Fun Ways to Repurpose a Bouquet of Almost Dead Flowers

There is no better way to boost anybody’s mood than gifting them a beautiful and radiant flower bouquet but it is also a sad reality that after a few days they will lose their radiance and freshness and ultimately they die.

If you are a flower lover then it must be a painful thing for you to discard them but fortunately, you have many ways that can help you to repurpose the dead flowers.

You can either use these flowers to decorate your house by making beautiful pieces or you can make beautiful gifts out of them and give them to your loved ones in order to impress them.

If you are also concerned about your dead flowers then in this blog I will tell you about some of the useful tips that will help you to repurpose your dead flowers.

So what are you waiting for keep reading the article for useful tricks!!

Just leave them as they are

Roses are likable flowers even if they are not fresh; most people like to keep them when they are dry because they give a vintage as well as chic vibe.

You can add these dry blossoms to the areas where sunlight barely reaches like shelves etc. and in these places without doing anything these beautiful flowers will add a pop of color.

You can also hang them

Normally people prefer to hang flowers so that they stay up there and with time they get dry but have you ever thought to just hang them and forget about them? This is one of the fun ways to brighten up and add a colorful touch to your dull space.

You also have the option to frame the dry flowers

Framing the dry flowers is another great way to have a personal touch on your shelves and walls. It requires a little bit of creativity so all you need to do is just watch a tutorial on YouTube and make beautiful frames of these flowers.

This is suggested especially when those bouquets are gifted by someone very special like your best friend, girlfriend or boyfriend or any other loved one.

It will remind you of the amazing time that you spent with your loved ones on that special day.

Just scent it up

If you don’t want to discard your dried flowers and really want to reuse them then potpourri is one of the most popular ways to do so. In this case even if their fresh and vibrant looks and colors will fade but their fresh fragrance will stay for a long period of time.

It doesn’t matter what floral type you have you can personalize the potpourri to your most favorite fragrance. You have two options either you can just simply toss the petals in a bowl or you can follow a complicated procedure. In either way, the flowers will be repurposed in the most effective way possible.

You can utilize the flowers to clean

If you want a direct method of getting the floral fragrance in your living spaces then you can utilize them to make cleaning supplies.

One of the most famous options is flower-infused water. In this method, water is first boiled and then petals are dropped in it and let them boil until color disappears from the petals.

Once that happens just remove the water from the heat and let it cool down at room temperature. Then just strain the water in a spray bottle and discard the remaining petals from it. You can use this mixture on your bedsheets as well as furniture.

Make a hairpiece

In the fashion world putting flowers in your hair is all the frenzy and luckily that is not only limited to fresh flowers you can also use dried petals because these add more chic look to the overall hairstyle.

Just use a bobby pin in order to secure each of the flowers in your hair. You can either place the flowers around the edge of your bun or just place it behind your hair.

If you are a headband fan then you can use the dried flowers for this purpose as well. All you have to do is just use a very basic headband and twist all the dried leaves you have around it or you can also attach them with the help of glue.

Make some artsy jewelry

If you have a love for art then you can be a little bit more ambitious with the dead flowers. All you have to do is just immerse all your flowers in an epoxy resin.  By using a mold you can shape the resin to any size and shape you want. This method is quite helpful in creating pendants and bracelets.

Make beautiful centerpieces

Why spend money on Christmas and holiday wreaths and centerpieces when you can create one at home? You can make these with the help of the dried flowers and once you are done just hang them on walls, doors and windows.

Freshen up your car or drawers

Ok so if you want to add a fresh touch to your driers then instead of using a drier sheet you can easily use the dry rose petals. The good thing about these petals is that they retain their smell for weeks.

All you need to do is just take a sock and fill it with the petals. Fold the sock in a way that the petals don’t come out and once done use it in the car or drawer or any other narrow place you want.

You can also make bath bomb

You can also make bath bomb with the help of the dried flowers which is super fun, simple and also it will be a great gift to give to someone special.