring color long before you’re ready to begin planting.


Ø The charismatic Chrysanthemums

These Asian beauties do not have a really good image at first as these are poisonous in nature. Also known as mums these serve the purpose of decoration to their best when it comes to a funeral or, any casual parties. Their charisma can spread positiveness in the environment by offering an alluring ambiance. Mum cultivated these days are showier than their wild family members. The blossom heads happen in different structures and can be daisy-like or ornamental, similar to pompons or buttons. Here is a quick environmental fact about these blossoms!. according to NASA clean air study, these have been proven to make air pure indoors.


Ø The heart-warming Hydrangeas

The sun-loving plants’ Hydrangeas prefer morning sun and can soak up the sun all day. But do not confuse these with sunflowers! These have plenty of little flowers combined in one big flower. These flowers will complement both formal and informal parties of yours. They have a cute innocent plush that is breathtaking and can soothe your brain and heart in one go. Be it table decoration, ceiling decoration, or sprucing up your entrance these would always be there for you.


You can never have enough flowers to say no. These little god’s creation will always make way to your heart irrespective of what color they are, what category they belong to, or what shape or sixes they are off. these pieces of natural artistry will bring joy and peace to your surroundings. Place them in a pot, plant them in your garden, use them as ornaments, or use them for your all-time favorite occasions, they will never fail to impress you.