How Flowers Can Make Lasting Memories?

Surely you know how happiness works. It does not come one-sided, but satisfaction does. When you are satisfied, you are happy. It is never wrong to value and cherish both happiness and satisfaction, even when the reason for both already happened a long time ago. Who said that you can bury them, when in fact you can always let them stay alive until you want.

Are you curious about what to do to prolong those precious memories of yours? Do you want to keep things that have sentimental values around your house? Have you experienced the love of flowers, and you want to always feel that love? Read through this selection to grab some ideas on how flowers make lasting memories:

For Arts

  • Paintings and Drawings

If you are fond of drawing or painting, you may try to paint or draw your favorite flowers. Do you have a beautiful landscape in your mind? Paint it. Just grab a canvas, a sketchbook, or if you want to do it on a wall, that will also do. Make sure you have the needed materials (e.g. pens, color pencils, crayons, markers, brushes, paint, etc.) for you to be able to start your art-making.

  • Digital Art

If ever you do not have any available materials to draw or paint, you might want to switch to digital art-making. They are practical and more convenient. You will be able to reduce your time mixing colors or worry about wasting paper because of some mistakes.

Digital art is for those people who want to create art without really buying those expensive materials to create a tangible one. Everyone knows that creating art takes a lot of effort, time, and money. Digital art is still art.

  • Origami

You do not have the talent to draw or paint, but still want to create art? Origami, the art of folding papers, will still do. There are a lot of ways and techniques on how to fold the paper to form your desired flower. Origami does not need to be costly, and it does not take much of your time to create a single origami flower. You may also want to put those origami flowers in a vase, and showcase the beautiful art you made.

  • Flower Prints

If you want to save as much time and effort as you want, printing is suitable for it. You can apply it to whatever you have in your house. For example, you can turn a simple mug more lively and colorful by printing flowers on it. You can also do this to your plates and other utensils.

For Pressed Flowers

  • Bookmarks

Is book reading one of your hobbies? Or are you a student who always read and study academic books? Whether or not, as long as you have a book with you, you can always create a pressed flower bookmark. Pressed flower bookmarks will only last for a few weeks before they will wilt. They are vintage, but never ugly.

  • Frames

Do you believe in sentimental values? Maybe you received a flower from your loved one, or finally, the flower you have been taking care of for a long time has bloomed. You can put them in a frame and display it in your house for aesthetic purposes; an organic, affordable, and sentimental framed flower that gives you positive energy.

  • Candles

Wax in candles preserves flowers for a long time. Flowers can make candles more pleasing and cute to use. You can search online for the steps on how to make candles. Candle making is fun, but it can also be dangerous. It is good to know the safety precautions first before engaging in the activity.

  • Phone Case

Pressed flowers in a phone case work best when your phone case is transparent. In that way, you can be able to witness how the flower transformed your normal phone case into something incredible. They will last for only a few weeks, so if you want to keep your phone case looking incredible, then change the flowers regularly.

For Clothing

  • Floral patterns

Do you love floral printed clothes? Is your fashion style preppy, classic, bohemian, or casual? Whatever style you prefer, flowers will always go along with your outfit. Just think about wearing a long and flowy skirt, classic denim pants, plain white long sleeve polo, or even just a casual off-shoulder top. Can you imagine how the flowers would amplify your fashion, and make you look better?

The good thing about floral prints is that they can be worn by any gender. They make anyone fairly gorgeous. The best thing is that those floral prints allow the diversity of fashion style to be harmonized as one, without being biased to any style.

  • Body Accessories

Accessories go well with any fashion style. They look good to people, despite their age, gender, or body structure. They highlight your outfit and radiate more of your complexion.

Just like how flowers do well with clothes, they do the same way with accessories. They are a genius design for bags, jewelry, and belts. You do not have to worry about someone having the same design as yours since there are a lot of types of flowers to be used. The same goes for other accessories you use daily.

In life, everything that happens in the everyday lives of people should be valued. Whatever that is, that is how life works to make you feel alive and worthy. Never be bias to your memories. No matter how little they are, as you may think, you will never know how great their impact will be.

Memories do not need to be expensive, short term, or with a lot of people. With a simple fondness, thoughtfulness, and creativity, you can always create a memory that even an infinite amount of money could never beat. It is surely ironic, but when you experience it firsthand, you will then realize what irony really means. Those are the little things that take up the big spaces in your heart.