Types of Flower Arrangements for Special Tributes

Flowers are the most significant tribute created for a funeral. At this moment of sadness, when words are difficult to express, it is a good thing to know that there are flowers that can be used to convey heartfelt sympathy and sincere condolences.

At a funeral, the family and friends gather together to offer special personalized flower tributes to the deceased person. While they mourn for the loss, they also take the opportunity to share fond memories they once had and celebrate the life that was beautifully lived. Hence, floral tributes are necessary. If you are planning to give or send a floral tribute to a funeral, here are some of the ideal flower arrangements to choose from:

·        Posies

Funeral posies are also called Nosegays or Tussie-Mussies. They are small bouquets of flowers designed for funerals to express special tributes and convey sincere messages. Although most of the designs of posies are made to give tribute to the deceased person, this flower arrangement is actually offered or given to the bereaved family to tell them that they are in your thoughts and prayers. Posies are commonly found in circular or round shape and arranged filled with flowers and foliage.

·        Baskets

Funeral baskets are arranged in a variety of designs, such as contemporary designs and traditional designs. Traditionally, the flowers for funeral baskets are white combined with yellow and cream blooms. There are funeral baskets in contemporary designs that come with vibrantly-colored flowers. Some country woodland baskets also contain fillers like pine cones and different types of green foliage.

·        Cushion and Pillows

Cushion and pillows are a unique flower arrangement style for funeral flowers. They are personalized to symbolize a peaceful rest, especially in its shape that resembles the shape of a pillow. This floral tribute can be sent to the funeral home and placed on top of the coffin as a special tribute to the deceased. On the other hand, the pillow floral arrangement can also be sent to the bereaved family as a tribute gift, conveying a message of sympathy. Among the types of flowers used for this arrangement include Roses, Lily, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, and Freesias.

·        Hearts

Funeral tributes in heart shape are commonly made in traditional design and contemporary designs. It symbolizes eternal love. Some heart-shaped floral tributes come in a wide range of colors and combinations of flowers.  Some are designed in open-heart while some are designed in a double heart. The funeral florists also make customized, personalized broken heart funeral tribute flowers depending on requests.

·        Letters and Numbers

Funeral flower tributes in letters and numbers are also an option. The letters are designed to specifically spell the name, nickname, or title of the deceased person. The funeral letters and numbers are a popular choice when it comes to floral tributes. The funeral florist crafts these beautiful flower arrangements using white flowers and colored flowers. Ribbons and foliage are also added to accentuate the funeral flower designs.

·        Bible and Open Books

An open book filled with white flowers and accents is another popular design for flower tributes. The design is a resemblance of the Holy Bible or a prayer book, and it is expertly handcrafted typically from white Chrysanthemums, Roses, or Carnations. Colored ribbons are usually used as bookmarks and as accents to the arrangement.

·        Cross

Cross tributes are a primary option for funeral flowers. They offer a personal expression of sentiments and emotions for the loss of a loved one. This specific design is the first choice among family members and close relatives and friends. Most of the designs for cross tributes are traditionally crafted using white flowers. However, modern designs come in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit the budget and to meet the preferred style. Aside from white Chrysanthemums and Roses, some cross funeral tributes are designed with colorful Daisies, Carnations, and Freesias.

·        Stars

Star tributes are meant to pay tribute to a loved one who passed away. As the star tribute symbolizes the brightly shining star in the sky, it is designed to say that the person will remain as the star in your life. This floral arrangement is common in white Baby’s Breath blooms and added with some greenery. Other designs also include Chrysanthemum flowers, Roses, and Carnations in a variety of colors.  Generally, the star-shaped flower tribute is edged with colored silk or satin ribbons and topped with choices of flowers.

·        Toys

Funeral flowers are also designed in special arrangements to pay tribute to children who passed away at their young age. These floral tributes are mostly designed in the shape of their favorite toys or favorite pets. A ball floral tribute, for example, is commonly meant for a little boy while a stuffed toy or teddy bear floral tribute is meant as a floral tribute to a deceased girl. There are more designs to find at the funeral flower shops, which include toy cars, airplanes, guitars, magic wands, butterflies, and more.

The funeral florists have a wide range of designs when it comes to flower arrangements for special tributes. With fresh, vibrant flowers, you have an option in creating a tribute for a loved one who passed away. These floral tributes are also an ideal option if you want to give something to the bereaved family to express your message of condolences and sympathy. Paying your last tribute with flowers is a thoughtful way to give honor and loving memories to the person you will always miss and never forget.