Flower Etiquette for Sending Flowers to Man

It is a common perception that men should always give flowers but what if we tell you that you can also send flowers to a man in order to make him feel special and he will definitely love this kind gesture because after all he also has emotions and you need to respect them and remind them that they are equally loved and appreciated.salary wages earning of Singapore Florist

In fact, it is one of the nicest things that you can do to your husband, boyfriends, colleague or father. At work when men receive flowers they normally get more than just flowers.

They get prestige and honor of being that kind of a person woman spends money on.  Apart from this, it is also a most commonly asked question that is it ok to send flowers to your boss or your father?

If you really want to send flowers to a man then these are some of the guidelines that will help you decide whether or not you should send the flowers

Why send flowers to men?

  • You can send flowers to men just to brighten up their day. It is proved from research that flowers can boost productivity by 15%.
  • In order to celebrate their promotion or achievement
  • If you want to congratulate him on the start of a new business venture.
  • For celebrating father’s day, bosses day or valentine’s day
  • To express your feeling like saying I love you or to say thank you
  • To wish him to get well soon if he is in a hospital
  • In order to offer condolence
  • Just like that-sometimes, you don’t need a reason you just want to brighten up their day.


What type of flowers men like the most?

Like women, men are not so choosy about flowers they like almost all flowers. So you can go for any flower type like tulips, roses, sunflowers, lilies, orchids etc.

But keep in mind to choose flowers that are both sturdy and full of personality like the angular bird of paradise or ginger flowers for more modern type arrangement.

If you are in love with the man you want to gift the flowers then roses are one of the best options especially red roses. For traditional flowers, you should go for vivid and monochromatic hues like intense orange, fiery red or royal gold.

When deciding what to send then you should think about his favorite color and other personality defining traits. Then the next thing you should do is call the local florist, describe the guy personality along with the floral ideas that you want.


Occasions best for sending flowers to a man

As you know that flowers are forever charm. These flowers can be sent on any given occasion because they have the power to make any moment more special and memorable.

But to be more specific some of the occasions that are worth sending flowers are father’s day, valentine’ day, birthdays, anniversaries or just to tell them that you miss them and appreciate their presence in your life or care for them.

You can either send the flowers with a cute handwritten note to his office or you can surprise him with a beautiful bouquet of flowers at home in either way he will definitely love the sweet gesture and smile will spread on his face.

Below are some of the ideas that you can get inspiration while sending flowers to a man on any special occasion.


Birthday flowers for a man

Sending flowers to a man on his birthday can be as playful or creative as you wish. You can add balloons to the bouquet and add a playful touch to the bouquet.

Along with the bouquet also put a handwritten note saying some good words about him and also add sweets or chocolates to add more meaning or to make it even more special.


Anniversary flowers for him

Just like birthday flowers anniversary flowers can also be made customized. Ideally go for a bouquet of red roses and write a note expressing your love and also add gift to the bouquet.

Keep in mind that men also like to be extra when it comes to flowers or playing with floral arrangements so try to be as creative as you can be and make this day even more special by adding colors to the day.


Best flowers for men

Mostly men like to have flowers that reflect their personalities and while choosing the colors always go for white, purple and blue colors because men don’t like pink or baby pink shades and also go for red color only when there is valentine’ s day or anniversary celebration.

So always go for vibrant colors while gifting flowers to a man like blue, yellow, green or orange. Although white is also an ideal color keep in mind that in most cultures white flowers symbolize mourning occasions and they remind people of sympathy so stay away or do thorough research before going for such colors.

Below is a list of flowers that you can choose while sending flowers to men

  • Daisies
  • Yellow roses
  • Bamboo
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Lilies

Although sending flowers is always associated with men and women are considered as the recipient but it is completely alright if you want to make the men in your life feel more special, loved and appreciated.

Men also love to receive flowers so you can also consider gifting them flowers on your next anniversary, birthday or just like that you will definitely make him smile and he will certainly love your thoughtfulness.