Flowers and Smile, What is in Common?

So, what is in common between flowers and smile. They both make others smile. When you are happy, you make others happy too. If you do not know, flowers bring a smile on others’ faces too. If you have no idea about it, then this article is something you should read. Flowers are known to make others happy. No, we are not saying it on our own, but many scientific studies have proved it.

Most people adore flowers unless they are allergic. That’s the reason people buy beautiful bouquets of flowers on special occasions all the time. A bouquet of flowers is a classic thing to gift someone. Not just bouquets, people opt for flowers when they think of decoration, be it wedding, anniversary, birthday, or other social gatherings. So, this gift does not get old with time!

Why Flowers Make You Smile

Research has shown that flowers make us happy! This is true as studies have proved that there are positive effects of flowers on our emotional and behavioral state. Also, the benefits are quite amazing. Have you ever received a bouquet of flowers and truly felt excited and happy? Well, you are not the only one. As per the research conducted by The State University of New Jersey, nature provides us an easier way of improving emotional health. Technically, flowers trigger a release of chemicals in our body, which make us truly happy. That’s why flowers are associated to alleviate stress, a lift in the spirit of a person, and an easing of depression and anxiety.

The studies showed how beautiful flowers affect our emotional as well as our physical behavior. So, flowers do not just result in instant happiness when you get them, but also a complete lift in the demeanor and mood of a person. In the long run, these beautiful flowers could provide emotional well-being and also, an energizing and physical lift to our regular lives.

The reason why we feel this way on receiving a bunch of flowers is that these beautiful flowers bring us close to nature. Today, we are moving away from the natural environment due to our busy schedules. Colors could make people happy through chromotherapy as it uses the power of colors for stimulating our emotions. This could be the reason why flowers act as a fabulous gift to get or receive from someone for all occasions.

Flowers can make us happy by bringing us closer to our loved ones, like family members, partners, and friends. Have you ever thought about why flowers are employed in social settings? This is because there is more to them than just design and decoration. Beautiful flowers create a friendly, warm environment as they relieve stress and release “happy hormones”, which enables us to open up to fellow humans and strangers.

The research went on to reveal that flowers provide natural healing properties both physiologically and emotionally. So, flowers make an incredible gift, right from the environment to us. On the other hand, there are a few gifts that help in easing inner troubles, lifting our confidence, creating trust among strangers, regulating emotions, and alleviating stress. Thus, you do not really need an excuse for buying flowers now.

Additionally, when you place a floral arrangement in a visible spot in your home like living rooms, dining rooms, and foyers, you see a notable uplift in the occupants’ happiness levels. Adding some beautiful flowers to your house provides more than just decoration. So, start seeing flowers as visual, fragrant therapy.

Key Facts Regarding Flowers and Smile

A research conducted to explore the connection between flowers and life satisfaction and to study the emotional and behavioral responses of the participants on receiving flowers. The study shows that flowers act a healthful and natural mood moderator. So, there are some key facts related to this study that show how flowers are related to happiness. Have a look at some of them right below!

  • Beautiful flowers have a quick impact on our happiness. The participants expressed excited or true smiles upon getting flowers, while demonstrating extraordinary gratitude and delight. This reaction turns out to universal, which occurs to people of every age group.
  • They have a long-lasting positive effect on the mood. In particular, participants reported experiencing less agitation, anxiousness, and depression upon getting flowers. They also demonstrated a high sense of life satisfaction and enjoyment.
  • They help in making intimate connections. The presence of beautiful flowers leads to enhanced contact with friends and family.

Now, you know how much beneficial flowers are, when it comes to life satisfaction. So, the next time you want to make someone happy, buy them a bouquet of flowers and change their mood effectively.

Let’s Celebrate Flowers and Smiles

To celebrate this bond of flowers and smile, there is also an event called National Make Someone Smile Week, sponsored by Teleflora. This event takes place during the month of July. This event is all about making people happy by gifting them flowers. Thousands and thousands of florists deliver over 30,000 smile mug arrangements across the country for bringing a smile on someone’s face. This humanitarian program has grown to turn out a leading charitable project in the floral industry. This program involves wholesalers, family-owned florists, and growers throughout the country.

During this week, local volunteers and florists deliver flowers to deserving people. For years, the company has been donating iconic yellow mugs to participating florists worldwide. For making the bouquet complete, florists donate their talents and time, while local growers and wholesalers contribute flowers.

These cheerful bouquets go to children in foster care, Meals on Wheels recipients, hospital patients, nursing home residents, and lots of others, whose day will become brighter due to this lovely surprise gift.

So, what are you waiting for! Make your closed ones smile with a bouquet of their favorite flowers. It does not take much to make someone happy. Now, do not wait for special occasions, get flowers for your loved ones and bring a huge smile on their faces.