What are the Different Styles of Bridal Bouquet?

Flowers are an important part of overall wedding decorations as they are used to add beauty to the environment and make this special day an even more special one. The bride and groom also have some personal flower choices to make as well. The bridal bouquet is something that remains in the hand of the bride throughout the ceremony. Beautiful flowers arranged in a beautiful and aesthetic manner look really amazing.

But there are a lot of bridal bouquet styles and choosing a perfect one for a bride is something very difficult. Every bouquet has its own beautiful features and selecting the one that suits the bride perfectly is a tricky choice. These different bouquet styles work with different themes, such as exotic wedding bouquets work with unique, exotic, and modern wedding themes. Bouquet styles that brides use on their wedding day are commonly selected based on the flower choices, flower colors, bouquet shape, and size. There are a lot of bridal bouquet styles but some of them that are more used because they are absolutely more beautiful.


Below are a few most beautiful bridal Bouquet styles that are trending worldwide.

Hand Tied Bouquet:

Hand Tied Bouquets is one of the most beautiful bridal bouquets based on the fact that they are created using the required type of flowers. They also offer more options for customizations, such as flower color, a number of flowers, mixing of flowers, and many other customizations as well. Also, the hand-Tied bouquets look more elegant and modern as compared to the other bridal bouquets.

Nosegay Bouquet:

Nosegay bouquets are one of the most luxurious flower bouquets that brides can use on their wedding days. These bouquets are mostly made with the most beautiful, light-colored flowers that tend to create a cooler yet beautiful look. These are also called royal bouquets as most of the royal family members in Britain use these types of bouquets including the Queen of England has been seen with this type of flower bouquet.

Biedermeier Bouquet:

Biedermeier Bouquets are also an exotic and attractive type of modern bouquet. These are made using the circular formation of the different kinds of flowers. Brides can get their own choice of flowers in these Biedermeier Bouquets as they work with almost all colors and all kinds of flowers.

Pageant/Presentation Bouquet:

In these bouquets, flowers are wrapped within a plastic sheet and they are tied using a beautiful knot. These types of bouquets are mostly used to present to other people but are also a popular choice among brides. This is a simple choice that contains many different beautiful flowers also offers a variety of customization options as well. Brides can select the type of flowers, colors, wrapping, and much more.

Cascading Bouquet:

Cascading Bouquets look like a cascade or a waterfall of flowers. They are one best and most modern forms of wedding bouquet styles. The brides love to use these cascading wedding hand bouquets. They also offer multiple customizations such as flower type, colors, as well. You can get the flowers that you want in your cascading flower bridal bouquet. Among different styles of bridal bouquets, this is one of the most unique choices that brides have

Posy Bouquet:

It is a classic wedding Bouquet style. A posy bouquet can be easily held within one hand as they are not as heavy as the cascading and other bouquets are. Posy Bouquets are beautiful, elegant, and very easy to make as well. These bouquets can also be customized based on your theme to make them look coherent to your needs.

Round Bouquet:

Round Bouquets are not only very common but are also very beautiful. Flowers tied in a round manner compactly to ensure they look beautiful, exotic, and elegant. In this type of flower bouquets, greenery, and other parts such as stem are very well hidden and that is why flowers look even more refreshing and bold. They can be created using any type of flowers and any type of color flower type.

Composite Bouquet:

Carmen rose bouquets or composite bouquets are exotic, modern, and a trending type of flower bouquets. These are also commonly chosen as a wedding bridal bouquet all over the world especially in the Singapore region. Composite bouquets are easy to make and customize according to your theme. That is why brides all over the world love these types of bouquets.

Crescent Bouquet:

Beautiful flowers of bride’s choice arranged in a moon shape or a crescent shape, this type of flower arrangement is known as a crescent bouquet. This is one of the modern, exotic, and elegant choices for a bridal bouquet that is liked by millions of brides all over the globe. The florists tie different flowers of the bride’s choice on a crescent-shaped base, that helps maintain the overall shape of the flower bouquet.

Pomander bouquet:

This is a spherical or a ball-shaped loosely tied bouquet of flowers. Pomander Bouquets are one of the beautiful, modern, and elegant choices as a bridal bouquet. They look very unusual but still very beautiful. These are bold and beautiful and can also be customized to relate to your wedding theme and choice of flowers and color of flowers.

How to choose the Perfect Bridal Bouquet?

There are a lot of beautiful choices when it comes to a bridal bouquet. The selection of one bouquet for the wedding day out of so many beautiful options become a very difficult job. So, if you want to choose a perfect one for your wedding day, you should consult your groom and also your wedding florist to help you get the best bridal bouquet for your wedding day. But if you want to select this on your own, you should check every option that you have, for example, try a few of these flower bouquets and then look at their merits and get the one that has all the beautiful flowers that you want.