Christmas Décor with Real Flowers That Grow in The Snow

Christmas is the time to get into the holiday spirit with some favorite winter blooms. The association of flowers on the celebration of the birth of Jesus is very intense. We can embellish our home with a standard green and red color scheme using these beauties, but we can add some colorful surprises, too. Here, some best Christmas flowers are rounded up which will add color to your home even on the chilliest of days. Although, many flowering plants go dormant in the chilly weather of December, we have selected a few of our favorite flowers that can withstand extremely low temperatures and grow in ice.



This flower was used by early Christians of Mexico as their prized Christmas Eve flower. This Mexican poinsettia is also known as the Christmas flower in North America. Scarlet Poinsettia’s blooming season coincides with Christmas that’s why it is a must for holiday décor. To make them visually engaging on this eve, we can also dye its petals in some bright and shimmering colors. These are also available in pretty pink and white colors. We can place this queen of Christmas flowers in tiny vases or vintage jars to make our arrangement look more elegant.



Polyanthus primrose or English primrose usually blooms in winters till spring making it one of the best choices for Christmas décor. This flower has bright, alluring five petals beautifully arranged in thick and romantic clusters. Their hues vary with the selection of species of primrose. When these flowers are covered with evergreen boughs which will give insulation and protection from the fluctuating freezing temperatures then these are better able to tolerate harsh weather conditions. We can adorn our homes with these flowering plants in pots.


Christmas Cactus

These pretty cacti blooms can compete with the grandeur of different ornaments on your Christmas tree. These are very hardy plants and can withstand harsh conditions. This festive cactus species known as Orchid Cactus and usually blooms around Christmas time. The linked segments of this flower along with its beautiful leaf-like pads make them interest all the more.


Phalaenopsis Orchid

When it’s cold and dreary weather outside, then it’s a great time to pop some fresh hues to your home using these winter beauties. They are fragile in appearance but are quite hardier. For a happy orchid bloom that lasts all the season long, keep it away from direct and scorching sunlight.


Paper Whites

Paperwhites are one of the easiest flowers to grow and maintain in the winter season. These are usually present in the form of beautiful knits of loose white color. bulbs with some planting medium. Once you put them in the pot, they will refresh the atmosphere of your home with their deep fragrance that resembles gingerbread cookies. To make them last throughout the holiday, keep them in a cool location with a good reach of sunlight. Scatter some cranberries or stones around this arrangement for a more elegant look.



It is a popular flowering plant for décor purposes at Christmas festivities. Their long stemmed arrangement looks very elegant.  There are many varieties of amaryllis available among which some species are rich in color while some are bright. It blooms just right in time for Christmas. We can arrange them in pitchers or vases or simply tie a red ribbon around its long stems making it a merry Christmas display.


Moth Orchids

Every one of us loves orchids. They come in a wide range of colorful hues and varieties making them the perfect choice for decoration at Christmas. With small care, they can bloom for months. With the use of some shimmery and small ornaments, we can fill an oversized vase with this beautiful orchid in our desired color.



Nobody can deny the importance of roses at any occasion, be it some birthday party or a festival. On Christmas, the red and white roses can add a spectacular pop of traditional style and hue. We can place our favorite variety of roses in some pretty, festive pots with some ferns and crisp fruits as a filler for an alluring décor. We can cut roses short with some single stems to arrange in a mini vase for an attractive coffee table arrangement to bring in the traditional spirit of Christmas.


Christmas Rose

In many parts of the world, this flower is regarded as the true Christmas flower which is also known as “ snow rose” or “winter rose”. In North America, there is a tradition of exchanging especially arranged Christmas roses among young women that resembles their spirit of companionship.  During the colder Christmas holidays, this flower brings color and life to the pale and dull garden landscape.



One of the species of regional favorite cyclamen, blooms in winter near Christmas in beautiful shades of pink, red, and white. With its alluring round shaped petals with a splotch of two white or pink “eyes” beneath, it produces lovely Christmastime blooms.



For a bountiful Christmas flower arrangement, we can style gorgeous red and white-colored tulips in a lovely blend that will provide a merry amusement. Some unique decoration ideas include making a mesmerizing tulip Christmas tree.


Yuletide Camellia

It’s a flowering shrub that starts blooming in fall and lasts throughout the winter season. Its bright red single blooms on a very small but densely foliated plant make it a strong rival for a garden colorful appearance at Christmastime.



The diverse forms and seemingly endless palette of dahlia blossoms in winters make them a standout. We can cheerfully arrange different varieties of dahlia with some herbs and ornaments in a pot or vintage turquoise vase. When adorned with some greenery and ribbons, they make a spectacular sight.



Whether some of us like to keep things sober and simple for our festivities or going all out for the holiday, Christmas flowers are surely going to add some more life and cheer to our wintertime décor.