Bloomdale Singapore Review

[vc_row][vc_column][nitro_banner hover_effects=”style-3″ image_alignment=”tc” banner_custom_id=”nitro_custom_css_341481956″ image=”44789″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bloomdale Florists came into existence in 1986 and has built a strong name in the flower and gift hamper market over all these years. The company is known for efficiency working along with good service and is known to embody the spirit of creating unique designs with every single project that comes their way.

Wendy Ng, who happens to be the managing director, started the business. He is an avid traveler and believes that the best inspiration comes from her travels. Each of her designs is inspired by the wide knowledge that she gained after traveling places and that can be seen in the spark that her bouquets and gift baskets carry.

She believes in having a constant discussion with the team to make them understand the wide number of possibilities out there when it comes to gifting and floral arrangements which eventually reflect in the gifts offered by them.

Their work forms range from classic designs to trendsetting modern-day designs. Each of their pieces is worth every dollar that customers spend on them and there is no space for disappointment as the work is just near to perfection leaving no space for reconsideration.

Customers can also visit them at their offline store if they want to buy fresh flowers directly or can even call them up in advance for special requests.


Customer service

Bloomdale Florists are open about customer feedback as they are consistently improving their services and making the process easier for their clients. Over time, they have benefited from the suggestions that they have received and believe that their customers have added to the invaluable growth of the company.

The company is the recipient of the Best of Singapore Award, in the year 2007, given by the Singapore Tatler. The finesse and expertise of their experienced staff have made the company one of the best operational florists in Singapore for over 30 years. They are known for providing a personal touch to every single project that they work on and are highly enthusiastic about the way they function.


Product selection

The experts in their team curate gift hamper for each of the clients personally and the best part is that they are affordable and suitable for every occasion whether it is a graduation ceremony, baby shower, or even housewarming party. They have arrangements for different occasions and are appreciated by the people for their chic presentation of chocolates and wines.

They have a special arrangement for beauty enthusiasts as well as they can enjoy body and bath gift sets and fresh flowers all packed in one arrangement for an alluring and vibrant fragrance.

Customers who want to send prayer wishes can customize the arrangement with a Fortune Pig, which is decorated with oranges arranged in a cherry blossom tray that is considered to be auspicious. Or if you are sending warm wishes to someone, then they have a cute teddy bear arranged with fresh white and pink roses. You choose the arrangement of the flowers and plush teddy bear depending on your preference.


Place an order

Bloomdale, as a company, is extremely progressive, which is why digital transformation is a big part of their growth journey over the course of the past few years to remain relevant and competitive.

The online catalog is structured in a manner that the customers can easily navigate through the website and choose the arrangement of their preference along with the occasion. Customers can also place orders via email, fax, or even telephone.

Customers can become their members by creating an account on their website for free. They also get complete insights into the various data points such as recipient orders, past orders, and keeping track of their previously added choice.



Bloomdale has a plethora of options to customize the purchases made by the customers. For instance, clients have the options to choose the type and color of the flowers, along with the items that need to go in the gift hamper. For bespoke presentations and arrangements, their customer support team can be contacted at (65) 6749 3333 or clients can even mail to



Bloomdale Florists are currently active in Singapore. Orders that are placed during office hours are delivered the same day whereas the ones placed later receive their order the next working day.

A delivery fee of $6.50 + $0.46 GST is charged across every location in Singapore.

Orders that need to be delivered to restricted areas such as PSA ports, Airport Cargo Complex, or the Passenger Terminals, and Singapore Islands have additional surcharges of SGD$ $15 + $1.05 after GST for every order.



Bloomdale Florist offers special discounts and promotions to the customers regularly on selected products. These benefits can be availed by the members who purchase their products online. They just need to enter the promotion code on their shopping cart page and the discount would be calculated automatically.



Customers get loyalty points for every dollar that they spent on purchasing the flowers. They can redeem points for free gifts to get vouchers for their next purchase. They are the only florist shop in Singapore that gives their customers loyalty points and instant cash rebates on their purchases.

Points can be redeemed any time when the purchase is made. In order to avoid the loyalty points from expiring, it is best to keep using them within 12 months once the previous purchase is made so that the points can further be added up for the next purchase.


Payment options

Payment at Bloomdale can be done using Visa, Amex, and Mastercard, basically, all credit cards are accepted here and the customers need to submit the credit card information online. Payment confirmation is done by sending an acknowledgment to the customer’s mailing address.

Accounts that are made for the corporate purposes can enjoy credit terms for over 30 days once the second order is made.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][nitro_banner image_alignment=”tc” image_content=”content_text” text_color=”#dd9933″ banner_custom_id=”nitro_custom_css_194075769″ image=”44324″ text_heading=”Flower from Just $29
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