Flower Delivery Expert: How to Transport Flowers in a Car?

Choosing and buying colorful and fresh flowers is easy but transporting them might be challenging. Some flowers easily break when it is not taken care properly especially during transportation. That is the reason why it is very important to pack the flowers properly so that they are still in a good and neat condition when they arrive at their destination.

When you order your flowers from an online florist, make sure that they offer same day flower delivery so that your flowers are fresh when it reaches your hands. But if you are buying them from a local florist in Singapore and you are transporting them by yourself, here are the important tips that will help you in transporting flowers.

Basic Tips

Before transporting them, you need to prepare your flowers first especially when you are transporting them in 24 hours. Make sure you store your flowers in a cool place. Preferably, the temperature should be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to do this, you can place them inside the fridge at least a day before you are transporting them. But do not store them in freezing temperature. Do not mix it with your fruits and vegetables because they emit Ethylene which is harmful to your flowers.

Then wrap your flowers to keep them moist. You can use either newspaper or plastic. You may also want to add a minimal amount of floral preservative to the water where you soak your cotton wool which you can buy from your local supermarket or gardening store. Once you have covered the flowers with cotton wool, wrap them with a rubber band to keep them together. But make sure it is not too tight as this might break or damage the stems of the flowers.

1. Choose the right vehicle

It is best to use a mini or full-sized van or any vehicle that has more room to place your flowers preferably in the back seat. You may also have the backs seats removed if the flowers require a large amount of space in your car. It is important to have the vehicle air conditioned as the cool air will help preserve the freshness of the flowers. For longer trips, consider using a refrigerated van so the flowers will maintain its freshness at a controlled temperature.

2.Use Buckets filled with water

It is preferable to use 5-6 gallon buckets filled with water. Make sure that the amount of water is about half of the bucket. The flowers should be placed upright in the bucket. Scatter the flowers in the bucket according to their height and type. Gather the tall flowers in one bucket, the shorter flowers in another bucket and the delicate type of flowers in another. To prevent the flowers from moving around the bucket during the drive, make sure that the buckets are full of flowers but avoid over cramming them as this will cause the flowers to be bent or broken.

3.Secure the Buckets

To prevent the buckets from tripping during the drive, place sandbags around the buckets as this will keep them steady despite a fast drive.

Simple Tips for Short Drive

When transporting flowers for a short drive, the simple way is to lay the flowers at the back seat of the vehicle but make sure that they will not crush their petals. Use the air conditioner to keep the flowers fresh.

Tips in Transporting Flower Arrangements

1. Grab an empty box, make sure that the lids are closed. Mark X in the box, the size of the mark should larger than the vase.

2. Cut the X marks in the box and make a hole in it. Each mark or hole represents each vase that you will fill in the box. Depending on the size of the vase and flower arrangement, at least 4 flowers vases can fit in a box.

3. After making a hole on the X marks, place the vase in the box. Make sure to secure the vase properly in the box to avoid the flower vase from breaking

4. Two people should carry the box, one form each end and hold the bottom to secure the flower arrangement. When you arrive at your destination, just take out the vases from the box and place them where needed.

Tips in Transporting Bouquet Flowers

1. When transporting hand bouquet flowers, make sure to keep them from placing in the trunk of your vehicle. Flowers need air to maintain its freshness and it is important when transporting them to keep the vehicle air conditioned. Lack of oxygen will damage the flowers, that is why it not advisable to place them in the trunk especially during summer or warm weather.

2. Another place to avoid putting fresh cut flowers is the dashboard. The dashboard is directly exposed to the sun which is not good for flowers since too much sun exposure will burn the flower petals and make them sag.

3. During the drive, make sure to store the flower bouquets in water-filled buckets. It is not necessary to fill the buckets with much water, just fill it with enough amount. In that way, when you are on a bumpy road, the water will not come out from the bucket and spill in your vehicle floor.

It is important to know how to transport your flowers to maintain its freshness regardless if it is just a short or long drive. Knowing how to transport them is equivalent to taking care of them properly.