Do you Need Refrigerated Vans for your Flower Delivery?

If you own a flower business?

Then you may know that it is more than just growing flowers and watering them regularly! You need to be creative about your choices and expenditures. Every flower business requires a van to deliver flowers to different destinations where clients have requested. Flowers are delicate and they wilt if they are not kept in a controlled environment or temperature. Both heat and cold can damage the flowers and can take away their freshness. To prevent all this, you must have a refrigerated flower delivery van. In this article, I have answered this question, that most of the flower delivery businesses face, do they need a refrigerated van for flower delivery?

Yes, they need it. There are a lot of reasons for it apart from keeping the flowers fresh until you reach the destination. It can serve as the best advertisement for your flower business. Wherever it will go, it will take your name with it and a speaking proof of how high your business choices are.



-It Maintains Temperature

You might think that any airconditioned van can be helpful for the delivery but it is not the truth. Reality is, the only a refrigerated van will be suitable for the purpose. The reason is that an air conditioner can keep them in a pleasing state for times, but flowers are a living creature. They need an optimal temperature to maintain their youth. Researches have shown that the ideal temperature for flowers to grow is in the range of 33-35 degree Fahrenheit. And this temperature should be maintained constantly rather than letting them get hot and then cooling them. Such a temperature can be only achieved by the refrigerator.


-It keeps the flowers fresh for a long time

It keeps the flowers protected in a pleasing temperature. In return, the flowers remain fresh and youthful for longer times. As the temperature is very low, and it is maintained low for long times as well, flowers do not shed their petals and remain safe. Moreover, if we consider delivery by hand, the flowers will not be kept in the shadow all the time and changing conditions can cause shedding of petals and pale color of flowers. This is why the van keeps flower healthy.


-It helps to preserve the flowers:

We are human beings and we can have some emergencies from time to time. Imagine if the delivery boy gets injured or any person from the delivery crew has an emergency, then the delivery must be paused for a while. If it stands longer, then flowers can lose their bloom and glow in such harsh conditions. The refrigerated van prevents flowers from losing their essence in case of any emergency. It keeps them fresh even when kept for a day or two and lets the owner tackle any emergency without getting worried about the condition of flowers.


-It can help you save a lot of Fuel

The second reason is that your van’s air conditioner will work only when it is moving and will stop when you’ll stop the van. Then for flowers, you have to keep it on the start mode to ensure that AC is working. How much fuel it’s going to waste along with the loss of surety of flowers being fresh!


It assures a Happy Customer

Imagine the time when you deliver stunningly beautiful flowers to the customers, what would their reaction be? Definitely, you went beyond their expectations and they will be happy and satisfied, giving you the title of best-seller. Be ready for a tip as well!


-It Creates a brand name for you

When anyone in the street would see a fast, running refrigerated van carrying some flowers, they would definitely be amused by it. The next thing they’ll do is to look at the brand logo painted on the van. And here you go. You are the best flower seller in the city now!

But you need to make some decisions while purchasing a van. Here is a little guide to it:


Factors to be Considered while Purchasing Refrigerated Van:

The capability of Engine of Van:

You have to travel long distances for the delivery of flowers. This is the first and most important factor to consider while buying a refrigerated van. The engine should be efficient enough to support your journey. To achieve this goal, you need to be specific about some things. You really need to consider your surroundings and the areas you offer services first. Then choose an engine based upon the observations.


Visual representation of your van:

As mentioned before, your van is your brand name. It’s the image of YOU that you create in the other person’s mind. Be creative while deciding the visual condition for your van. It should represent who you are and what your business is like. Invest as much as you can in visuals because obviously, right or wrong, a book is always judged by its cover.


Area of the van:

You will need a specific space for delivering flowers. Ask yourself; what type of deliveries you offer? Do you deliver bulk? If so, then you will need a large surface area in your van. If you entertain small orders, you don’t need to invest very much in the area. Instead, try investing inefficiency of the engine more.


Proper human resources:

Well, if you are buying a van for delivering flowers, you would definitely need a person to drive it, right? A person to take care of the flowers and to deliver them to customers. Be ready to invest some of your money into some human resources as well.



From all the discussion above, we can conclude that refrigerated vans are far more superior, versatile, and advanced than any sort of another delivery method. These efficient gadgets are actually an all in one package for any person in the flower industry. He can keep his flowers fresh, he can save a lot of money and fuel, and most important of all, he can make his customers happy and satisfied. Any person, whether he is a local florist who picks flowers from the garden in front of the house or he has his own business empire in which he imports flowers from each corner of the world on daily basis, these vans would be beneficent for any person in this field.