What Flowers Make People Happier?

Flowers are used for every occasion, with so many varieties in size, color, and smell. Not only are they often the best gift to decorate your home, but they have also been scientifically proven to relate to a person’s immediate and long term happiness.

Based on scientific studies, flowers are proven to provide a sense of calmness. One of these is research from the University of North Florida’s Department of Public Health, which shows that living with flowers significantly reduces stress levels. They are also known for increasing happiness, efficiency in the workplace, improving your health, reducing anxiety and concern, and more.

Flowers connects you with nature, giving you a sense of peace that can be soothing. Yet it is not only the actual flowers, but their vibrant colors also contribute to the feeling of happiness. Through a process called “chromotherapy”, the emotions can be intensified by harnessing the power of colors. Without a doubt, flowers are a great gift for both the body and mind.


How Flowers Bring Happiness?

Flowers can give you a positive feeling. It triggers your happy disposition due to oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine.

  • Dopamine

Historically, people of old were stimulated joyfully through flowers because it represented that winter is over and that they can resume hunting again. Today, the flower’s blossoming can release a sensation that something good is coming, due to dopamine, which is a brain chemical triggered in an expectation of a reward.


  • Oxytocin

Also known as the “bonding or love hormone”, this chemical produces a pleasant sense of mutual trust, be it romantic affection, motherly commitment, or relationship strengthening. Flowers are often used to stimulate social trust, such as expressing the intention of investing into a relationship.


  • Serotonin

Serotonin is commonly believed to contribute to feelings of health and satisfaction. Whether you cultivate, buy, give, receive, or admire some flowers from afar, they can release this chemical, which will help generate a sense of pride and enthusiasm with others. If you fail to raise your serotonin levels, you may end up feeling sad. There exist many social practices that use flowers to fulfill this innate desire in a healthy way.


Which Flowers Make People Happy?

Almost all flower species have a positive impact on a person’s well-being. However, some species stand out from others:

  • Daisies

The bright hues of daisies bring instant cheer to the house, as well as to those in it. They give a warm, lighthearted appeal, whether planted in a pot or the garden.


  • Tulips

Tulips, said to be one of the most inspiring blooms available, are certainly worth it despite being available for a short season. In any environment, they add a splash of brightness and scent for being both feminine and fragrant.


  • Gladioli

Only found in late summer, this species is as dramatic as it is alluring. Therefore, it is often described as one of the most romantic blooms. They are guaranteed to inspire joy every day, whether you put them in a home vase or plant them in your garden.


  • Daffodils

The daffodils have been named the number one flower for enhancing people’s moods. It is no surprise as the color yellow is frequently associated with happiness. A vase full of these bright blooms would light up your day, or they can be planted in the garden so you can enjoy their bright hue during spring.


  • Lavender

Through its sweet aroma, this beautiful flower can help you relax and decrease your anxious feelings. They may be very costly and not readily available, but there are many lavender perfumes and scented candles as substitutes.


  • Orchids

Feng Shui practitioners use orchids to boost positive energy in homes. This flora can help to improve air quality and can also reduce stress levels.


  • Hydrangeas

Suitable for many occasions, including weddings, these species are considered a romantic alternative. They come in a range of colors, including beautiful blues, pinks, whites, and purples. For those that lead a fast-paced lifestyle, hydrangeas make a great addition to the home as they also have extremely calming properties.


  • Peace Lily

This flower acts as an organic air purifier as it eliminates humidity from the air. Breathing fresh air from plants feels refreshing, so this is the perfect flower to keep you healthy.


  • Roses

A good mood is guaranteed when you either send or receive a bouquet of roses. Available in different hues, sizes, and styles, each variation of this flower has a particular meaning. People who looked at roses feel more happy and comfortable in their lives in comparison to others, according to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology.

Going on an adventure to discover flowers or having them near can help trigger the good chemicals in the brain. As you make discovery after discovery, you get a steady stream of dopamine. Oxytocin can get activated by sharing your joy of flowers with others. As you celebrate your participation in the wonderful activity, you can trigger the serotonin you need.

There are times when the smallest things in life are those which bring the most happiness. Even the act of giving a flower can immediately make a person’s day better. In addition to brightening the home and garden, flowers are also a great gift to give throughout the year. The benefits of flowers are endless like improving air quality, enhancing your mood, reducing stress levels, and most of all, making people happier.