Types of Wedding Car Decorations Available

A getaway car on the wedding day is essential. After the wedding ceremony and receptions, the next activity is to drive away and begin the honeymoon stage. When it comes to decorating getaway cars, there are hundreds of glamorous designs to choose from. Here are wedding getaway cars decorated with unique wedding car decorations for you. Pick the best design and ride away in style on your wedding day:

Vintage Car with Decals and Stickers

Car decals and stickers can be customized according to your style. If you want to accessorize a vintage car for your wedding, you have hundreds of designs of decals and stickers to choose from. There are unique designs available for wedding cars, but you can always customize or personalize a design that fits your wedding style and theme. These decals and stickers are perfect wedding getaway car decorations, and they are stylish but more affordable.

Limousine with Flowers

Limousine cars on a wedding day are a luxury, and the bride and groom deserve one on their big day.  Whether you hire a black limousine for your getaway car, or you choose to ride the white one, fresh flowers are a perfect choice in decorating the wedding getaway car. Flowers never run out of style no matter what the wedding theme, motif, or style is. Fortunately, the wedding florist can give you wedding getaway car ideas when it comes to wedding flower accessories.

Cab with Floral and Green Garlands

Taxi cabs are a wonderful option as a getaway car on the wedding day. You can have it decorated with floral and green garlands designed or created by your wedding florists. It is important to include getaway car decorations when you plan for the wedding flowers. Let the florist know ahead of time that you want to have flowers and green garlands n your wedding getaway car. Your florist knows which materials are best to use for the cab you are going to use on your wedding day.

Sports Car with Ribbons

A sports car can be accessorized with customized or personalized ribbon for a wedding getaway. There are different colors of ribbons available at the flower shops and other wedding accessory boutiques, and you can have them printed with personalized wedding phrases or names. If you are renting a sports car from a car rental company, check if they have packages for weddings which usually include chauffeur, wedding car decorations, and services. Using a sports car as a getaway car after the wedding adds a little adventure and thrill to the exciting ride.

Motorcycle with Balloons

A motorcycle is also an option for a getaway vehicle that the bride and groom can use to run away. To decorate the motorcycle, you can have it decorated with balloons in colors that match the wedding theme or motif. There are lots of wedding accessories available at the wedding florist’s boutique, and if you want to add some flowers and ribbons to the balloons, ask your wedding florist for recommended wedding getaway ideas that you can afford.

Horse-Drawn Carriage with Banners

A horse-drawn carriage is cute and romantic. This can be a groom and bride’s dream to ride a carriage pulled by a horse as they go away from the wedding venue to their honeymoon place. Moreover, the carriage can be designed with banners that announce that the couples just got married. Horse and carriage on the wedding day will look even more fabulous when decorated with white flowers and ribbons, together with a hand-printed banner. There are templates available at the shop for the banners, and you can easily customize one for your getaway carriage.

Bicycle with Bouquets

A bike for two provides the couple with a fun riding-in-tandem ride to the honeymoon place after reception. If you are planning to use this type of vehicle, a simple decoration would do. You can have it accessorized with floral bouquets on the handlebar but make sure that the ribbons will not reach the wheels and the chains of the bicycle for a safer ride.

Boat with Tassels

A ferry boat, a canoe, or a basic boat can be used, too, for weddings. You can have glamorous boat wedding decorations using tassels on the railings. If you want to be festive in your accessories, you can also add some floral garlands and ribbons. Decorating the boat will make the escape a little more fun and adventurous, so don’t hesitate to ask the experts for the most recommended designs or ask the florist to create beautiful tassel decorations with flowers for the boat.

Old-School Car with Customized Plate Number

An old-school car will reflect the love of the couple for such vehicles. If you are using an old school vehicle as your getaway wedding car, have it accessorized with a customized plate number printed with the “Just Married” announcement or “Mr. & Mrs.” design. You can even keep the plate number as one of your wedding memorabilia to treasure for the rest of your life.

Convertible Car with Tulle and Fabrics

A convertible car decorated with soft tulle and fabric looks gorgeous on your wedding day. You can have the fabrics in colors that match the theme r the ceremony’s backdrop. Tulles and silk fabrics are ideal for wedding cars because they are soft and safe to use on cars and vehicles. If you want to add flowers or foliage to the tulles and fabrics, let the wedding florist know about it ahead of time so that she can make the best design suitable for its purpose.