Giving Flower Bouquet is a Thoughtful Gesture, or Is It?

Spring season is one of the most-awaited seasons of all when there are blooms all around you and you get to enjoy the odor and colors of these flowers.

There is something about these lovely and beautiful flowers that bring joy to the heart. For most people, these flowers are kind of like an affirmation that God created for them to enjoy as well as to appreciate.

Sending flowers to someone you love and appreciate has become a trend now and these are simple yet most amazing and memorable to express your love for the person you love.

It is mostly said that sending flowers to someone in remembrance or honor is quite a thoughtful gesture, too. Or is it so?

Giving flowers to someone is indeed a very thoughtful gesture because it is not actually about the gesture it’s about the selection of the flower selection.

Now you must be confused that what does it mean right? Let me tell you!

As we all know that each flower is different in its color, odor and type likewise each flower carries a different meaning and it is the meaning behind that specific flower that creates all the difference and makes it a very thoughtful gesture.

And that is why when you gift your loved one a flower or a bouquet of flowers then he/she really appreciates that gift more than any other thing and that is why you will notice a broad smile on their face.

Having said that it is not always necessary that you know the meaning behind a particular flora but if you deliver that flower on the doorstep of the loved one who is “in the know” then it is possible that the bouquet might deliver or send out a message that is not what you wanted or planned.

Flowers and their meaning

In every culture, flowers have some meanings and according to their meanings, they are given to people. So if you want to send the right message to the right person then you must also get yourself familiarized with the meanings and choose the flowers accordingly only then your gift will be a thoughtful gesture.

Below are some flowers with their meaning so you can have an idea about their meanings and how to choose them accordingly.


These are traditionally bestowed upon the love of your life at the one year anniversary. It is also given on the occasion of Mother’s day because these beautiful flowers represent admiration, gratitude and love that you feel for your beautiful mother.


Red roses are a symbol of love and that is why these are quite common on the occasion of Valentine’s Day or when someone wants to propose the girl of his dreams then they normally opt for red roses.

White roses on the other hand are the representation of purity, youthfulness and innocence. These roses are also known as bridal roses because of their association with eternal loyalty. And you may have noticed that in bridal bouquets these white roses are made an important part.


Lilies are mostly associated with devotion and purity but the meaning of this flower can vary according to the type, color and also culture. Lilies are also associated with motherhood as well as rebirth.

In other cultures like in China, these are used in weddings because they are tied with eternal love and also with good luck and prosperity.

Flowers to send for any yearly events

For mother’s day

The relationship between a mother and child is a very deep and special one and while giving flowers on this day you must know that those selected flowers must reflect gratitude and love of this beautiful band.

So on this, you can plan to give any of the below three flowers

Bluebells: Represent gratitude, constancy, love and gratitude

Carnations: Represent love, admiration and gratitude

Sunflowers: Loyalty, admiration and platonic love

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is basically a celebration of love so on this day go for flowers that show your personal feelings. Some of the ideas are given below:

Moonflower: It signifies dreaming of love

Red rose: these are given to show true love and admiration.

Gardenia: Gardenias are the best way to show secret and untold love.


Poinsettia: it is a common Christmas flower and the red and white leaves of this flower are said to have religious meanings.

Mistletoe: This flower is an indication of love and long-lasting friendship.

All these associated meanings of flowers make them a very special gift. If you are ordering your flowers through any online website then make sure to customize them even more.

The online companies have some very amazing ideas to customize the flowers. It can be done by adding chocolates, candies, and stuffed toys and along with all this, you can also ask the florist to add a handwritten note stating your true feelings and purpose of sending the flowers.

Once the customization is done you can also ask them to deliver the flowers along with the other gifts on the recipient’s doorstep.

There are high chances that the floral company will not charge you and deliver them for free but if the location is far away then it is possible that the company will charge you some extra bucks.

Although flowers are very thoughtful gesture and there is no deny in it but try to research a little about them before sending them because there are meaning attached with flowers and that makes all the difference and it is due to their meaning they are said to be thoughtful gesture or gift.