What Flowers Work Best as a Congratulatory Present?

Flowers That Work Best With a Congratulatory Present

With regards to celebrating a specific event or a significant achievement, flowers are the best gift that can create an everlasting impression! The best thing about flowers is that they are available in different colors and styles suitable for all tastes and preferences. Also, with the prompt delivery services available from several florists today, sending them directly to the receiver’s door isn’t an issue at all. This is also a unique and special way of congratulating your beloved one (along with some additional presents if you want).

If any of your friends or relatives celebrate one of the most important occasions in their lives, there is no way to show that you’re part of their precious moment than to gift them with flowers. Whether it’s your companion purchasing a home for the first time, your neighbor celebrating their first child’s birth, or any colleague of yours having accomplished something extraordinary in their work, gifting a well-picked set of flowers shows your affection towards them and that you acknowledge those moments.

We all have several wonderful moments to celebrate in our lives, and there is nothing better than celebrating those moments, whether they are your own or of your near and dear ones, with a set of artistic flowers.

Therefore, if you’re pondering what kind of flowers to send (along with a gift) as a congratulation message to a loved one, here is a brief guide that can help you send the perfect flowers suitable for the occasion.


When you want to send congratulations to your friend on his new job, yellow roses are the perfect gift: 

If your best friend has got the job he/she dreamt of, sending yellow roses are the best way to convey the message: “Good Job.” Yellow roses are the most suitable option as they represent friendship and euphoria. They look splendid and cheerful and will bring a smile to your face; also, they have an exquisite, refined magnificence since they are rose. Hence, there is nothing better than sending these flowers to your friend, wishing them luck as they enter a significant stage of their professional life.

However, the other aspect to consider here is whether you’d want to send these flowers for their new job in their home or office, and this will entirely depend upon the person you’re sending them to.

For instance, if your friend isn’t someone who wants to grab others’ attention, then sending flowers to their home can be the best idea. However, if he/she doesn’t mind being a center of attraction, sending a set of yellow flowers at their office will just be perfect, particularly if you can send them a readymade set of flowers in a vase that can be placed on their desk.


Roses, Lilies, and Gerberas are the best to celebrate the birth of a child:

Balloons and congratulatory newborn baby flowers have been the most well-known ways to congratulate those who have just become parents. If the newborn is a girl child, traditional purples, pinks, such as lilies, gerberas, or roses, are the ideal options, both as a part of a mixed bouquet or on their own. However, if the newborn is a boy, sending blue iris, contrasts with yellow roses and happy gerberas are the best.

Besides, you can also opt for white flowers as they are the symbol of honesty and purity. An attractive flower set that features roses, lilies, white gerberas, and something green will light up the maternity clinic room or the home. If you want to put some icing on the cake, rainbow roses can be a great choice as they’re colorful, beautiful, and represent joy.

Before you choose the set of flowers for sending a gift to celebrate a newborn’s arrival, confirm with the hospital to know about their guidelines about sending flowers. Therefore, if you’re unable to send flowers to the hospital, sending them to their home is always the best thing to do.


Choose Tulips or Lilies as congratulatory gifts for the ones who just graduated:  

If you want to congratulate your friend on their graduation, sending a graduation bouquet full of gerberas is a great choice. A few other flower options for sending congratulation messages for graduation include a flower set of exquisite tulips or orange lilies.

Passion, Energy, satisfaction, etc., are represented by orange lilies, all of which are important for a just-graduate to begin their journey to reach their ultimate destination-a dream career. Besides, these lilies represent respect and honor too, which shows that you appreciate their persistent effort a lot.


White Roses are best for engagement occasions:

Staggering white roses are the best gift for the cheerful couple who celebrate their engagement. These flowers represent innocence and purity, and hence are the most preferred option for engagements and weddings.

You can also choose sunflowers, if you don’t want to go the traditional way, since they are happy, bright, and represent long life; they’re perfect flowers as congratulatory gifts for an engagement!


To say ‘Congratulations on Your New Home’ send an arrangement of orchids and other mixed set: 

It can be quite exciting to shift into a new house, and there is no better house-warming gift than flowers or plants. Potted or pruned orchids are the perfect flowers if you want to send some congratulations to a new home. They are dazzling and accessible in different shapes and sizes and can blossom for quite a long time if maintained properly. You can also send them in a ready-made cool vase so that they can be placed instantly after unpacking.


Send roses to a friend who just got a promotion:

If you want to congratulate your friend on his promotion, either send them on their own in a bouquet or as part of a mixed set of flowers. The other option is a set of sunflowers, as these demonstrate warmth and long life, an ideal message to send wishing your relative or a friend a successful and long career.

If you want your gift to be more meaningful, consider sending a gift card along with a personal message of encouragement and support.


The bottom line: It’s vital to choose flowers that send the right message:

If you want your beloved one to realize how upbeat and pleased you are with their accomplishment, a card and flower arrangement as a congratulation message is something that will make them feel “wow” for sure.