Clueless Guy’s Guide to Buying Flowers

Ok so we know the fact that guys are not good in choosing, picking as well as in buying the perfect flowers to give to a woman. We also know that regardless of the reason and occasion a simple bouquet of flowers can never go out of fashion but having said that there are men out there who still find it hard to buy the right flowers.

The fact that not every man has a sharp eye for blooms speaks a lot that men are terrible in buying flowers for their significant other. So if you are one of such people then don’t worry we got your back.

Here are some tips and tricks that will give clueless guys like you to buy flowers for your lady and to make her fall in love with you all over again.


Try to remember what you already gave her

This is very important especially for those guys who give flowers to their girl on regular basis. You must keep in mind that giving the same bouquet of flowers or floral arrangements over and over again can reduce the effect of receiving flowers.

In order to avoid that you must have a small reminder on your mobile phone to keep a record of all the flowers that you gave her till date.

This way you will be able to go out and buy a new type of flower and surprise her with bloom that she never received before so that you can make her smile.


Always try to buy seasonal flowers

If you want fresh and affordable flowers for her then you should always go for seasonal flowers. It is particularly true when you are buying flowers for her without any special occasion or just to make her smile on a sad day.

The good thing about seasonal flowers is that they are always fresh, radiant in color and also they will be within your budget so you are not supposed to worry about the money.


You must have an idea about floral language

Flowers are not just flowers it is evident from history that these delicate flowers used to represent something significant and convey very important and strong message to the receiver.

If you come to know about the particular message behind each flower then it would be quite easy for you to give the right type of flower at the right time.

For instance flowers like sunflower are used to represent adoration and also longevity which makes them a perfect gift for anniversaries.

While flowers like lilies are used to signify pure emotions of love which makes them a perfect choice when you want to give something to your newly found girlfriend.


You can also ask for a customized floral bouquet

You should know that your choices are not limited to the already available floral arrangements and bouquets at the floral shop. The already available bouquets are arranged in such a way that they will appeal the masses.

So if you want a specific floral arrangement or bouquet for your significant other then the florists will also help you in that regard.

A professional and expert florist will customize the bouquet depending upon the occasion like birthday, anniversary or valentine’s day.

All you need to do is just give the details about the design, the color theme and the message that you want to convey via these flowers and within a few moments your bouquet will be ready.


Add a handwritten note and another complimentary gift

If you are sending a bouquet of flowers then don’t forget to add a handwritten note in it. Just write anything like how much you love her and how much you appreciate her presence in your life etc.

These simple gestures will make your bouquet of flowers even more special and your girl will definitely fall in love with you all over again.

Once you are done writing this note then also put some chocolates and stuffed toys in the gift. This way your girl will understand that you were thinking about her and wants her in your life.


Deliver the flower on her doorstep

Ok so once you are done with buying the flowers the next and most important thing to consider is how to give her those flowers. You can either hand-deliver the flowers on your own or you can hire someone else to do that job for you.

If you are a working person and have a tight office routine then I will suggest you ask the floral shop if they deliver the flowers.

The majority of the floral shops also have delivery services as well and that is quite affordable as well. So just provide the address and they will do the job on your behalf.


Just wait

Now that you have availed the delivery services you just need to take the back seat and let the florists do the job for you.

Once they will deliver the flowers at the doorstep of your girl then she will instantly receive the message and purpose behind those flowers and if she lives far away then she will definitely call you and say thank you.

Sending flowers sound quite simple but when it comes to do it practically then it becomes clear that a lot of hard work is involved in that process.

And if you are a clueless person like the rest then just follow these steps and make your girl smile with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.