Cheer Up Someone Today with Flowers

Flowers are adorable. These can melt a rock hard heart as it was wax. Usually, we give flowers only to our dear ones to make them feel special. Did you ever think of giving one to the person you buy groceries from? Or to the person who helps you get rid of your garbage? , or any colleague at work? Yeah! We never tried giving beautiful flowers randomly to people who exist in our lives significantly. It’s okay! Better late than sorry let’s think of some imaginary situations of how we can cheer up someone today with flowers:

Surprising the mailman

Your mailman plays a significant role in your life. He or she brings you your loving messages from your loved ones. Whether, its sunny, cold, raining, or windy, your mailman never fails to impress you with its services. Don’t you think it deserves some extra appreciation and attention from your side? One of the ways is that you can keep a small bouquet or one flower stem over or around your mailbox with a letter of gratitude for him. Or you can anticipate delivery of yours and, encounter him on that particular day with a bouquet saying thank you. It is quite insurable that you will see an amazing spark in his or her eyes.

Acknowledging the traffic constable

You might come across a traffic constable who is helping clear out the traffic, helping children and old people crossroads. He or she too works irrespective of what kind of weather it is standing in. To acknowledge is a contribution to society giving him flowers and thank you letter or a drink would be a great idea. These people most of the time of having a cranky day because of a certain stubborn people. But, they still serve us with a great smile on their face. Cheering up these constables would be a great thing one could ever do. It is not only about making them happy but a sigh of relief for us too, that our children and aged people are very well taken care of on the roads.

The special colleague at work

Our work can give us a really hard time sometimes. But, there is always one special person at work who can cheer you up with their stupid jokes or gossips. don’t you think, you are obliged to cheer him or her up randomly sometime? Well! If she is a lady, only a bouquet can do wonders. But in case, it’s a man you one flower and bottle of his favorite alcohol will never fail. If you want you can send an invitation with the bouquet to invite them for lunch or dinner to their favorite place. You never know this task of cheering up your colleagues might save you from your boss’s agitation due to tasks gone wrong. Or you might have an office bestie whose back is always there to support you during your career crisis.


There are several people to whom we might not talk regularly but they still play an imperative role in our lives. Some of them are the people we groceries from, helpers that help cleaning our places around, gardeners who help us maintain our gardens, teachers who have imparted education to us are still doing the same for our children, our neighbors, public transport drivers, and the list can go on. These people have contributed a lot to our lives. They together are the pillars of our country. They deserve more than just a thank you. If you are confused about how you can do it, then flowers can always erase this confusion of yours. These beautiful god’s creation can give your message without saying a word.

Cheering up our loved ones is pretty easy as we know about their choices and preferences. But, cheering someone we do not know can be a rock-breaking task. For example, you know that your wife likes chicken and you can bring one for her. But, at the same time, if you give the same to any random women on the road and she turns out to be a vegan, it can be offending for her. Well! In such a situation flowers work miraculously. Be it roses, lilies, daisies, orchids, carnations, or hydrangeas. Cheering up someone is a very holy task. You never know, in this world full of cruel people, you might give someone a reason to live happily.

Many people around the globe kill themselves because of depression. People say money can solve all your problems but is not true. The main reason behind the depression of the majority of people is loneliness and being unappreciated. Therefore, let’s take a pledge to thank or appreciate one random person with flowers at least once a week. You know, your effort may save a life.