Flower Gifting In Different Cultures Around the World

Flowers are just the perfect gift for every occasion, person and also a celebration. This is an irreversible truth and there are absolutely no two ways about it. Having said that, there are cultural and regional differences in gifting patterns of flowers across the world that do exist.

Therefore it is very important to know about all these differences when you are planning to give flowers to friends who are from different cultures and regions.

Flowers are exchanges on the occasion of birthdays, mother’s day, Christmas and also anniversaries. Even on formal occasions like graduation day, retirement day etc. these flowers are given because these are just as famous as expensive gifts. If you keep counting the occasions on which flowers are given the count will never stop because these are perfect for all occasions.

Across the world, most of the time flowers share the same meaning but there do exist some cultural and regional manifestation of floral gifting.


Do your research

Before going for any flower as a gift first you need to learn the customs of that region and also culture. This is a very important thing to do as it enables a person to figure out that what flowers are suitable for which occasion.

Sometimes it happens that the flowers that signify one thing in one culture are used to symbolize another thing in another culture and sometimes it may be negative.

So in order to save yourself from any embarrassment, you need to know the flower gifting traditions in different cultures.

So below are some of the flower gifting differences among different cultures:


Floral gifting culture in Asia

  • In Asia potted plants are not considered appropriate flowers. Normally in Asian countries, a plant is used to symbolize restriction in a relationship or some sort of negative attachment.
  • In Russia when it is someone’s special birthday then either a single flower is given or a bunch because here bouquets or baskets are not chosen as birthday gifts.
  • On the occasion of women’s day Russians either gives bright red roses or any other spring flower-like tulips and hyacinths because according to them all these flowers symbolize women’s day.
  • For sympathy or funerals, roses and lilies are considered as the most appropriate flowers which are given in a tightly compressed form that signifies birth, rebirth, death or life.
  • Asian people also prefer to give flowers in odd numbers for happy occasions. For them, yellow is the color that signifies something sad and it is given on the occasion of funerals and as a sympathy flower.


Flower gifting culture in European countries

  • Ancient newly married girls used to carry flowers because for those girls flowers were helpful in warding off evil spirits and also they were helpful infertility. There is a Dutch saying that food is only sufficient to feed the body but flowers feed one’s soul.
  • In Europ, any invited guests also bring flowers along with them. Every color and type is chosen except white as this color signifies death and sadness.
  • In England, red roses are only given to romantic partners like wives and girlfriends.

Flower gifting cultures in American countries

  • In American culture, important occasions like Christmas are celebrated by giving gifts especially flowers.
  • Roses are the most loved and happy flowers in America and they are given on Valentine’s Day and mother’s day as well.
  • Americans also consider flowers as the perfect gift for every occasion.


Flower giving culture in Egypt

In Egypt, birthdays are celebrated with full zeal. Here traditional birthday celebrations are not only confined to music or dancing or gossips. To make the occasion even more special and worthy a room is decorated with light and also flowers along with fruits.

These three things make the most essential part of the birthday celebration in Egypt because these three things signify growth, love and unlimited happiness.


Flower giving culture in Italy

Ok so if you are dating an Italian girl then try to avoid two flowers which are lavender and hydrangeas because in Italian culture these two flowers represent coldness.

So, in that case, you can go for flowers like red and other bright colored flowers like roses because they represent happiness and also eternal love.

Yellow tulips are also preferred flowers because these flowers represent fast recovery and health by a potential partner but even then you need to be very careful because these yellow tulips are although very pretty but they symbolize hopeless love.


Flower giving culture in Japan

In Japan, a whole language is based on flowers so before you make a decision to gift someone flowers you really need to stud this language which will also serve as a complete guide to help you choose the perfect flowers for a perfect occasion.

Blue forget-me-not and red camellias are used to symbolize love and romantic feelings so you better should be careful while gifting it to your employee at office or just a good friend.

Cherry blossoms are the flowers that symbolize kindness and generosity and lavenders are used to signify fidelity.


Flower giving culture in African countries

In African countries especially in South Africa flowers are normally given on special occasions like Christmas just like in Egypt.

These flowers are either given as gifts at weddings and birthdays or these are exchanges on funerals as sympathy flowers and even while visiting hospitals as get well soon flowers.

So next time when you decide to give flowers to anyone just go through this guide and help yourself!