How Flower Meanings Can Help You Choose a Perfect Bouquet?

People give flowers for a certain type of reason. Most of them would probably be because they want that person to feel happy, loved, and appreciated or because there is a certain occasion being celebrated that would require a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But did you know that flowers also hide meanings and symbols that only a few people know? Yes, you read that right. You can totally send messages and symbols through giving flowers. We have listed down a few meanings of some flowers that you can base on if you are planning to send messages through them.

  1. Roses

Roses are probably the most versatile flowers ever. they can be used in a wide variety of occasions and can also be given to different people may it be relatives, friends, or your loved one. roses also come in different colors that have several meanings with them. they are also widely available all year round and you can literally find them anywhere. you can never go wrong with roses if you want to surprise someone, congratulate a graduate, give offer to the sick people and the deceased, and just plain putting them at your table centerpiece.

Red roses are very popular as they symbolize many different meanings. red roses can mean deep love and affection, but they can also mean respect and courage. if a loved one is going to celebrate a birthday, or if Valentine’s Day is coming near, red roses are your best bet in making the recipient as happy as he or she could. Moreover, white roses are a symbol of purity and honesty. They can also mean the start of a new beginning that is why white roses are popular in both marriages and wakes. If a friend is going to celebrate a birthday soon or you just want to give them something for appreciation, yellow or orange roses are the best kinds of Flowers to give. this means friendship, loyalty, and a strong bond.

  1. Tulips

Just like roses tulips also mean deep love and affection. however, these two different Flowers offer a different kind of feeling to the recipient. tulips are very simple yet elegant in nature. their colors are very vibrant and can really make someone’s day. tulips also mean rebirth. if someone is going to have a baby soon, tulips are a great way to show your appreciation and happiness on their coming blessing. White tulips are very popular for those who want to ask for forgiveness because of an incident or just because they want to show their concern.

tulips are widely available on the colder parts of the year. some flower shops have scarcity when it comes to tulips that is why it is important to book in advance. you will really make your recipient very happy with a beautiful bouquet of tulips. as a matter of fact, you do not have to put any other Flowers in the bouquet. just go ahead and ask for a dozen of tulips and have it wrapped in beautiful paper.

  1. Carnations

Carnations are very common all throughout the globe, but they have a deeper meaning that only a few people know. in Christian culture carnations are believed to be very sacred as they are the Flowers that grew on the floor where Mother Mary’s tears dropped while she watches Jesus carried the cross. this makes carnations perfect for a bouquet to be given on Mother’s Day or for your mother’s birthday. In the Netherlands, white carnations are often bought to commemorate the veterans and the people who died during the World War. This makes carnations a symbolism of courage, bravery, and nationalism.

Make sure to be careful in buying yellow carnations as they mean disappointment to someone or even an insult. Pink carnations are given to show gratitude While dark red carnations are given to show deep love and affection. carnations are also popular as decoration in burial wakes because of their pure white color.

  1. Orchids

Orchids are very beautiful and are also very versatile just like roses. White orchids are often given to someone who has just conceived a child. white orchids are a symbol of fertility and purity. They can also mean elegance and grace. This is why orchids are often used in bouquets as they add elegance and also height to the arrangement. Colored orchids on the other hand have different meanings and symbolism. Pink orchids symbolize joy and happiness, yellow orchids mean friendship and bond and can also be given to a graduate, and purple orchids Symbolize admiration and also royalty.

  1. Lilies

White lilies look very ethereal in person. this is probably the reason why lilies are one of the most famous Flowers to be used in funerals and wakes. but did you know that there are also other uses of lilies especially with its other species? in general, lilies symbolize devotion and purity. most churches are decorated with white lilies and other Flowers as they show simplicity and elegance as well as devotion.

In Chinese culture and in any other culture there is, white lilies are used to be a decoration in weddings and can also be used for the bride’s flower bouquet. Stargazer lilies are very popular because of their unique look. pink stargazer lilies on the other hand are mostly used in bouquets if you want to portray abundance and Prosperity.

there you have it! Flowers are really very versatile and can send a lot of different messages depending on the color, the shape, and the kinds. you can really ask your favorite florist for tips on how you can send the right message to the right person using the right flower. Just make sure to be very aware of the meaning you want to send to avoid any disappointment and mistakes on the flower you want to choose. As always, flowers will definitely give that message across and will make your recipient very happy!