Blue Flower in the Market

It is almost impossible to find real blue flowers in the market because they are rare. Blue flowers are so beautiful whether in dark blue colour or light blue colour. The color of blue is a traditional emblem or symbol of peace, tranquillity, and serenity. It is also the colour associated with spirituality and intellect. On the other hand, this is also the colour that reflects sadness and mourning. With all the 280,000 varieties and species of flowering plants all throughout the world, only 10 per cent of these flowers are in blue colour. From the ones with navy blooms to those with blue-violet and turquoise shades, our expert florist has a list of the top picks for blue flowers that you can cultivate and plant in your garden. Here are the most popular blue flowers in the market:

  • Delphinium

Symbolizing dignity and grace, the flowers of Delphinium are most commonly in blue and light blue colours. Officially, it is the birth month flower of July. Aside from being a rare flower to find, this type of flower is a perfect gift to give to someone for encouragement in pursuing his or her dreams. A hardy perennial type of flower, the flower in dolphin shape is a fun flower.

  • Blue Star

Blue star is a flower with perfect blue colour. It makes any gardens and field look more awesome when the plants bloom in its season. With greenish-yellow foliage, a Blue Star flower can be a wonderful gift to send or give to a celebrant or to someone you wish to convey your affection.

  • Iris

A flower associated with hope, faith, and wisdom, Iris is a lovely flower in its deep blue shade. During medieval times, this flower was seen in the Mary Gardens. In other parts of the world, this flower was recognized as the flower for the dancing spirit because of its shape and colour. The petals resemble that of the butterfly wings and the foliage, in its blade-shaped form, denotes sorrow that pierced the heart.

  • Morning Glory

Morning Glory flowers symbolize love and affection. The noticeable saucer-shaped blooms and heart-shaped leaves bloom early in the morning and die soon in the evening, which is why it is called morning glory. The blooms are available not only in blue but also in pink, purple, red, and yellow.

  • Violet

The edible flowers of Violet look pretty and awesome in its blue colour. This flower symbolizes love, happiness, affection, and modesty. Some desserts and salads do not just look good with Violets, but they also taste good because of these edible petals.

  • Gentian

Gentian is a blue flower with an unusual look and has been used ever since for medicinal purposes, as well as for artworks. Gentians are a great alternative flower to Daisies, roses, and Tulips. This flower symbolizes a lovely and perfect gift to someone very special.

  • Forget-Me-Not

Forget me not flowers are one of those romantic flowers that can be given or sent to a spouse on anniversary or to a girlfriend on engagement or marriage proposal. This beautiful blue flower symbolizes love, fond memories, and faithfulness.

  • Bellflower

This blue Bellflower has that distinct bell-shaped blooms and sturdy stem. They are a perfect choice of flower for bouquets and flower arrangements in vases and glass vessels or jar. This flower is popular in weddings, engagement, and other cheerful parties and celebration because of its symbolism, which is unchanging love and honesty.

  • Anemone

This blue flower is a lovely winter bloom that will surely brighten up any room and fill it with its heavenly scent. Blue anemone is a popular flower for baby showers and for a party thrown for someone who is leaving and going away. Symbolic of protection from any bad spirits, bad luck, or ill and evil omens, this flower has been a traditional flower for many uses.

  • Blue Hibiscus

The blue flowers of Hibiscus are very rare to find. They are not just a local flower in tropical regions but also considered as exotic. The flower symbolizes delicate beauty, splendour, serenity, infinity, and depth. The flowers are also a representation of fertile land.

  • Blue Fringed Daisy

One of the classic flowers, Daisy is also found in blue colour. The fringed petals make the flower even more unique and special in its rare blue colour. The fringed bloom has yellow and green centre and is symbolic of adoration, simplicity, and appreciation.

  • Blue Orchids

Quite rare to find, the blue Orchids can attract people as well as butterflies, birds, and bees. This flower is one of the sought-after because of rarity and popularity. They are also priced expensively in the market. The astonishing beauty of the blue Orchids is incomparable. They represent elegance, luxury, beauty, strength, and majesty.

  • Blue Carnations

The fun and colourful blooms of blue Carnations are great for flower gifts and party decorations. They are charming and attractive, making the celebration more fabulous. The light blue colour is symbolic of peace and truth, which is why some brides prefer to have this flower in the wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Blue flowers may not be the usual colour of flower to find in any flower shop but you can always ask the florists for them. They look wonderful and full of charm even with or without other colours of flowers in a bouquet. Some of these blue flowers are perfect for your gardens or for your indoor gardening.