How to Pick the Freshest and the Most Beautiful Flowers for Any Day Occasions?

Giving flowers to the people you treasure is one of the sweetest things you can do. It is the best way to express your sincere gratitude. No matter what you are trying to say, giving the people you love a bouquet of fresh blooms will guarantee a smile on their face.

So where can you buy fresh flowers? In today’s modern world, that is not a problem anymore. Flowers can easily be bought at the nearest market, grocery store, or local flower boutique. As to learn if the flowers are fresh or not, this guide will help you.


Checking a flower’s freshness

Flowers are close to being the perfect gift since you can give them as a present on any occasion. Sadly, flowers do not last forever. They wilt and whither in less than a month. So how will you make sure you get your money’s worth? That is easy! Just follow these tips and guidelines to make sure you get the freshest flowers you can find!


  • Check the petals and the bud

The first step in checking for a flower’s freshness is inspecting its petals. Fresh flowers have petals that are free from discoloration, black spots, signs of wilting, or transparency. What it must have is a vibrant color.

After checking the petals, you should check inside the blossoms for the presence of seed or loose pollen. A flower should be cut before it has time to produce seeds. If the flower already has seeds, it will not last as long as the ones who do not.

Finally, always remember that fresh blooms have a tighter bud. Flowers will blossom and open more as they stay in the vase. A flower with a tight bud and nice petals is the way to go.


  • Inspect the stem of cut flowers

A fresh flower’s stem should be clean and sturdy. Any form of discoloration on the stem means bacteria have already seeped through the plant. As bacterias multiply, they tend to move upwards further contaminating the leaves and the flowers.

Stems should still be white and green, and appear freshly cut upon inspection. If they appear to be discolored, it is best to pick another flower as discoloration is a tell-tale sign that it is already past freshness.


  • Check the leaves

Leaves should be green and will look healthy as well. If the leaves are already showing signs of discoloration or wilting then chances are, the flower is not fresh and will not last as long anymore.


  • Beware of murky water

Flowers need clean and nutrient-rich water to avoid bacteria contamination. Since most flower boutiques keep their flowers in vases, you can try to check and make sure the water is not murky or full of wilted leaves and petals.

Murky and dirty water does not always indicate a flower’s freshness. However, this can cause bacteria to seep through the stem and affect a flower’s freshness and health.


  • Talk to your florist

If you do not trust your “flower inspecting” skills, it is best to talk to your florist and ask for help. If there is anyone who knows best about flowers, it is surely the people selling them. A florist will also be happy to recommend fresh blooms and arrange the flowers for you.


  • Keep your flowers fresh and beautiful

Now that you already know how to choose fresh flowers, the next big question will be on how long you can keep it as fresh and as beautiful as possible. Choosing the right flower is a big factor for its freshness, but really, a flower’s life depends on how it is taken care of. Here are some tips on how you can extend your flowers’ freshness and beauty:


  • Clean and trim the stems

Avoid having murky water by washing off the dirt from the stems first. Remove wilted leaves (if there are any) as well as leaves below the waterline. This is done to avoid the foliage from rotting in the water. Remove any plastic as well to prevent the leaves from wilting.

After washing off the dirt from the stems, you should cut it by approximately two centimeters. Avoid letting the stem sit flat on the bottom of the base by cutting it at an angle instead. This allows blossoms to have better water intake. Also, do not forget to re-trim the stems every few days.


  • Choose the right-sized vase

Avoid cramping your fresh blooms in a tiny vase. Select a container that is big enough to fit the flowers while still giving them room to breathe. Flowers cannot get a sufficient amount of water needed if it is put in a small vase.

Always make sure your vase is clean and free from dirt. A clean vase reduces the risk of having bacteria and other harmful microorganisms contaminate the flower. A clean vase will also guarantee that your water will remain fresh throughout the whole day.


  • Use fresh water

Flowers need water for nutrients and for longer life. Always use fresh and clear water to avoid bacterias that may affect the flower’s beauty and vase life. Your bouquet should be watered adequately for it to stay hydrated.


  • Consider the room temperature

Flowers tend to last longer in a room with a cool temperature. You should avoid putting your blooms in direct sunlight, or near appliances that give off heat. Direct heat affects a flower’s lifespan and makes its petals wilt earlier than expected.


If you know how to take care of things well, it will last long. Flowers are the same. It may be beautiful at first but if you fail to take care of it, then its beauty will not last. Ensure that your fresh blooms will stay beautiful and vibrant by following the steps above.

Whether you are buying a bouquet for your family, your friend, significant other, or simply for your own home, knowing how to pick fresh flowers will help you a lot. Besides, knowing how to take care of your flowers will guarantee that you get what you paid for.