Beautiful Floral Jewellery for Your Wedding Day

Flowers can be used on any occasion and can be used for any purpose. Now, a trend of wearing beautiful floral jewellery at weddings has emerged. This is not something new, but an old South Asian cultural custom that has taken rebirth. On the wedding days, brides and other people around the bride also wear beautiful floral made jewellery. This age-old tradition of wearing flowers became a trend when Bollywood Actresses and world-renowned celebrities started wearing this type of jewellery, suddenly it became a trend everywhere.


Beautiful flowers when worn as a piece of jewellery look even more beautiful. You can make almost any item that you want with the type of flowers that you want. Below are a few details about the beautiful jewellery that you can create with the help of flowers for your wedding day to make it more special.


Why use it?

If you are a person who likes to follow the trends, you must wear it because it looks beautiful and it is one of the most followed internet sensational trends. Apart from the trendy nature of this beautiful floral jewellery for your wedding day, it is also cost-effective and affordable. You will not have to spend too much money on jewellery that you can make yourself with the right techniques and the right amount of flowers. Apart from this, it will make your special day even more beautiful and special. Also, if you are a person who cares about mother nature and you are against the use of materials that are extracted by harming mother nature, you should choose this beautiful jewellery option.


Is it trending worldwide?

Yes, it is one of the trends that emerged slowly but spread all across the world. It is being followed in Europe, Asia, America, and even Australia as well. Even inside Singapore, this trend has gained significant roots and many people love wearing this floral jewellery over the normal jewellery on their marriage days.


What you can make with flowers?

Below are a few jewellery pieces that you can make from flowers of different kinds.

Floral Necklace:

Floral Necklaces are lovely and beautiful. They are mostly made with flowers that shine more and have a beautiful scent such as roses of different types of gardenia. These floral necklaces are worn as wedding jewellery pieces as well.


A necklace made with red roses, is there anything more romantic and beautiful than this? Not. That is why many people use a thread and floral petals to create floral necklaces that they can wear on their wedding days.


Floral Earrings:

If you like wearing earrings then you should also try floral earrings to complete your dressing and jewellery set. Pick a color of flower that matches your outfit and then create two earrings and wear them with your wedding dress. These beautiful floral earrings will not only look good but will also make your day. The scent of those beautiful flowers will make your mood more romantic and will impact your mental condition and will expand your joy and happiness.


Floral Armbands:

You just need a few more flowers and a longer thread to create a beautiful floral armband for yourself that matches your wedding dress and is according to your choice. An armband covers your entire arm and surrounds you. It makes your arms smell like a walking flower. If you want you can make your armband long enough to cover your hands as well. But if you do not want that then you should make them long enough that they can cover your entire arm and have the appropriate amount of flowers so that they do not look heavy.

Floral Bangles:

Floral bangles are also one of the jewellery items that you can create with the help of flowers and wear them at your wedding to make it more special. If you want bangless that are made up of flowers, you can get them with the help of a single strong thread and a sufficient amount of flowers. You can pierce all of the flowers with the thread and then join both edges of the thread to create bangles. You can wear these beautiful floral bangles on your wedding day.


Floral Maang Tikka:

This is the replica of the traditional Mangtika that Hindu brides wear on their wedding days. You can also wear a floral Mangtika that is made with the flowers that you want and hang it on your Mang or forehead. This beautiful floral Mangtika can increase the look and beauty of your face on your wedding day. Apart from this, you can also create floral hand hardness and all other jewellery items that you can think of.


Tips for floral jewellery:

Below are a few tips for floral jewellery on your wedding day:

  • Should match the color of Your outfit: Matching your floral jewellery with your outfit is important. If the color of your flowers does not match with your dress, this will not look good on you. That is why you should properly match the color of your outfit with your floral jewellery.
  • The Best flower that can be used: There are a lot of flowers that you can use such as roses, gardenia, or any local flowers that can be easily found. You can use these flowers to make a floral item on the spot to wear.
  • Make sure that flowers do not wilt: This is something you need to care about when you are choosing floral jewellery. There are chances that flowers will wilt. So you need to take good care of them. Do not make the floral jewellery too early so that it will not wilt.
  • Wrap them in moist cloth to protect them: Flowers are very delicate, so you need to take care of your floral jewellery after making it. You must keep it in the moist cloth so that the flowers do not wilt before use. After using them you can create new jewellery with the help of more flowers.