What are the Most Popular Holidays and Occasions to Send Flower?

Flowers are like the little angels of nature. They are beautiful and pretty much make everything better. They are commonly used as decorations during events, or as a method of communicating feelings. In short, flowers possess a lot of value and importance in people’s lives.

If you are trying to find the perfect opportunity to send a friend or a loved one some flowers, this list will surely be of great help. Here are the top four occasions for flower giving and the perfect flowers for each event:


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is number one on this list. A day of love and romance will not be complete without a bouquet of beautiful blooms. This is one of the special occasions where almost everyone is holding heart-shaped balloons, a bouquet, or a box of chocolates.

Sending flowers is a great way to show your love and affection. If you want to show your lover how smitten you are with them, then a bouquet of blooms will surely do the trick.

  • Roses

Nothing can and will ever beat roses during Valentine’s day. Since roses come in different colors and different meanings, you have to choose which color best symbolizes your relationship. Nonetheless, a rose is still a rose and at the end of the day, that will always symbolize love.


Birthday Celebrations

Admit it, who does not like being surprised with a bouquet of freshly picked blooms during their birthday? No one. Whether you are a man, a woman, or anything in between, chances are you like flowers.

Flowers are the go-to presents during birthdays because they are simple yet elegant, and they bring a lot of unspoken feelings. Sure, there are already a lot of available gift ideas, but the sincerity and thought that goes into a bouquet cannot be compared.

The perfect flowers for a birthday can be anything bright and colorful. The birthday celebrant’s favorite flower is a wonderful idea and should also be taken into consideration. Aside from that, the commonly used flowers during birthdays are:

  • Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are popular for a birthday bouquet. These flowers mean friendship, joy, and care which makes it a perfect gift for your best friend or a friend that has been with you throughout the years.

Because of the rose’s sun color, it can also give a feeling of warmth, delight, affection, and gladness. So if you want to show your friend that you are grateful for their existence, then a yellow rose would be an appropriate gift for them.

  • Pink Carnations

A pink carnation is a symbol of being unforgettable. More importantly, this flower is used as a symbol of a mother’s pure and undying love. Legends say that wherever Mother Mary’s tears fell, pink carnations suddenly grew in that area.

If it is your mother’s birthday, then a bouquet of pink carnations will never go wrong. Not only are they attractive flowers, but they are also the perfect symbol of your mother’s selfless love for the family.



Christmas, the day of Jesus’ birth, and a time for families to gather once again. Bringing with you a simple floral arrangement such as a Christmas wreath is a perfect gift when you are spending the holidays with your family.

The flowers, especially when hung near the fireplace or a wall in the living room, will add festive cheer to your home. From the food, the Christmas tree, to the waves of laughter and cheers shared, adding flowers as decoration is guaranteed to remove all your worries and get you into the spirit of Christmas.

  • Red Poinsettias

Red poinsettias, also known as “Flowers of the Holy Night”, are seasonal flowers that only bloom during the Christmas season. These flowers are popular during the holidays because they are thought of as the “star”, which led the Wise Men to Jesus. The red poinsettias’ color is also a symbol of Jesus’ blood.

  • Narcissus

Narcissus, or most commonly called paperwhites, are flowers that symbolize rebirth and renewal. Christmas is the day when Jesus was born and it is the day when the people’s faith was renewed. Thus, it is only appropriate to have paperwhites during this special season.

This type of flower, however, does not usually bloom during Christmas. People would go the extra mile to have paperwhites bloom in time for the festivity. This rarity makes paperwhites more special during Christmas.



Flowers are known to convey both feelings of joy and sadness. Giving them can make it a great way to show sympathy for the loss of a loved one. On top of that, some flowers’ fragrance and beauty can comfort someone during these sad and trying times.

White and green are the most appropriate color for funeral flowers since this combination conveys a message of sympathy. You can send it in a vase, a basket, standing sprays, or in different shapes like a wreath, a cross, or a heart.

  • Lilies

Lilies are the most common funeral flowers. These flowers are associated with a soul’s renewal and are said to restore innocence to the departed soul. Lilies are usually arranged in a funeral basket or standing sprays.

  • Orchids

Like lilies, orchids are also common funeral flowers. A white orchid is a go-to flower to show sympathy for the grieving family. This type of flower symbolizes eternal love. If you are close to the deceased, orchids are great to show your everlasting love.

Giving flowers, whether it be a bouquet or a single one, is the perfect present for any occasion. From the happiest occasions like birthdays, down to the most sorrowful ones like funerals, flower-giving is a great way to convey your deepest emotions.

Choosing the right flowers for an occasion can be a bit difficult. Thousands of flowers mean various things. The trick is to consider what the occasion calls for and what the recipient’s favorite flower is. Always remember, it is better to understand the flower’s meaning first before deciding to send it.