Different Types of Flowers Arrangements for Gifting Purposes

Flowers are well known for their alluring beauty and fragrance which effortlessly captures the attention and soul of everyone. The art of flower arrangements is the artistic arrangement of enhancing the beauty of flowers. It is a decorative arrangement and organization of design and color towards creating a beautiful ambiance using flowers, foliage, and other floral accessories. These amazing beauties can be elegantly arranged and decorated in a variety of arrangements in order to make the maximum visual impact. Knowing some basics of flower arrangements is helpful for everyone because otherwise, we can end up making a bit of a mess of those pretty blooms. With a few rules under our belt, we can easily transform the loosely arranged cluster of flowers into something with a standout style.

Origin of Flower Arrangements

This all originated from Chinese people who were the first to put cut flowers in a container having water. While the Chinese were busy arranging flowers aesthetically in a pot or container, the rest of the world was flinging petals and braiding garlands. Japan grasped this vision of arranging cut flowers in water from China with such enthusiasm that many schools emerged for this artist who created many philosophies and design principles that are still in place. Thus, flower arrangement became an art that inspired contemplation and then transcended.

Principles of Flower Arrangements

Flair and personal preferences vary greatly from one florist to another, but they all follow the same basic principles of flower arrangement. There must be a balance in the floral arrangement which means that it should not look asymmetrical when you are done. To fit the arrangement to space it’s going to inhabit, we should keep scale in mind. For a harmonious result, choose one or two dominant elements that are more likely to hold interest. If you want the spectators’ eyes to flow from one part of the arrangement to the next, must create a rhythm. Moreover, bring appropriate color combinations and orientation to your floral arrangement.

Different Styles of Flower Arrangements

There are broadly three different styles of arrangements of flowers for gifting purposes which are:

  • Oriental flower arrangements
  • Traditional or Western flower arrangements
  • Modern flower arrangements

Purpose of Flowers Arrangement

This art is not meant to be reserved only for some special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and parties but they can be given to your precious ones at any time. Flowers are an incredible gift for any occasion or event because everyone loves the characteristic beauty of blossoms and the manner in which they elevate our spirits, so they appear to be an undeniable blessing. They can be given to bring a smile, apologize, express love, celebrate, and to impress someone. The most popular flowers used in floral arrangements are roses, which are closely followed by carnations, gerberas, daisies, lilies, and chrysanthemums.

Popular Flower Arrangements Types and Styles

To help you out, there are some of the popular and classic flower arrangement styles to make you aware of them:

Vertical Flower Arrangement

Mixtures and combinations of different types of flowers with various colors and shapes are used for these arrangements. These arrangements usually take less space. We can make use of line flowers style arrangements as this type is admired by all flower organizers, companies, and customers around the globe. These arrangements are perfect to send as a gift to the workplace and offices so that everyone there can enjoy the floral decoration and freshness of them every day.

Horizontal Flower Arrangement

In this type, flowers are arranged in rows. These arrangements need wider space because here you need a shallow container where a single big flower is accompanied by drooping flower branches on either side. Here flowers are arranged in rows or on a zigzag basis fragrant flowers with a strong scent.

Triangular Flower Arrangement

As the name suggests, here fresh flowers are cut, trimmed, and arranged in the shape of a triangle. Some also make use of artificial or dry flowers in this decoration. In this type, bright flower bouquets are arranged with a big flower in the center with small flowers on sides in a triangular shape and covered with glossy and transparent cellophane papers.

Fan Shaped Flower Arrangement

In this most commonly used arrangement, different types of flowers with various colors are beautifully arranged in the form of a fan, the leaves being the flower blades. Fillers are used to filling up the empty spaces within the flower arrangements.

Oval Shaped Flower Arrangement

Here, mostly bright color flowers are arranged in elliptical order like roses, sunflowers, lilies, lotus, and many more. For this purpose, flowers, green stems, and leaves are cut and arranged in the form of an oval shape that is elegantly placed in a bouquet. These types of arrangements are ideal for giving as a gift on occasions like birthday parties, as a wedding gift, baby shower, etc.

Crescent Flower Arrangement

It is also known as the C type of flower arrangement that has drawn its inspiration from the shape of the moon. Thus, curved shaped flexible flower stems are selected for this purpose like gladiola and carnations.

Cascade Flower Arrangement

This beautiful flower arrangement makes use of fewer flowers, leaves, stems, and a lot of fresh green grass in the form of a fountain. These are ideal for the bouquet and floral gifts to be presented in the wedding ceremonies and anniversaries and their fresh fragrance and alluring colors will make the event more memorable and enjoyable.

S-Shaped Flower Arrangement

These are arranged in ‘S’ shape in the form of flower bouquets and baskets and placed in flower stands and appear upright. These superb big sized arrangements are a wonderful gift to be presented at any special occasion. This complex arrangement style can change the entire look of the place where they are placed.

Some more elegant and unique floral arrangement styles are Ikebana and Heart shaped.

Final Words

Flowers are always welcomed for decorations and gifts and if they are arranged such fantastically, they offer an extraordinary look and decoration to any occasion. It is not just the flowers but the arrangements that matter a lot, which can convey different messages to the receiver.