Business Inside: How Flower Delivery Is Changing In Singapore?

Flower shops abound in every nook and cranny in Singapore. For years, when you needed a flower bouquet, you have to physically go through every known flower shop in Singapore.

It can be sensational to enter a flower shop and feel the petals on your hands. While you write a hand-written message to your loved one, your florist crafts a flower arrangement.

If you will be flower-shopping in Singapore, you need to dedicate time to go through an array of local shops. One, prices vary as well as selections and quality.

When you consider adding a fruit basket or creating a gourmet hamper as a gift to your loved one, you would have to go to several more shops to create the arrangement you had in mind.

Now, how about those people who have no idea on the ideal hand bouquet and hamper arrangement? Creating these hampers also require creativity.

What if flowers, chocolates, those cute stuffed animals, that imported bottle of wine you love, and a loving message all came from one place?

What if all sophisticated options are laid out before you in an easy swipe left-swipe right or scroll up-and-down setting instead of all around you?

What if you didn’t have to leave your office table to select a bouquet your wife will love? And when time comes that you forgot an important occasion, you can just call your florist?

The Problem with Traditional Flower Shops

First off, location is pivotal to how your customers gain access to your flowers. If you are tucked in a narrow alley, chances are your customers will make a purchase at the corner flower shop.

Likewise, your customers have changed as well. For a long time, flower shops have thrived on the spending of the baby boomers. Recently, this generation is spending less.

The younger generations are more practical than ever. Their spending habits are well-thought. They are more meticulous with their purchase choices.

For them, flowers are for special occasions not just for decorations. With the change of target consumers, florists have large volumes of orders on special days and less on regular days.

Why Local Flower Shops Need to Keep Up with Modernism

The advent of Ecommerce and technological advancements also paved the way for a change in how things are purchased, flowers included. Everything is now accessible through the internet.

Today, only a small margin of local consumers don’t go online to search for a local product or service. A large percentage of these consumers do their shopping on the same day.

Technology is shaking up the way business is done for flower shops in Singapore. If your business is not on the internet, your business will be affected economically.

Still, you can utilize technology to your advantage. In the flower industry, technology makes communication between you, your local flower farm source, and your third party delivery.

What’s more is that if you are the owner of a local flower farm, you can now sell to end customers directly. You only need to tap local logistic companies.

You can cut the middleman between you and your customers. You can provide fresh-cut flowers with same-day delivery so they can enjoy their blooms for longer.

Local flower shops and flower farms need to keep up with international companies in Singapore. These enterprises are utilizing the internet to ship flowers direct to your customers.

Furthermore, your consumers are wiser than ever. They want to make an informed choice. They need important details about the product, costing, options, and comparison charts.

If traditional flower shops Singapore can move towards modernism, they can cut operational costs and retailing costs. There will be less time flowers spend in cold storage warehouses.

Surviving in Challenging Times

With the pace of inflation in these times, discretionary spending has fallen. It is crucial more than ever to renew business models to stay visible and preferable to your target market.

Take note that spending on flower bouquets rely on the discretionary spending choices of your target consumers. You can’t offer expensive bouquets anymore.

The new generation of consumers is constantly searching for cheap flower delivery Singapore services. Yet, they want to get the best value for the price they are paying.

The demand for express flower delivery is on the rise. Consumers want to be able to buy birthday flowers on their payday. They want to be able to pay with their credit cards.

Also, they need same day flower delivery for occasions they forget. They need access to an online florist any time of the day.

Consumers who buy a hand bouquet online are looking for convenience. They want all the best options laid out before their eyes and a quick order system in place.

They need to be able to book hamper delivery during their lunch break. With extremely busy schedules, Singaporeans don’t have time to search through flower shops on the street.

They want access to a florist in Singapore on their smart phones and on their work computers. Technology made it possible to find elegant blooms during commute times.

Delivery time for flowers in Singapore has also diminished. More and more consumers expect same-day delivery time for the flowers they book.


The future of the flower industry in Singapore is constantly innovating. We need to keep up with technology, set-up a mobile-optimized webpage, and get ready for massive orders.

Gone are the days when our customers have to line up to get the best advice on flower bouquet, hampers, and fruit basket arrangements.

They know they can get the best florist Singapore online. Traditional flower shops need to adapt to the changing times to be visible when their target market looks for them.