Celebrate Love and Happiness with Flowers

For years, people have been expressing their love, gratitude, and happiness through gifts. One present that stands out more than others is flowers. Flower-giving has been part of people’s cultures since the Victorian era. It is said that during that time, people were not allowed to profess their emotions. Thus, they started to give flowers different meanings and used them to communicate their feelings.

One of the most renowned messages portrayed by flowers is love and happiness. They are commonly used during holidays that celebrate gratitude, love, and family. There are plenty of flowers to choose from to send different messages, you just have to pick the right one for the right occasion.



When it comes to romance, roses are at the top of the list. Nothing says “I love you” better than a bouquet of these fresh blooms. It is said that roses are the epitome of true love because of how aesthetic it looks and how sweet it smells.

A bouquet of twelve roses symbolizes a “complete love” and is often given as a gift before a proposal. When it comes to spicing up the romance, you can never go wrong with roses. A little bit of warning though, roses come in different colors and meanings.

Although each rose color is a perfect expression of love, it is still important to know what each color symbolizes to understand what rose you should give.

  • Peach

Peach roses are the perfect ones to say “thank you” to a friend, a family member, or a lover since this color symbolizes sincerity and gratitude. Give this to a person whom you appreciate and who helped you a lot, and they will surely appreciate it.

  • Pink

Pink roses are the perfect roses to show gratitude, grace, and joy. This rose gives a feeling of gentleness in comparison to the typical red rose. Receiving a bouquet of pink roses is like receiving a token of appreciation and gratitude.

  • White

Purity, innocence, and youthfulness often mean for a white rose. A bouquet of white roses is usually referred to as bridal roses since they are commonly used during weddings.

  • Yellow

Yellow roses are used as a representation of joy, friendship, and care. These roses convey a message of warmth because of their beautiful bright colored petals. A bouquet of these roses is usually given to say “remember me”.


  • Orange

Due to orange being a vibrant color, roses in this hue symbolize excitement, attraction, and admiration. This is a perfect creative substitute for the common red roses, especially during Valentine’s Day.

  • Red

Red roses symbolize romance, desire, passion, and true love. This is the color that is most commonly used especially during Valentine’s Day. The color itself screams love and there is no better way to say “I love you” other than giving your partner red roses.


Red Tulips

Tulips are flowers that originated in Asia. The name Tulips is a Persian word for Turban because this type of flower has a turban-like shape when it blooms. Tulips come in different colors, however, it is the red ones that commonly symbolize new beginnings, perfection, and deep love.

Whilst tulips may have romantic meanings, it actually came from a Persian legend wherein a prince fell in love with a beautiful commoner. However, the girl was murdered and the prince, being heartbroken, rode his horse off a cliff. Legends have it that red tulips grew where the prince’s blood was spilled as a sign of his undying love for the girl.



Lilies can mean a lot of things – purity, unity, love, and fertility. This type of flower is a great flower to express your admiration for someone. Whether it be a gift to compliment a person’s beauty or personality, lilies will convey your emotions with extra effect.

Like most flowers, lilies also come in different colors and meanings. There is, however, one thing all lilies have in common; they symbolize pure and deep beauty.

  • Red

Red lilies symbolize passion. Giving a bouquet of red lilies to your partner will not only bring a smile to her face but it will also show her that you are passionate about making your relationship work.

  • Pink

Pink lilies symbolize love, admiration, femininity, and compassion. Show the women in your life (your mother, sister, and girlfriend) that you appreciate them by giving them a bouquet of these fresh blooms.

  • White

White lilies stand for purity and virtue. White lilies are commonly used as either sympathy or wedding flowers. It is two opposite ends of a spectrum but death and marriage can both signify new beginnings.

  • Yellow

Yellow lilies are perfect flowers to show gratitude and enjoyment. Giving yellow lilies can mean you are thankful for a person’s existence or that you enjoyed the time spent together. Whatever it is, yellow lilies are great gratitude flowers.



Sunflowers are called as such because they tend to reposition themselves towards the sun. This is a great flower to give to your lover since it can convey the message of thankfulness and love. Just like the sun, your partner can make you grow as a person and gives you light during your dark days.

Sunflowers do not grow easily and unlike most flowering plants, there are only a few places where they bloom and blossom into their full height. This difficulty in growing makes them even more special. It makes them a great option to give to a partner whom you think is rare, special, and one in a billion.


In the end, the type of flower you choose to give is the least important part of gift-giving. What truly matters is the message you are trying to convey and the emotions you are trying to express. The love, happiness, gratitude, and contentment you feel when you give your lover a bouquet will be a moment you will never forget.

Show your partner the depth of your love by surprising him or her a bouquet during a date night, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or even during an ordinary day. You do not necessarily need a reason to give flowers, you simply need love to do it.