Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Flower Delivery Vehicle

Ready to purchase your new flower delivery van? But before you just buy it in excitement, you must consider some specific factors for a better experience. But what are those factors? So here we have collected some of the most important factors you must consider before purchasing your flower delivery van to avoid any regrets later. After all, it is such a huge investment! Have a look at the following points.

Space (Area to keep flowers):

Space is the first factor to be considered while choosing the vehicle because that is where you place the flowers and that is where everything just happens. Keep in mind the type of your business while choosing space for a vehicle. Ask yourself; Do you deliver giant pieces of flowers, huge vases, and centerpieces? Do you receive orders of a lot of flowers at a time or just entertain small orders? How often you get big orders? Well, only you can answer these questions yourself and those answers will help you understand how much space is required. Usually, centerpieces and giant pieces require a bigger and above-average area. But if you don’t entertain such orders, take the advantage of it and move on to the next factor.


You knew that it’s going to be here! It’s undoubtedly the most bothered factor while purchasing anything. For your flower delivery van, you also need to consider this. Always keep an eye on your income (of course you do!) and then decide the next step. If you run a whole chain of flower shops, the price of a van is probably not your main issue. But if you own a local shop, then you must think a lot before purchasing it. Make drafts and planning charts to analyze your income and expenses ratio, and make sure that you are investing in the right place. If your budget still doesn’t allow you to have a new van, try investing in some second-hand stuff. It will be less costly and often helpful to the newbies. Then, you can get better with it and purchase the new one when you excel in business.

Maintenance Costs:

Vans require proper maintenance which includes wash, fuel cost, driver, and a lot more. Buying a vehicle is like having a baby; someone said. That’s right. You need to take care of it like an infant. You have to think twice that can you take care of the van and bare its expenses? Because it is important to know that purchasing a van is not the end of expenses. It is the beginning. If you can’t bear its expenses, I would say that takes some time to improve your financial situation and then buy it. But if you want to buy it anyway, then prepare yourself mentally to work even harder. Consider having some business loans as well to maintain your van. If you work hard, I am sure that the hard time will not stay longer than a few months.

Fuel Efficiency:

Vans come with different levels of efficiencies of the engine. Some of the engines are very fine and well made, some are just not efficient; some are made for long-distance journeys while some cover shorter distances; some are made for underdeveloped rural areas and some undertake maintained roads of urban areas. Understand the domain of your business. Where it is situated? Which area do you offer services? How are the roads? Consider all of these factors while purchasing a van so that you won’t end up buying a disaster, instead, you find a helping hand.

Engine and Model:

Once decided the brand of your flower delivery van, you need to do more research about that brand. Check out all the latest models and how they differ from the previous one? What are their pros and cons? Check out the engine of each model carefully and decide according to your requirements as explained in the previous point. Pay attention to the negative sides of the models because that is always hidden by the brand. You need to have some good research skills fir that. If you know any person who has used the van of the same brand, you can always ask them to know whether it fulfills your requirements or not?


Refrigeration is always the prime factor to consider when looking to purchase a flower delivery van. Flowers need high maintenance and require an optimal temperature of 32-35 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that the refrigeration system of that van goes down to this temperature. Also, there are a lot of vans that are specifically designed for refrigeration purposes. If you travel through long distances, you probably need one of them. Some examples include Mercedes Benz Citan 109 LWB, Ford Transit Connect, and Vauxhall Corsiva. These are specifically designed for refrigeration purposes of flower delivery vans.

Overall Look of the Van:

Your flower delivery van is not only a helping hand in delivery but also your brand name. Wherever it will go, it will take your name with it and outsiders will judge you by the design of the van. Choose a beautiful and decent design with eye-catching but subtle color. It should be drawing attention to itself. Paste your logo on the longest wall of the van with your motive written beneath it. You can also add your contact details on the backside of the van so customers can easily know where to find you. If you have a theme color of your business, make it the color of your van. Keep everything tidy and decent from outside because it is the first judging criteria by any new person.

These are some of the basic factors that you should consider while choosing a flower delivery van for your business. You can customize them to make them even more helpful for you. For that, you should be able to analyze all of your situations accurately. And as you own a successful business, you are an analytical person!