Choosing Local Flowers over Imported Flowers

Different flowers are grown in different regions, this is because some species of flowers cannot be grown outside of their native environments. But apart from a few such species, almost every single species can be grown in any part of the world. So, we can say that imported flowers are, in most cases, the same as the local flowers. But due to some reasons such as flower shortages and high demands, importing flowers is also a common business need.


This system of demand and supply is good as it helps both local and international farmers, but when there is an abundance of local flowers and yet, imported flowers are being sold, this is something that hurts the local flowers. That is why buyers must consider buying local flowers over the imported flowers, as it will discourage the flower imports, and will also help local farmers grow. This not only benefits the florists, flower farmers but also the consumers as well. This is because the local flowers have many advantages over the imported flowers.


Below are a few benefits of choosing local flowers over imported flowers:


Local flowers are fresh-picked and delivered to the florist shops from where they are delivered to the different places where the flowers are required. This means that within the hours, flowers reach from the farm to the consumers, so the flowers are fresh. But the imported flowers are mostly picked 3 to 5 days before the delivery to the consumers. The imported flowers are kept in cold storage that helps them retain their shape and helps stop wilting of the process. But once they are out of the cold storage facilities, they quickly start to wilt. And when they reach the consumers, their shelf life is about to end. That is why you should pick the local flowers, they will be fresher, and will have a longer life.



Local flowers are generally more affordable as compared to the imported flowers. The reason behind this is that local flowers are grown in nearby farms, they need less money in transportation, and they do not require any storage. This helps farmers save a lot of money, that is why flower farmers sell the local flowers at a lower cost. Making them more affordable. While the imported flowers need storage, delivery to a longer distance, that increases the expenses for the farmers and that is why they sell the imported flowers at a higher price. Apart from this, the import of the flowers also requires taxation and other duties as well. This further makes them a less affordable commodity.



Local flowers are easily available as compared to the imported flowers. This is because local flowers are grown in the farms nearby the city or within the city. So, when you need them, you can get them easily from any florist in your city. But imported flowers are grown outside the country or at a very distant place. This makes them available only if you have requested your florist before placing the order. Most of the time the imported flowers are not available in the florist shops because they cost more and have a low shelf life, so florists only order these flowers when consumers request. This makes them less available on the spot as the local flowers are.


More shelf-life:

As you already know that the local flowers are freshly picked and delivered to the consumers, they only spend a few hours at local flower shops. But they have a longer shelf life as they are fresh as compared to the imported flowers. They have already been kept in cold storage, and need proper temperature maintenance, and can easily wilt within hours of being out of cold storage. The lower shelf life is a problem for both consumers and florists and that is why you should pick the local flowers as they have more shelf life and can remain fresh.


Variety and quality:

The local flowers are available in a large variety, almost every kind of flower is grown locally. Meaning that you can get any variety of flowers, let it be roses, orchids, or anything else. You can easily get these from your local florists in Singapore. Apart from quantity and variety, the quality of these locally grown flowers is much more impressive, as they are fresh, and have more fragrance. The imported flowers on the other hand are only available in a few varieties, and the quantity and quality of these flowers are also not as good as the locally produced flowers. That is why you should opt for local flowers over imported flowers.


Adaptation to weather/climate:

This is something that is also of importance. Local flowers have a better adaptation to local weather, climate. Meaning that local flowers are able to survive for a longer time because they are native to this kind of weather and climate, while the imported flowers are not. This less adaptation of imported flowers towards the environment and weather makes quickly wilt and die. That is why it is not a good choice, and you should choose local flowers over imported flowers.


Support for local businesses and farms:

Buying local flowers helps local farmers grow. This helps increase their income and that is why they work harder to provide you even better quality and a better variety of flowers.


Part of Culture/Tradition:

Local flowers are most of the time a part of local customs, traditions, history, and culture. Many local flowers have also a great value in the history of many nations as well. So, if you buy local flowers, you will be honoring your local traditions and culture.



There are a lot of benefits of choosing local flowers over imported flowers for the consumers in Singapore. The local flowers are easily available, are fresher, have a better variety, have better adaptations to environment and climate, and can last longer as compared to the imported flowers that lack all of these properties. That is why you should choose local flowers over imported flowers.