12 Most Romantic Flowers for Girls You Love

It is a lovely idea to send flowers to a girl you love. They are the best way to let your girl know that you love her, and she is unique to you. It is a common perception that rose is the flower of showing love, but there are many other flowers that show love and can be gifted to your woman. Life is short, and you should not waste time in expressing your love to your girl. Different flowers symbolize romance, happiness, and prosperity. A bouquet of fresh, beautiful, and unique flowers can cheer up your girl if your girl is celebrating a special day of her life or is not feeling well.

Here are the most romantic flowers that you can gift your girls.

1.      Roses

This classic flower is the most popular flower to give on Valentine’s day as roses are associated with love and romance. Different colors of roses symbolize mixed feelings and emotions of a person. For showing the love and passion, roses are the best flowers to give her. The fragrance and delicacy of roses are what make it the most popular flower as everyone knows about it. The roses are the best way to express love and cheer up the mood of your girl.


2.      Peonies

Peonies have a fluffy kind of bloom, and they are best known for their elegant and soft colors. Peonies are associated with prosperity and romance. Most people believe that these flowers bring charm and good luck to the ones who receive them. So, if it is so, then, it is a beautiful and best bud to send her this Valentine’s Day or on her other special day.


3.      Matthiola Incana

On this Valentine, you should impress your girl by sending her some unique and cute flowers. Matthiola Incana is one of them. There beautiful shape, color, and clove and the cinnamon scent make it unique and best to show your love. If your girl loves different flowers, then it can be a great choice. These flowers symbolize beauty and prettiness. These can be her favorite flowers once she receives them from you.


4.      Ranunculus

Ranunculus are different in their shape and shades. These are the swirly flowers, also known as buttercups. The ranunculus symbolizes attraction, charm, and warmth. With a beautiful note saying, “I am lost in your charm,” these flowers in a bouquet will definitely make her feel special. She will fell in love with you instantly.


5.      Pink Asters

Asters are named for their stars’ shape. The pink color makes them more lovely and cute. The Pink Asters symbolize love, charisma, and beauty. They are other amazing flowers that are specifically for expressing your love. So, what are you waiting for? This Valentine gets a bouquet and surprises your girl.


6.      Daffodils

If you have messed things up with your girl and want to make things right, daffodils are the best choice. Daffodils are the symbol of new beginnings. They will make your girl forget all things and be with you again. Also, daffodils bring good luck to anyone, and you can gift this on anniversaries or any other special day.


7.      Daisies

No one can dislike these stunning and breath-taking flowers. Daisies are the symbol of purity and beauty. It is believed that daisies are the most natural flowers that are full of sunshine and can be cheerful for anyone. Daisies are always a favorite flower to receive, so this time if you want to wish your girl a happy birthday, take some daisies with you, she will definitely love them and will make them part of her bedroom. It will make her fall in love with you immediately.


8.      Tulips

A bunch of tulips with a bow of red ribbon seems so perfect. Tulips look beautiful in every color like purple, pink, or red. Like roses, tulips are also loved flowers, and if you visit sites of different florists, you will get to know that there are various beautiful bouquets over there of tulips. They symbolize perfect love and one of the most popular flowers in the world. They are the affordable and best way to wish your girl the Happy Valentine’s Day.


9.      Orchids

With the passage of time, you get to know that roses are not the only choice you have for giving out a gift to your girl. Orchids are one of those flowers that come in the list too. They are the symbol of love and strength. They can grow in the weather conditions, that no other flowers can. This makes them unique and widely appreciated.


10. Carnations

Carnations are somehow different in their texture from other flowers. They can be found in any flower shop and are the best way to send to your girl to let her know that you love her. These are marvelous flowers that depict new love and fascination. The best thing about these flowers is that they are highly affordable.


11. Sunflowers

With their bright and warm yellow color, sunflowers are the ones that bring beauty to the eyes. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty and happiness. They are not seasonal flowers and can be found at any time of the year. They can lift up your spirit and can bring delight.


12. Lavender

Lavender is beautiful and bright flowers that symbolize sweetness and soft nature. The vibrant color and beautiful scent make them one of the loveliest flowers in the world. These vibrant flowers can be gifted to your girl on her special days.


Final Words

It is not hard for anyone to make their girl happy and let her know that you care for them. A bunch of beautiful flowers with vibrant colors and mesmerizing scent can cheer her up any time. You cannot just confine to roses when it comes to express love. But there are many other beautiful flowers out there that can convey your emotions and make your feelings expressed to her.