Are Fresh Flowers Allowed in Singapore Hospitals?

It is said that a lovely gift of the fresh floral bouquet will help a patient recover from sickness faster. Aside from the natural beauty of flowers that brightens the room and lifts up a gloomy soul, the thought that someone cares by bringing flowers is also a gesture that makes the heart feel better. However, because of concerns on safety and hygiene, as well as protection from allergens brought by pollens, most of the hospitals do not allow fresh flowers inside. If you are wondering why, here are some of the reasons why the hospitals ban bouquets of flowers:

  • Pollen May Worsen the Patient’s Condition

In high-risk areas, the hospital management bans any type of flowers because the pollen in the flowers and some of the plant matter can be harmful to patients suffering from respiratory diseases. While they are confined in a hospital room, the main goal of the doctors and the hospital is to help them fully recover from their disease or sickness, thus they prevent anything that will worsen the condition. However, the hospital management may allow other form of get-well gifts, especially those items that will not cause or trigger any health risks to the patient and to the people in the hospital.

  • Harmful Bacteria May Grow and Accumulate in Flower Vases

Since bacteria tends to multiply faster in water, the hospitals ban having bedside flower bouquets in vases. The management also thinks that it adds load of additional work to their nurses who should be doing their regular routine instead of cleaning and disinfecting the room due to germs and bacteria brought by the fresh flowers in vases. On the other hand, there are gifts that you can still bring in to hospital rooms if you want to cheer up a sick friend or if you want to inspire someone to get well soon.

  • Bugs Develop in the Water

Some hospital wards ban flower vases and fresh flowers because they found out that bugs are attracted to them. Bugs and insects may cause different kinds of problems and health risks to patients and to workers in the hospital. Moreover, the gifts of flowers can still be forwarded to the home address instead of the hospital address. If you are sending a glamorous bouquet of fresh flowers to let someone know that you wish them full recovery, you can have your gifts delivered at their house when he or she comes home.

There are also rooms and wards in the hospital that allow fresh flowers. However, certain rules should be strictly followed. You can still practice the tradition of sending or giving flower gifts to patient by following these tips:

  • Know Whether Flowers are Allowed or Not

Before you place an order for flower delivery to hospital room, make sure that flowers are allowed there. The ICU and NICU ban fresh flowers while some recovery wards may allow the said gifts depending on cases. It is best to know the rules and policy before you send the gift of glowers to a patient.

  • Consider the Size of the Flower Bouquet

The hospital recovery room may not be as big as you expect that it can accommodate huge bouquets of fresh flowers. Most of the rooms are limited and they may not have a space for the bouquet. It is best to consider the size of the bouquet that you want to send so that it will not block or occupy half of the room. It is true that huge bouquets, especially the ones with colorful and bright blooms, will do more and maximize your purpose of giving, they may get in the way and use the space that should be for the hospital equipment.

  • Send Allergy-Free Flowers

When you send fresh flowers to a patient’s room in the hospital, choose flowers that are allergen-free. You can have Roses, Carnations, and Chrysanthemums in a bouquet because they are wonderful flowers. The pollens of these flowers are located inside the blooms. You may also choose to send live flowering plants and green plants instead of fresh flowers. Live plants are allergen-free and they require low maintenance and attention. If you want to cheer up someone and help him or her recover from sickness, there is no doubt that plants are among the things you can depend on.

  • Consider Sending Gift Hampers or Fruit Basket Instead

Aside from fresh flowers, many people opt to send gift hampers and fruit baskets, too. There are wide varieties of hampers in great selections of gift items that are perfect to send to the hospital for a recovering patient. Gifts like jars of gourmet snacks or cooked meals or hampers of nutritious and healthy biscuits and beverages are useful.

Fruit baskets are also a great alternative to flowers. You can send a basket of fresh fruits for your friend or loved one in the hospital to remind him or her of the benefits of eating healthy fruits. The hospital is sure to allow these gifts, especially those that will help the patient to feel better and recover faster.

Flowers can do a lot to help cheer up a sick person. In fact, even the physicians and health care officers agree that floral gifts make people happier and healthier. However, there are rules that have to be observed and followed so that no one will get harm. This reminder is sure to help you consider your choices if you want to send fresh flowers in a hospital.