Birthday Gift For Boyfriend: The Manly Flower Bouquet

Buying a gift for your boyfriend is probably one of the hardest things you have to go through in a relationship. Unless you have a boyfriend, who appreciates anything you get him, then you might have had moments wherein you have to research on what to get or ask your male friends what a man would actually want for their birthday.

What a lot of people do not know is that a hand bouquet or a simple flower arrangement can be the perfect gift to give their boyfriend. Flowers may be a sign of gentleness and beauty, but it does not mean it is excluded from the list of possible gifts to give a guy on their birthday. This is actually a good idea at most times because you would be getting something, he will not normally get for himself. This would turn out to be a surprising gift that is unique and could even represent your love, or you yourself.

You can always ask your local florist if you want to know which bouquet a good idea would be to give your boyfriend. Some boys actually prefer a softer toned bouquet rather than ones with hard and dark colors. Make sure to also input what you know about your boyfriend and what you think he might like in a bouquet.

A challenge may come around when you are shopping for your boyfriend who you believe has everything. But this is usually not the case, this actually the opposite of a challenge. Because buying him something he does not have, like flowers, is going to make him appreciate it a little more. If you are shopping for a guy in your life, you need to factor in some details so that you can find the perfect flower or plant for him.

  1. Details you should consider before buying:

  • Is he a workaholic? If so, does he work in a refined space or a creative space?

If he works in a refined space, something simple and one toned should be your target. It would keep his space looking organized and minimalistic and would not easily distract him from his focus.

If he works in a creative space, a splash of colors should get his creative juices flowing and would bring life to his office space making it easier and more comfortable for him to work in.

  • Does he prefer quality over quantity?

If he likes to buy things by the dozen, then a bouquet of flowers would be a good idea to gift him. Stick to bold colors that go well together and not something that bends more into the feminine side like light pinks and purples.

If he likes it in small numbers, then a bouquet of two or three flowers should do the trick. Make sure to make it stand out with its simplicity.

  • His favorite color

Of course, knowing what color he prefers would definitely help you choose which flowers to pick for his special bouquet. It could be a combination of his favorite color and something bold and solid that goes well with it.

One might think that getting your man flowers would be a bad idea, but this is because of what society has made everyone believe. That flowers are gifts for women. When in fact, everyone appreciates a good bouquet. Especially if the flowers were hand-picked and customized by someone they cared about. Do not limit yourself to stereotypes and break it instead and get your man flowers on his birthday, or even on your anniversary. Women are not the only ones who can have them.

This will not only help you strengthen your relationship, but it would also show the gentle and sensitive side of the man you care about. It is not every day in this world that men are given a safe space to be sensitive and soft and you can be that safe space for him. Flowers are sure to brighten up his day and make his home or his office a bit relaxing. Not only that but every time he would look at flowers, he would think of you because of the unique thought you had on his special birthday bouquet.

The next time you find yourself in a bit of a challenge in selecting a gift for your boyfriend, check out the catalogues of flowers from the online florist and see if something catches your eye. Not only is this a convenient way to buy flowers for him but you can also have them delivered on the same day. Make his birthday a little more memorable with something new.

Flowers are also great gifts because of the language they have. That is right, the language of flowers. Which can easily help you express how or what you feel towards your boyfriend? It could be simple roses in different hues, but it would mean a lot more to him and to you because of the message it carries. The language of flowers is one of the many reasons why flowers are often the best gifts to give your significant others. Aside from the convenience, the beauty and the ease it gives a person. It is always what you want them to know and to feel that would be remembered whenever they glance at the flower arrangement on their desk.