Why You Should Order Flowers Online?

There is no denying that flowers are great gifts to your loved ones or even to yourself all-year-round. They are aesthetically pleasing, have scientific benefits to health, and of course, they are romantic. It is the perfect present to show people your deepest emotions without needing to say it.

The main question is, how can you give flowers if you are busy or miles away from them? The 21st century is a time of online shopping – everything is digitalized now. Skip the hassle trip of going to the florist from your home or workplace by simply ordering online.

Perks of Online Flower Shopping

The online flower business is in full bloom in today’s generation. People prefer making purchases with just a click of their smartphones. It is easy, convenient, and the best thing is that online flower shops do not have closing times.

Are you still doubting whether you should go online or not? Worry not! Below are the top five reasons as to why people have switched to online flower shopping:

  1. Variety of Choices

When you buy flowers, you always take into consideration your recipient’s favorite ones, right? Taking the time out of your busy day, to go to your local florist, only to find out that the specific flower you are looking for is already sold out can be a little disappointing.

In online shopping, you do not need to worry about that. You simply need to search the flower you want at the store’s website and a plethora of choices will come up. You can also choose the type of flower arrangement you want or better yet, make your own and get to decide what flowers get to be in the bouquet.

Aside from the various flower choices, online shopping also lets you choose which floral shop you can order from. Be it the stores near you or miles away from you, the world of the internet has got you covered. Your flower choice is not available in one store? You can always look at other stores within a few taps of your finger.

  1. Convenience

Traffic is a huge problem nowadays. Almost everyone has cars and traveling from point A to point B can be exhausting and it can take a few hours. People now live in a fast-paced world so not everyone has the luxury of time. People have work and errands that they need to attend to.

With online shopping, people can save their energy for better things. Skip the long and hassle trip by going online. You get to browse a flower shop’s catalog with a few clicks and some online shops even offer online assistance.

Online flower shopping is not only hassle-free but it is also practical. It is great for both busybodies and those who just do not want to take the effort to travel.

  1. Longer Vase Life

One uncommon knowledge about online flower shops is that they have fresher flowers than physical outlets. Online shop owners source their flowers from different flower farms itself, which allow these online shops to get freshly harvested flowers.

Unlike physical stores, online flower shops do not need to stock up on flowers for their customer’s viewing. They just need a picture of it and they can put it up on their website. You can pretty much say that online flowers are “harvested upon order”.

  1. Price Disparity

Online shopping enthusiasts know that some things are cheaper on the internet; from clothes to appliances and even flowers. One of the biggest reasons for the price difference is that online shops do not have added expenses like rent, store maintenance, or even employee’s salary.

When you shop online, it is safe to say that you are only paying for the item itself and a minimal amount for the store’s service. Online flowers also come directly from local flower farms, thus, you are not only saving money but you are also supporting your local farmers.

  1. Delivery

What do you do when you are miles away yet you still want to surprise your significant other with a bouquet of fresh blooms? Order online and have it delivered whenever you want and wherever your recipient is.

One of the best things about online flower businesses is that they offer delivery nationwide, some even globally. The moment you place your flower order, you get to specify when and where you want it to be sent. Some people even want to be spontaneous and want it to be sent immediately after ordering. Nothing will make your partner happier than randomly receiving his or her favorite blooms.

Choose which Flower to Order

Due to an online store’s plethora of choices, it can be hard to make a choice. It is important to consider what type of emotion you are trying to express before you go ahead and purchase one. There are, however, flowers that are great for any event or occasion.

  • Roses

Beautiful in every hue, roses are the perfect go-to flowers. Each color can symbolize different things – red roses can mean love while yellow ones can mean friendship or gratitude. Roses are great flowers to give to your loved ones no matter the occasion.

  • Tulips

If you are thinking of giving flowers for a birthday, tulips are the perfect flowers for you. Tulips are the first flowers to bloom during spring and are thus associated with rebirth. They can be given in a bouquet or unique containers like a small basket or even glass vases.

  • Lilies

Lilies are beautiful and each color symbolizes different things. This type of bloom is perfect to show gratitude or love and is even used as a sign of sympathy. Because of a lily’s versatility and beauty, it is ranked as the fourth most popular flower across the globe.

Flowers have been used to communicate a person’s feelings since the olden times. As you have observed, giving blooms to your loved ones is still part of people’s culture. Whether it be a gift, a sign of a new beginning, or an expression of love, flowers can express things that most gifts cannot.

The rapid development of society has forced many things to disappear. However, flower-giving is still a popular custom until today. The flower business has evolved into greater heights and it has been able to cope with change. This proves that even when some things are already buried in time, flower-giving will never disappear.