Different Types of Rare Flowers around the World

Are you a fan of the most beautiful rare flower in the world? If you love flowers, you are probably familiar with the different types of rare flowers found around the world. Most of these flowering plants are found thriving in the tropical rainforest environment or in mountainous places. Although some of them won’t survive in places with freezing temperatures, some species can withstand and endure the botanical gardens. Fortunately, you can grow one in your own garden at home. Here are some of the rarest types of flowers:


  • Snowdonia Hawkweed

One of the rarest flowers throughout the world, it was reported last seen in 1953 and was believed to be extinct as nibbled to death by the sheep. In 2002, it was seen again in the mountain in Wales. The National Botanic Garden of Wales now cultivates the seeds of this rare flower to prevent it from being extinct.


  • Sea Poison Tree

The flowers of Sea Poison Tree are attractive in their rare blooms. They are in delightful puff balls with white stamens in pinkish tips. They are usually open at night and heavily scented. They are not just beautiful to the human eyes but also to large moths and bats who feed on flower nectars. This plant is known to poison fish but it has been used in other parts of the world for the treatment of stomach ache and rheumatism.


  • Rafflesia

Rafflesia flower is believed to be the largest flower in the world. It is known as the corpse plant because of the foul odor it emits when it blooms. Rafflesia is always mentioned when they talk about the different types of flowers with a strong odor. Moreover, a variety of Rafflesia is found thriving in the rainforests of Malaysia, Indonesia, Bengkulu, and the Philippines.


  • Middlemist Red

Known only in two distinct locations, the greenhouse in UK and in the garden in New Zealand, this rare flower originally came from China and imported to Britain. This flower looks like a Rose. Its color is not red as its name implies but bright pink with a beautiful bloom.


  • Lisianthus

The large bell shape and gentian-like flower in its purple color are one of the rarest flowers in the world. It is found in Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. Lisianthus is also available in a wide variety of colors such as pink and lavender and bi-colors of blue-violet.


  • Kokia Cookei

It is not just one of the rarest but also one of the endangered species of flowers in the world. This flower has a unique shape and a bright red color. The flower was known to be extinct until it was found out that a branch was grafted to another species related to it.


  • Kadupul

A native flower of Sri Lanka, Kadupul is a species of cactus. It has white and yellow colors and it can bloom from 4 inches to 12 inches. The white flower is also distinct because of its pleasant fragrance.

You will be amazed when you see a Kadupul flower for sale because it is the most expensive flower in the world.  It is one of the rare flowers for sale because the bloom is short-lived with a lifespan of one night. The white flower, after blooming for a night, will soon fade out at dawn. However, when it blooms, it emits the most pleasant scent a flower can produce. Not only that, but the scent also provides several calming qualities, which explains why the bloom is celebrated in the world. To enjoy the said scent, people would even buy Kadupul-inspired perfumes and colognes for a significant cost. 


·        Middlemist’s Red in London and New Zealand

When it comes to rare flowers in the world, the Middlemist’s Red is the first type that the experts can think of. This is because it is found only in two locations all over the world – in London and in New Zealand. However, the species of this rare plant originally existed in China. It was only imported to Britain. The gorgeous bloom has the resemblance of a Rose flower. Its color is not red as the name implies, but pinkish in a brighter shade.

·        Chocolate Cosmos in Mexico

From the large species of Cosmos, the Chocolate Cosmos was found native to the wild of Mexico. It was thought to have reached extinction, but on the contrary, the specific species of Cosmos atrosanguineus are found in abundance in Mexico. It may not be one of the common flowers in Singapore, but it is a rare flower because of its features.

 The flowers of Chocolate Cosmos are mostly in dark red or maroon color, and not in chocolate or brown color as implied in its name. Moreover, it emits a distinct scent similar to the scent of chocolate, thus the name Chocolate Cosmos.

·        Jade Vine in the Philippines

Exclusively growing in the rainforests of the Philippines, the Jade Vine is considered one of the rare types of flowers in the world. Its name Jade Vine and nicknames Emerald Vine and Turquoise Jade Vine are referring to the blue color of its blooms. In the Philippines, specifically in the areas around Mount Makiling, it is locally called Tayabak.

In the wild, the bats and birds pollinate the flowers, but at the Royal Botanic Gardens in England, the flowers are hand-pollinated instead.

·        Titan Arum

Titan Arum or Amorphophallus Titanum is a strange-looking flower in its large unbranched inflorescence. It is considered the rarest flower in the world because it is native only to the western part of Sumatra, Indonesia and it blooms only infrequently in such an environment. It was first found in 1878. After a decade, the Royal Botanic Gardens in London started its cultivation. Its distinct features include the shape of the bloom, which resembles a spadix that is wrapped by a spathe, and the strong, odd fragrance that is like a dead corpse.

·        Nepenthes Tenax

One of the names of rare flowers found native to northern Queensland, Australia, Nepenthes Tenax is a species related to the rare flower types Nepenthes mirabilis and Nepenthes rowaniae. N. Tenax is a tropical pitcher plant that grows as high  as 100 centimeters. It is now considered one of the endangered species of pitcher plants found all over the world.


·        Ghost Orchid

From the large Orchid family, the Ghost Orchid is one of the rare flowers in the world that is loved for its unique features. The flower resembles the shape of a white ghost as it hangs on its stem. It is found native to Cuba and Florida and it is called in other common names such as Palm Polly and White Frog. What makes it unique and different from other types of Orchids is its exceptional reduced stem and leaves. It is already considered an endangered species although cultivation was successfully performed.

·        Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid

A rare kind of Orchid species, the Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid blooms only after 15 years. Hence, its flower costs more than $5,000 in the market. It is also already considered as one of the endangered plants in the world.

Native to the mountainous region of Borneo, this type of Orchid has the shape of a slipper. The distinct flower holds its petals horizontally. The green and red spots and the golden stripes attract different kinds of parasitic flies, which serve as their pollinator. The rare flower is also known in Borneo as the Gold of Kinabalu Orchid since it was first discovered on Mount Kinabalu.