How to Arrange an Engagement Bouquet for a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is one of the most exciting days as the bride and her family and friends prepare for the big day. With the bride’s best friends, creating the most unique engagement bouquet is fun and memorable. Fortunately, there are so many ways to arrange an engagement bouquet for a bridal shower, and the florists are there to help you create the most beautiful design. The right bouquet for this special day is easy to do if you have a guide or instruction to follow. Read on and begin your bridal shower engagement bouquet with these easy-to-follow steps:

·        Choose the Best Florist

You need a florist one way or another. For this special bouquet, even if you intend to create it personally with your friends, you will benefit a lot if you will consider what your florist recommends. The florists are the experts when it comes to bouquet and flower arrangements. Whether you want to make a classic design or a modern one, the florist can help you through it from the conceptualization of the design to the execution of the concept to the proper way of handling the bouquet. It is really enjoyable to work with friends and with the one who has expertise in the field of floristry and floral design.

·        Choose the Right Flowers to Include in the Bouquet

Now that you have a florist to guide you and your best friends are there to give you a hand, another important thing to do is to choose the right types of flowers for the bridal shower bouquet you want to arrange. As you know, there are hundreds of flowers available every day at the flower shop no matter what the season is. In addition to that, there are a lot of seasonal flowers to choose from as well. From the classic flowers to romantic flowers to the most exotic and rare ones, the flower shop can give you the types of flowers you want. But when you choose, make sure that the flowers are suitable for the occasion and style of celebration. Don’t hesitate to ask the florist for the right type of flowers.

·        Choose the Elements to Use as Adornment

Aside from the flowers, you will need to choose the elements that you want to add as adornment. Your bouquet will look lovely and impressive when you add ornaments to it. If you want your bridal shower bouquet to have some adornments, make sure that you choose elements that will complement the beauty of the flowers and make the bouquet even more appealing and meaningful. As the experts say, always ask the florists for the best recommendation regarding the flowers and the ornament elements you want to use for the bouquet. Among the common choices are blueberry branches, pomegranates, artichokes, greenery, and berries.

·        Choose the Tools to Use

In arranging the engagement bouquet for a bridal shower, it is necessary to use the right tools and materials. If you need a pair of scissors, make sure that you use sharp and clean scissors to keep the flowers fresh and unstained. A flower tape is also useful, as well as the absorbent foam. The tools that you need depend on the design of the bouquet you want to create.

·        Choose When to Have the Flowers Delivered

Choose your flowers to be delivered on the day you plan to arrange them. In case you want the flowers to arrive one day before you need them, make sure that you know how to handle them properly. First, the flower wrap should be removed before putting them in a flower vase. Then, the bottom edge of the stems should be cut at an angle so that the hydration process flows smoothly. The flowers also need some preservatives and nutrition to stay fresher longer. If you plan to have the flowers delivered ahead of time, make sure that you give your flowers special attention while kept in the storage.

·        Choose When to Arrange the Bouquet

Depending on the resources available, including you and your friend’s time, deciding on the right time when it is best to arrange the bouquet is crucial. Most commonly, the bridal shower is held in the evening because the soon-to-be bride and her family and friends take it as a chance for a night party. Because of this, the bouquet can be arranged in the morning or at noon. It should be ready for one hour before it is transported to the party venue. However, it is also possible that a bouquet can be arranged one night before the party, especially if there is an efficient storage room for the bouquet.

·        Choose How to Transport the Bouquet

If the bouquet is to be transported to another place, it is necessary to consider the way of transportation and how the bouquet is handled. Usually, a florist arranged the hand-delivery of a bouquet to its recipient’s address, but the vehicle is fully equipped with the best air conditioning system or cooling system to keep the flowers fresh. If you are planning to transport the bouquet, make sure that you have a place for it in your car and that the bouquet is in the best condition all throughout the transportation.

Arranging a flower bouquet for the bridal shower may sound a bit tough, but with the help of your best friends and the florist, and with some knowledge in arranging a floral bouquet, there is no reason why you can’t come up with a unique bridal shower bouquet.