How to Make Money from Floristry?

Floristry is a fun and profitable hobby.   But the most asked question when it comes to the flower industry is how to make money from it. Establishing a business with flowers is a great opportunity to earn a profit while developing your passion and skills in floristry. Perhaps you dream of owning and managing a flower shop, and you want to understand the process to maximize the business. If you are planning for a floristry business, learn these simple but proven tips to make money and guarantee the success of your flower shop:

·        Offer a Large Collections of Flowers

One way to make more money in your floristry business is to have a large collection of flowers that you can offer to your clients and target market. If you have a storage capacity that is large enough to keep more flowers, take advantage of the opportunity. Your storage does not have to be too expensive to efficiently serve its purpose. Even an ordinary storage will work well on these, but make sure that the cooling capacity is suitable for string flowers.

·        Your Service Is Not for Free

Creating a design for a floral bouquet or arrangement is priceless.  However, you should charge your customers and clients for this. You acquired your skills for a price when you enrolled in floristry courses, and your time is gold. Do not give them away for free. Besides, the costs of flowers, materials, and overhead expenses that you used when you arrange the bouquet are not free. Keep in mind that a world-class design is costly not only because of the high-quality, fresh flowers but also because of your artistic skills.

·        Turn Extra Sales into Profit

Extra sales from additional purchases are also a profit. Aside from bouquets and arrangements of flowers, you can also upsell a box of chocolates, a basket of fruits, or a hamper of special gifts. The flower shop can be a one-stop-shop for those who are looking for gifts to send or give on special occasions. Don’t forget to upgrade and improve your delivery services so that you can maximize them for additional income. For example, if you offer delivery within the same day of purchase, why not add express flower delivery for an extra cost?

·        Host a Floristry Workshop

Do florists make money from a workshop? While some workshops are offered for a minimum fee, some workshops, however, are free but they are meant for promotional purposes and will benefit the shop in the long run. There are many aspiring florists out there who are on the lookout for workshops and training like this. You can host the workshop in your actual flower shop and train the participants at the same time if you have the skills. On the other hand, you can also hire a trainer instead, to give the trainees credible and professional floristry training.

·        Offer the Extra Space for Rent

Extra space can be a source of additional income for your floristry business. If you have that extra space, you can rent it to another florist friend specializing in a different design. Some of them who are doing online floristry business don’t have enough space at home and renting out space is a win-win solution for both of you. It is an advantage for the renter because the space for rent is already designed and equipped with an efficient cooling system.  Moreover, it is also to your advantage because the extra income is still additional money for your business.

·        Join the Flower Trade Fair

Joining a flower trade fair is a way to reach more potential clients. The wedding trade fair opens up opportunities to your floristry as a new target audience becomes aware of your brand and products. Hence, use this chance to showcase your best signature designs. Don’t forget to leave your business cards and leaflets at the

·        Utilize Social Media Pages

Social media pages are an ideal platform to sell your products and promote floristry. Aside from your website, these pages can be your place to promote and market your signature designs. Your family and friends, and friends of friends as well, will know your products. All you need to do is to upload photos and videos of your products, share them on a daily basis, and always be ready to answer queries anytime. Social Media pages are also an ideal way to reach new and potential clients, especially if you use the pages to announce upcoming events or activities.

·        Optimize Your Website

If you are thinking of how to make money as a florist, utilize the digital marketing campaigns on your website. Your customers and target market will love to place orders of flowers if your website is optimized. The website becomes user-friendly, accessible, and easy to navigate if contents are informative and landing pages are clear. Also, make sure that it offers your customers a lot of convenient ways to make purchases, pay online, and receive flowers from delivery. The more your customers find your website user-friendly, the more they will do repeat orders in the future.

Pivot your floristry business to increase brand awareness with these tips, and then your revenue will increase month after month. It is a good thing that you don’t have to get diplomas and certificates to practice your skills and talent in floristry. However, knowing the tips and taking advantage of opportunities is indeed beneficial if your goal is to make money and earn a profit in floristry.