Inspirational Flower Quotes: Flower, Nature, and Love

Quotes are very commonly used in essays, or as captions to pictures. They are an easy and catchy way to put your mind into words. A wide variety of quotes is available on the internet. There seems to be a quote about everything, all you have to do is click away. However, aside from being used as captions or starting sentences in paragraphs, quotes can also be inspirational. Inspirational quotes can be about love, life, nature, and even flowers!


Quotes About Flowers

Flowers are not just visual appetizers. These beautiful blooms also carry different meanings with them. This is why giving someone flowers can mean so many things, depending on the type of flower and its color. Different interpretations of flowers root back to different cultures like old Chinese folklore and Victorian beliefs.

Flowers have been used by musicians, poets, and artists as symbols in their work for many decades on end. No matter how simple a flower can be it can carry a complex meaning with it. Flowers are also one of the subjects of famous inspirational quotes. They are used as a symbol of hope, love, and happiness. Here are a few inspirational quotes surrounding flowers:

  • Miranda Kerr, an Australian Victoria Secret supermodel, once said that a rose can never be a sunflower and vice versa and this is the case with women. She also stated that all flowers are beautiful in their own way, much like women.


  • The world-renowned French novelist, Victor Hugo, compared life to a flower in which the sweet equivalent of honey is love.


  • Hope blooms in the same area as flowers, as said by Lady Bird Johnson.


  • Corita Kent once said that flowers grow out of dark moments, just like how people grow after difficult times in their lives.


  • Antoinette Foy said that she is “in awe” of flowers not because of their vibrant beauty but because of how they grow even after having dirt on their roots.


  • Even small flowers have strong roots that hold them according to a statement by Shannon Mulley. This proves that size does not matter in real life.


  • In his song entitled “Love,” John Lennon wrote that love is just like a flower. You have to let it grow.


Quotes about Nature

Just like flowers, nature is also used frequently by writers and poets in their literary pieces. They use nature to symbolize peace, patience, and care – because of how Mother Nature shows her love to the world by providing all of mankind’s needs.  Different elements in nature can be interpreted to mean different things.

There are also a lot of inspirational quotes surrounding nature. Sometimes, writers use nature to symbolize emotion and reflection. Here are some examples of inspirational quotes about nature:

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson revealed that the secret of Mother Nature is patience. You have to learn to adjust to its pace.


  • Alan Watts emphasized that mankind did not just come into the world. It is more likely that you are a part of it, not a stranger or a visitor.


  • Charles Cook reminded people that no matter what kind of life you live, or who you are today, you are still undeniably connected to the rest of the creations in this world.


  • As said by Alice Walker, nothing is perfect in nature but somehow, it all comes together. Even if the trees are slightly bent, they are still beautiful. This is how people should view themselves.


  • Steve Maraboli advised that people should plant seeds of hope, happiness, success, and love in their hearts as it will come back tenfold because of how nature works.


  • A statement by Theodore Roethke reminded people that there is always a path over the mountain but sometimes it cannot be seen when you are still walking on the valley. This is a reminder that there is a bright future even when you don’t see it coming.


Quotes About Love

In life, the cherry on top of everything is love. It is a powerful and beautiful feeling. So, it is no wonder that there are tons of literary works and quotes surrounding this emotion. Love does not necessarily mean affection between romantic lovers. It can also mean friendly love, motherly love, self-love, and even unrequited love. Below are multiple examples of inspirational love quotes:

  • Christian Nestell Bovee once said that you should always remember that your first and last love is yourself.


  • Oscar Wilde stated that if you start loving yourself, you will build a romance that will last a lifetime.


  • According to Hubert Humprey, the greatest therapy is the presence of friendship and love. It will help you heal.


  • As said by Maya Angelou, love does not see a single hindrance. It will pass through any sort of barrier just for it to arrive at its destination.


  • A quote from Rumi states that your task as a person is not to find love in different places but to break down the walls you have created against love itself.


  • A quote from Buddha reassures you that you, among everyone else in this universe, deserve unconditional affection and love.

For every feeling in this world, no matter if it is negative or positive; there is a quote for you. If you have trouble translating your feelings into your words, these little snippets can help you. No matter how small they seem quotes can inspire people to keep moving.  They can help you reflect on your experiences and thank the universe for all the positive things that have happened to you. If you are down or just want to take inspiration from somewhere, quotes will be there to help you.