Flower Giving Etiquettes in Singapore

When it comes to sending gifts to someone special like a best friend or a close family member then the first thing that comes to mind is flowers. Flowers make the most perfect and thoughtful gift ever and that is why regardless of what season it is they are always in demand.

Just by receiving the flowers the receiver will get the message and appreciate it instantly. These beautiful blooms have the ability to brighten up anybody’s day, to make them feel special and better and also to covey gratitude and sympathies.

While sending flowers you need to be a little careful in order to avoid any awkward situation. Below are some of the flowers giving etiquettes that you need to keep in mind especially when you are in Singapore.

So let’s just start!!


The very first date and wrong impression

First dates are naturally very awkward because you both don’t know each other quite well. It’s a type of introductory meeting. So while giving flowers on the very first date, be extra careful.

Some flowers represent friendship while other flowers symbolize long-lasting relationships and love. So on the very first date try to pick a flower that is neutral and that will not make the date awkward.

On the very first date, you don’t want to jump into a relationship directly but at the same time, you don’t want to give the impression that you just want to be a friend. In order to avoid that pick neutral flowers and make the right impression.


Don’t send flowers to the workplace

For some people sending flowers to the workplace is a great thing because it means that you are thinking about them and can make the receiver feel special.

But it is normally suggested to avoid sending flowers to the workplace because for some people it can be quite awkward and can breach of etiquettes.

So before sending flowers to the workplace always try to consider the personality of the receiver and if that person is shy then avoid sending flowers to the workplace instead send them to their residence.


Sending flowers for sympathy

When someone is going through a tough time like the loss of a loved one then it is often suggested to send them sympathy flowers, which is a way of telling them that you are thinking about them and you are with them during this time.

But you must know that there can be some potentially awkward moments, there are families who normally prefer to donate the money to charity or some other noble cause instead of spending the money on flowers.

So if your loved one is going through a crisis by losing a dear one then always check whether or not the flowers are wanted by the bereaved family. By doing so, you will save yourself from an awkward situation.


Get well soon baskets and hospital visits

Flowers have the potential to brighten up anyone’s day if they are not feeling so great. But there are hospitals that have restrictions on some particular type of flowers with potential allergic reactions or there are hospitals that don’t even allow flowers at all.

In order to avoid any embarrassment always check with the hospital whether they allow get well soon flowers or not.


Sending thank you flowers

The main purpose of sending thank you flowers is just to make sure that your flowers send out the feelings of thank you.

Before sending the flowers try to find out the favorite color, flower type, themes and then choose the thank you flowers.


Flowers for apology or “I am Sorry”

Flowers are the best apology flowers because they instantly convey the message that you did wrong and now you are feeling bad for your behavior.

There are many flowers out there that are perfect as apology flowers and lavenders and roses are some of them. After receiving the flowers the receiver will instantly receive your sincere apology and will surely forgive you.


Congratulatory flowers

If your bestie or a loved one has achieved something big or got married recently and you want to congratulate them then you can do that with the help of a vibrant bouquet of flowers.

For instance, if a best friend of yours got their dream job and you want to congratulate them then you can choose some fresh flowers, put the flowers in a pencil holder with the assorted office supplies.

By doing so, you can make their day and achievement even more special and memorable with the pretty flowers and also with your creativity.


Flowers with get well soon messages

If a loved one of yours is in hospital and you want to send a get well soon message then flowers are perfect for that purpose.

For such purpose, you can choose bright-colored flowers like red, orange, pink and yellow. Also, include a card and write a heartfelt note and tell them that you are thinking about them and praying for their fast recovery.

Always make sure to do a little research before sending the get well soon flowers avoid sending dark colors like black because these colors symbolize grief and pain and you really don’t want to put yourself in an awkward situation.


Sending romantic flowers

There is no better way of telling someone that you love them other than sending a romantic bouquet of flowers. When it comes to romantic flowers red is always preferable but you can also send the receiver’s favorite flowers just to let them know how much you care about their like and dislikes.