The birth month flower associated with this month August is the gladiolus. It blooms with varying colours like red, pink, white, yellow, orange and they all have their different meanings, but generally, they symbolize sincerity and strength of character.

Gladiolus, the August flower

Gladiolus got its name from the shape of its leaf. Gladiolus is gotten from a Latin word gladius meaning sword. The leaves of gladiolus have a sword-like shape. The gladiolus has a history that spread through Africa to the Mediterranean. The flower gladiolus symbolizes strength and moral integrity, while to some people it means infatuation, which when they give out a bouquet of gladiolus, it fills the heart of the person receiving the gladiolus with passion.

This colourful birth month flower for August are really beautiful and are used in decorating the reception halls of a wedding. The flower gives a unique feeling that cannot be replaced with any other decoration. They are lovely and passes across a lovely message also. This wonderful August flower was also used during the times when gladiators would fight on an arena to the death. And the winner is given a bouquet of gladiolus because it signifies strength.

Also, the roots of gladiolus were used by the English, that is the roots of gladiolus they got from the British and Mediterranean soil. They dried the roots and grounded it to powder, they used the powder to make a poultice for treating injuries. Corms of gladiolus are also gotten and dried then grounded to powder. The powdered corms are then mixed with goat milk and used to treat colic in babies, but you should take note that not all roots of gladiolus are good,  some are poisonous while some corms can do more harm than good and could cause skin rashes especially when the corms are nicked or bruised.

In Africa, gladiolus is a powerful herb used by most herbalist to treat cold, dysentery, diarrhoea and constipation. They also use the gladiolus to treat low energy and ease bowel movements. In Congo, the corm formed underground by a special species of gladiolus called the Gladiolus dalenii is used as an excellent source of carbohydrates in their diet. The Gladiolus dalenii is boiled and leached in water to remove any toxin from it.

Although the message passed across by gladiolus may vary, the flower cannot be ignored with its impressive petal arrangement and flower colour, it just captures the heart like no other. The colour of a flower can either add or take away meaning from it. It is important to know a flower’s colour in relation to its meaning as it enables you to know the right flower to get to pass the right message down to the person you are sending the flower to.

Various colours of gladiolus and the message passed by each

The gladiolus comes in different colours but some of the most popular ones you would find in most shops are red,  pink,  white, yellow and purple.

The red Gladiolus: red generally means love,  passion, and romance, but in some cases, it symbolizes aggression. The red gladiolus symbolizes love and passion, and you can purchase this red coloured gladiolus for your partner. This red gladiolus is a perfect gift to use in celebrating a wedding anniversary or the birthday of a loved one as this flower can be used to tell the person how much you love him or her.

The yellow gladiolus: another beautiful coloured gladiolus that is very popular in most flower shops in the yellow gladiolus. Yellow generally symbolizes happiness, joy, positive energy and friendship, but the yellow gladiolus passes the message of cheerfulness and compassion. When you are thinking about cheering someone up, or to make the person happy, you should really consider getting the person a yellow gladiolus because that is what the flower does to people, it makes them happy. Or probably someone needs consolation the yellow gladiolus can also be of substantial help. After considering the symbolism of the yellow gladiolus, it is actually a perfect flower to gift to a close friend or a family member who needs consolation or love. The gladiolus just tells the person you give this flower to that you consider their happiness a lot, and do not mind going the extra mile just to get a flower to cheer them up.

The white gladiolus: this should not be left out of the list of popular gladiolus, although white generally symbolizes purity, innocence and spirituality, white gladiolus passes across this same message too. White gladiolus is mostly used at wedding halls and other religious ceremonies. Also, the white gladiolus can be used as the bridal bouquet flower, while the hall is also decorated with the same white gladiolus. While white gladiolus can be used at weddings and other religious ceremonies, it can also be given as a gift to someone you have great and deep respect for.

The pink gladiolus: another awesome colour of the gladiolus that cannot be left out the list is the pink. The colour pink generally is used to symbolize romance, gentleness and love. But the pink gladiolus symbolizes feminine energy, compassion and it can also be used to symbolize a mother’s love. The pink colour is a very neutral colour but with a touch of love added to the meaning the flower symbolizes just makes it a perfect gift to give a partner to tell them how much they mean to you. The pink gladiolus can be a perfect gift to someone who you love dearly, and it can also be a gift for someone you deeply respect.

The purple gladiolus: this is the last of the most popular gladiolus flowers. The colour purple generally means royalty, nobility and beauty. The purple gladiolus passes across a similar message, although slightly different. They pass across a message of charm, grace and mystery. The purple gladiolus is a perfect gift for someone who loves unusual things or someone who stands out in a situation. You can gift the purple gladiolus to a partner or just a friend.

Generally, gladiolus is a lovely flower that can be used for several occasions. So based on the meanings of the different colours of gladiolus, you can easily pick the right gladiolus for the right occasions.